April 9th - Baby Cyrus Health Update

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FIRST THINGS FIRST—Baby Cyrus's adjudicatory hearing has been postponed until May 9th.

April 9th - Baby Cyrus Health Update

April 9th | by Diego Rodriguez

Baby Cyrus is fortunate and blessed to have so many people supporting him, praying for him, and helping him—and the family cannot thank you all enough!

Since Baby Cyrus has been back with his parents (thanks to your efforts and the grace of God), his health has been improving significantly. Unfortunately, everything CPS, the police, and St. Luke's did to Baby Cyrus was detrimental and harmful to his health. And that is empirical and not just my opinion.
Baby Cyrus with Levi
We have been blessed to watch as the virtual "Avengers of Health Professionals" have assembled to tend to Baby Cyrus's health. This of course, is something that could not and would not EVER HAPPEN in state custody. Particularly, with St. Luke's hospital. We are convinced if Baby Cyrus would have stayed with St. Luke's hospital, by force, he would probably be dead by now. That is how important your valiant efforts to fight for him have been.

Let me explain…
Marissa with Baby Cyrus

Baby Cyrus loves his mom and his mom loves him!

Baby Cyrus Now Has NO LESS than 7 Experts and Health Care Professionals Tending to His Health

Baby Cyrus has a new primary care physician who we just can't say enough good things about. His name is Dr. Ben Wilson and he was referred to us by one of you—just an email suggestion that a wonderful supporter sent in through our contact form.

Dr. Wilson is a "Direct Primary Care" provider meaning he bypasses "the system" and you work with him directly and get unlimited care for one affordable monthly rate. And his service, attitude, humility, and competence are beyond anything you'll get a typical allopathic hospital. I can't recommend him high enough.

If you're worried about dangerous places like Functional Medicine of Idaho who call CPS on you for missing an appointment, or who haphazardly put you in the purview of "the system" and send you to hell-holes like St. Luke's, then give Dr. Wilson a call immediately!

He's basically just like old-school doctors from the 50s and 60s. He is your family's direct, personal health care provider. You can call him directly at any time, he gets to know you and your family's health and a very personal level so he can provide the optimal care. The only bad news is he is limited to 350 clients. That's it. Once those slots are full, you're out of luck. And once the word gets out, those slots will be gone fast! I wouldn't wait to sign up with him if I were you.
Marissa and Levi leaving Dr. Wilson

Baby Cyrus leaving an appointment at Dr. Wilson's office.

Baby Cyrus also has another functional Nurse Practitioner, a naturopathic doctor, a professional lactation consultant, a cranio-sacral therapist, a chiropractor, an additional Ph.D gut health specialist, and the entire team of America's Frontline Nurses seeing to his health! The family was also very fortunate to enlist the help of a pediatric GI specialist who works out of St. Al's who is also very professional, reasonable, and helpful in every way.

This is a team that would never be assembled at St. Luke's and their diagnoses, though not 100% complete, is completely different and contrary to any of the "work" or "care" that St. Luke's and CPS kidnappers forced on him.

Interestingly enough, the consensus right now is that Baby Cyrus is suffering from something called Cyclical Vomiting Syndrome. Obviously, this is something that is either genetic or has unknown origins, but it is something that is absolutely not caused by the parents, or by neglect or abuse. Duh!

Of course, CPS and the police are and were too incompetent to care about facts and evidence—but we'll leave that for another article and for the multiple lawsuits that are forthcoming.

For now, the good news is that Baby Cyrus is getting better. His vomiting episodes are not as intense, though they have not stopped. The doctors have prescribed a medicine that is supposed to either lessen the severity of the vomiting or eliminate them altogether—it will all simply take time.

So for now, we are simply walking through the path with this incredible team of medical professionals that God has assembled for Baby Cyrus. We pray, hope, and believe that he will be totally cured soon! And we are forever grateful for your thoughtful care, love, prayers, and support. Our family could not get through this without every one of you! Thank you again from the bottom of our hearts!

P.S. The Ph.D. medical doctors on Cyrus's team all agreed that the NG medical tube that CPS demanded be shoved down Cyrus's throat was totally worthless and needless. And even though the social worker—who obviously is not a doctor or a medical professional—tried to get them to keep the NG tube, the doctors recognized that it was not only needless but that is more-than-likely an irritant causing more damage than good. Baby Cyrus can eat through his mouth—he obviously doesn't need a feeding tube! But the force of government never does things right and always demands things to be done their way, even and especially when their way hurts you and causes harm. Anyhow, Dr. Wilson took the NG tube out and Baby Cyrus is sooooo happy!
Baby Cyrus Peek a Boo

Hey everybody check me out! I don't have that nasty tube in my nose anymore! Yay! Thanks Dr. Wilson!


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