Meet Sean King, Meridian's Finest Groper

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Meet Sean King, Meridian's Finest Groper

April 6th, 2022 | by Diego Rodriguez

Today, I have the unfortunate task of introducing you to Sean King, aka "Meridian's Finest Groper," who I can plainly say is nothing more than just another pervert with a badge.

To give you some quick context and background history on this perv, note that he used to work for the Caldwell Police Department until he resigned in September of 2021 (just about 7 months ago).

Why did he resign? Well, the Caldwell Police department was under investigation from the FBI for trading sexual favors in exchange for a female drug user's liberty. Yup! Yay Idaho. Don't you just love backing the blue?

As the story is told in the Idaho Press, "One anonymous alleged victim, who said she has been talking to the FBI for more than a year, said that she had sexual relations with one of the officers allegedly under investigation. She said they had sex while he was on duty, and she was on drugs. 'He traded sex for me not to go to jail, and then he took the drugs,' the 32-year-old woman said."

The article goes on to state, "And at least one officer who left the department last fall was a subject, four sources said." Now we don't know who that one other officer is or was, but we know that Sean King was one of those officers who resigned as the Idaho Statesman reported:
Sean King Resigned
So why did Sean King resign amidst a federal investigation into sexual immorality and misconduct at the Caldwell Police Department? Well, the investigation is ongoing and we can't know. We can only speculate. But anyone who knows how this works (or who has just watched enough crime dramas has seen), that accomplices to major crimes are often given plea bargains or special deals with minor slaps on the wrist, in exchange for testimony against the primary suspects. Is that what is going on here? Perhaps. It's all just conjecture at this point.

But this much we can all assume to be true—nobody resigns from the police force amidst an FBI investigation over sexual misconduct if they were clean and had done nothing wrong. That's pretty obvious.

So what did Sean King do wrong? What was he involved in? Perhaps only time will tell. But for now, he's just another name in a long list of names of Idaho police officers with question marks over their names for sexual misconduct while wearing the badge. The Idaho Press article lists plenty more examples. And let's not forget Ada County Sheriff, Steve Bartlett who resigned abruptly and disappeared from planet earth amidst sexual misconduct allegations as well. I mean, what is up with the corrupt culture of Idaho police?

So why do I bring Sean King up in this article about Baby Cyrus? Well, the Meridian Police department, well known for being one of the worst and most tyrannical, wicked police agencies in America, couldn't let such a good opportunity pass them by, so after Sean King resigned amidst an FBI investigation into sexual misconduct at the Caldwell Police Department, they hired him on as an officer at the Meridian Police Department.

Now it seems as though he did get a slight slap on the wrist, since he's just an officer now, where it appears he was a detective in Caldwell, but he's still wearing the badge.

And wouldn't you know it, of all the 15 or more police officers who showed up to kidnap Baby Cyrus—one of them took it upon himself to grope and molest Marissa after Baby Cyrus was ripped away from her arms and she was put in handcuffs. Yup, you guessed it—it was Sean King, Meridian's finest groper—just another pervert with a badge. If you haven't watched the video already (you can watch the complete video on this page), then you can see Sean in his full blown perversion below, taking advantage of a beautiful young lady, vulnerable and in handcuffs:
Now, other perverted police officers stand ready come to Sean King, Meridian's Finest Groper's defense, by stating that he needed to do a weapons check to make sure Marissa didn't have any weapons on her. But, the full video shows how Meridian Police already patted her down and did a check for weapons when she first got out of her truck. So there was absolutely no need to do it again, unless you're a pervert.

Furthermore according to case law (Terry vs. Ohio), a "terry pat down," also called “stop and frisk," requires three things:

1. Reasonable suspicion (grounds for the investigative stop).
2. Officer reasonably believes the subject is armed.
3. Officer has an immediate concern for his safety.

In Marissa's case, there was no reasonable suspicion, she was already patted down demonstrating she was not armed, and there is no way any human being on the planet could infer that the officer should have concern for his safety. No, on the contrary, the pervert with a badge, Sean King, took advantage of a beautiful harmless young girl in the most vulnerable moment of her life, when her husband was locked in handcuffs, her baby was just ripped from her hands, she was emotionally destroyed, and physically restrained in handcuffs, so that he could grope her, molest her, and touch all over her body including putting his hands up her blouse and inside her pants around her waist.

And if any perverted police officer still wants to defend Sean King's actions by claiming they were in danger of an imminent attack from a 5'1" petite young lady in handcuffs, then remember that they could have just called a female officer to do the pat down!

Sean King proved to us all that he truly is Meridian's Finest Groper. Citizen's of Meridian, beware of Sean King—your children, daughters, and wives are not safe around him. He has demonstrated himself to be armed and dangerous and willing to grope and molest women after falsely arresting them without cause and putting them into handcuffs. If seen, run for your lives. He is a dangerous pervert.


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Sean King

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