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March 14th - 11:50 am UPDATE: Baby Cyrus - Before and After He Was Kidnapped:

Baby Cyrus has been in custody of the state and is now at St. Luke's Pediatric Hospital in downtown Boise. He has been in their "care" since approximately 1:00 am Saturday morning (March 12th). Levi and Marissa were "allowed" to see their own child last night for 2 hours—while escorted by Idaho State Police and a social worker.

Baby Cyrus is in worse condition than ever. Levi and Marissa reported that he "is not even the same child. He is unresponsive and lethargic and his spirit has completely changed. He is unrecognizable from the child he was when they stole him away from us."

Cyrus also has two pricks, with bruising, in one of his hands that the hospital claims are from IVs, but there is an IV in his other hand, so these marks are incredibly suspicious. The hospital staff swears that he has not been given vaccines or any other treatment not authorized by the parents.

Cyrus is likewise constipated—he hasn't had a bowel movement since they kidnapped him. A baby who is constipated will not eat—just like adults don't like to eat when constipated. But a baby will just vomit if you try to force feed him when he's constipated. This is common knowledge to any parent.

But the "experts" at St. Luke's who harm and kill babies all the time told Marissa and Levi, "We are not concerned about his constipation, just that he gets nourished." But he cannot be nourished if he doesn't eat becuase he's constipated!!!! This is so obvious it is ridiculous. Levi and Marissa begged for an enema but the hospital refused. Later in the evening a hospital employee contacted them and they begged again for an enema and he said he would "look into that" and call them back. He then called back and said that the hospital would "let him go through the night and review it again in the morning."

St. Luke's is harming Baby Cyrus. His health is deteriorating BECAUSE OF THEM. He needs Marissa to nurse him and he needs the emotional bond with his family. It is A HAZARD TO HIS HEALTH TO BE IN ST. LUKE'S WITHOUT HIS FAMILY. Period. It is that simple.

Below are pictures and videos of Baby Cyrus just last week. This is what he looked and acted like when CPS, St. Luke's, Nurse Aaron Dykstra, and law enforcement worked together to kidnap Baby Cyrus under the guise of there being an imminent threat to Cyrus's health—you decide with whom he is healthier and with whom he is under greater danger:

Happy, healthy, Baby Cyrus crawling on his dad while his dad works on his computer.

Baby Cyrus loves to play with his Grandpa (aka "Pops")


Now this is what Baby Cyrus looks like after being in custody of St. Luke's for 2 days, without his mother and without being nursed:
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Cyrus is now unresponsive and exceedingly lethargic.

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Cyrus has reactions on his cheeks, chin, and around his mouth because the hospital is evidently not cleaning his face when he spits up. He is being neglected by the hospital!

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Most troubling are the pricks on his hands which show he has been jabbed at least 4 times!!! They claim it was only for the IV, but it makes no sense to have 4 jabs for a simple IV. Levi and Marissa were promised no vaccines would be given, nor would any medical procedure be performed without their express permission. Yet we see 4 jabs.


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