People Responsible for Cyrus's Kidnapping

(This page will be updated with more details about the Child Trafficking ring uncovered here in Idaho)

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Judge Laurie Fortier
She is the unjust judge who is beyond corrupt and disgusting—and who is responsible for destroying the lives of thousands of Idahoans being directly responsible for the kidnapping of untold numbers of children from the homes of good families.

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Kyle Bringhurst, Prosecutor
He is the prosecutor who falsely prosecuted Levi & Marissa without evidence and who continued his quest to steal/kidnap Baby Cyrus in spite of all facts and evidence. He also worked tirelessly to suppress evidence from being received by Levi & Marissa and broke many laws and ethical boundaries. The depth of his wickedness are truly remarkable!

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Roxanne Printz, Social Worker
She is the CPS Social Worker who wrote the affidavit full of lies, with zero evidence, and without being a witness to any facts. She is a ringleader in the Idaho Child Trafficking ring.

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Nice Loufoua, Social Worker
She is the social worker who contacted the police to start the kidnapping process.

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Meridian Police Detective Steven Hansen Badge # 3534
This is evil and wicked sociopath who ripped Baby Cyrus out of Marissa's arms. He is the actual KIDNAPPER.

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Meridian Police Detective Jeff Fuller Badge # 3138
He is the detective in charge of the case. He has the greater sin - John 19:11.

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Meridian Sargent Christopher McGilvery
He is the belligerent thug screaming at Miranda to get her @$$ out of the car and the one who slammed Levi against the truck and handcuffed him. He was the most aggressive tyrant of the entire kidnapping event.

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Meridian Police Officer Sean King
He is the filthy pervert who molested and groped Marissa, putting his hand up her shirt and down her pants while she was vulnerable and in handcuffs, even though she had previously been patted down to ensure she had no weapons.

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Natasha "Misdiagnosis" Erickson, St. Luke's Doctor
She was the first to treat Marissa and Levi with hostility because Cyrus was unvaccinated and because they asked to leave St. Luke's after Cyrus first got his IV and was rehydrated. She threatened to call CPS if they decided to leave early, so Levi and Marissa stayed (under threat). In spite of the fact that they stayed, the next day CPS came to "interview" Marissa—putting Marissa and Levi on "watch" with CPS. This was the initial trigger that got everything started.

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Aaron Dykstra, Functional Medicine of Idaho
He is the Nurse Practicioner who contacted CPS simply because Marissa canceled Cyrus's weigh-in appointment.

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Nancy Tracy Jungman, CARES Nurse
She is the CPS funded nurse who told Child Trafficker Jeff Fuller to declare Baby Cyrus in "imminent danger" even though she had never even seen Baby Cyrus!

Additional Corrupt Police Officers:

The other Police Officers involved are still being identified and will be published—the public has a right to know who is kidnapping children in their community. You can see them and identify them on your own in these videos:

ORIGINAL VIDEO 1 (unedited):

This video was the 1st part of Marissa's livestream. The livestream ended when she got in the ambulance, and then she started a new livestream which you can see below.

ORIGINAL VIDEO 2 (unedited):


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