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Insider Information from a Whistleblower!

April 29th | by Diego Rodriguez

I have some amazing, yet horrifying news! Ever since we posted our new secure email, [email protected] for whistleblowers to send us evidence and information about corruption in government—we have been receiving near daily responses from anonymous people wanting to share private information with us.

And now I have just received private information about Baby Cyrus’s case from an anonymous whistleblower who apparently wants me to publish it—as you can assume from the email I received (screenshot below):
Insider Info Email
I have downloaded the files which included never before seen bodycam footage from Meridian police and also the court documents that describe the case against Marissa and Levi which they are gag-ordered against speaking about publicly. Most specifically, I now have copies of the affidavit filed by CPS against Marissa and Levi, and also Judge Laurie Fortier’s order/sentencing against them!

What I can tell you so far is that the affidavit is LOADED WITH LIES!!! It is just one lie after another, and it is all hearsay. But the most egregious part is that there is now documented evidence that CPS and Judge Laurie Fortier clearly violated the law! It is all there in black and white!

More specifically, they violated Idaho Statute § 16-1610 subsection (i)(iii), which requires that “reasonable efforts be made prior to the placement of the child in care to prevent the removal of the child from his home.” The law requires that CPS demonstrate PROOF that they have made these “reasonable efforts” and BOTH the affidavit and the order from Judge Laurie Fortier demonstrate that this was never done!

This is a very egregious violation of Idaho law and it demonstrates that they are either totally incompetent or blatantly disregarding the law because they can get away with it! Remember, they were not legally allowed to take or keep Baby Cyrus away from Marissa and Levi without making these “reasonable efforts.” But as I will show you next week when I publish everything—they blatantly disregarded and violated this law!

There are other parts of the documentation that I need to get legal counsel about before I publish everything, but let me just warn you—if you weren’t already righteously indignant over what has gone on in the Baby Cyrus case—you’re going to ABSOLUTELY FURIOUS when you see what they have been hiding and how they have blatantly broken the law! This is not a matter of opinion—it’s a matter of empirical fact and I have the evidence to show you! Get ready because you’re not going to believe it!

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