April 2nd - Baby Cyrus has Genuine PTSD

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April 2nd - Baby Cyrus has Genuine PTSD

April 2nd, 2022 | by Diego Rodriguez

I have a prayer request for something kind of personal on behalf of Baby Cyrus. It appears as though he has been severely traumatized by his kidnapping and has what modern psychology calls "PTSD."

Since Marissa and Levi have had him back, every now again, if he is in someone else’s arms and Marissa is sitting down away from him, he gets this look of horror on his face and starts to scream bloody murder.

Marissa has to then grab him, hold him, and console him. He calms down after a while, but he really freaks out when it happens. I saw it with my own eyes the other day and I have to say, it was one of the saddest, most tragic things I’ve ever seen. It truly hurt me to see it. This little guy has genuine trauma and I saw it with my own eyes. I saw the look of genuine horror and intense fear in his eyes.

And yet, he was with all of us in the living room. The environment was safe. We assumed something triggered a memory for him and therefore triggered an uncontrolled traumatic emotional outburst.

He also has trouble sleeping now. He shows trauma in his sleep. He whimpers and cries in his sleep, and wakes up in fear, as if he’s reliving some traumatic event. God only knows what they did to him when he was kidnapped.

Well, last night we got to review the bodycams from the criminal officers who kidnapped Baby Cyrus. I’ll have to write about it later, but needless to say, it was nauseating to go through those videos.

But the worst part was from the bodycam of officer Sean King, who was the same pervert who molested and groped Marissa after he had her in handcuffs. Apparently he was in the ambulance and from his camera we could watch as child trafficker, Detective Steve Hanson, forcefully took Baby Cyrus from Marissa’s arms and then demanded that she be handcuffed and taken to jail.

While Marissa was being arrested, you could see Baby Cyrus in the background with a look of horror as his mother was being handcuffed and manhandled by grotesque abusive tyrants. His little arms literally reached out for her and his face of horror and fear—WAS THE EXACT SAME FACE he has made when he has these outbursts of terror and trauma.

We now know and recognize that when he is being held by someone and Marissa is sitting down away from him, it can trigger this memory and he basically relives the horror of that night. After that moment, Cyrus’s life changed forever in ways we will never know. He was passed back and forth between complete strangers, most of whom are heartless criminals, involved for years in the largest child trafficking ring the world has ever known. We know he has been forced down on tables and poked, prodded, and had tubes shoved into his nose. To this day, he freaks out if you grab his arms to try to hold him down just to change a diaper or put on his clothes.

Traumatizing and terrorizing little babies and scarring them for life—that is what CPS does! That is what these cops do. That is what Sheriff Matt Clifford and Meridian Police Tracy Basterrechea support and agree with. And that is what the American taxpayer finances with their tax dollars.

Remember, this is what these heartless criminals do on a daily basis all in the name of “doing what is best for the child.”

Please pray for Baby Cyrus’s trauma. It is real. It is sad. And it can only be overcome through prayer and by the grace of Jesus Christ. We covet your prayers for Baby Cyrus. Thank you.

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