March 16th - Shelter Care Hearing End of Day Update

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Shelter Care Hearing End-of-Day Update

First of all, thank you for all of your incredible support and your constant prayers. As you now know, Magistrate Judge Laurie Fortier awarded custody of Baby Cyrus to the State of Idaho. There are no words to describe the horror that our family has experienced. Unfortunately, from what we’ve heard, this judge is famous for destroying families and ripping children away from their families without evidence.

Today was what they call a “Shelter Care Hearing” where the court rules what will happen with the child that has been kidnapped. Contrary to ALL EVIDENCE—including a statement from a doctor from St. Luke’s Hospital that Baby Cyrus is medically stable and that there is no reason for him not to be reunited with his parents—and tons more evidence to show that there was no DUE PROCESS, and that the state didn’t have any right to take Baby Cyrus from his parents for only being “underweight," the judge still ruled viciously against Marissa and Levi.

The next hearing is called the "adjudicatory hearing” and it is where they actually decide to re-unify Cyrus with his parents or if Cyrus stays in foster care. Yes, Cyrus is now in foster care. This adjudicatory hearing will be on April 8th. This is devastating on so many fronts:

1. The most important of all is the fact that Baby Cyrus is still not healthy or totally well. Based on his history he will be okay for a few days and in a few more days he will start vomiting again. And the foster care parents will not know what to do. And there is no way anybody other than Levi and Marissa will be able to carry Baby Cyrus through. And most of all, Baby Cyrus needs breastmilk. And he needs to be with his mother.

2. Baby Cyrus is emotionally crushed. The social workers today told Marissa and Levi that Cyrus is not sleeping well. The social workers even repeated multiple times that “Baby Cyrus misses his mommy.” Well, duh! GIVE HIM BACK! If Baby Cyrus is not sleeping, he cannot heal.

3. Financially speaking, costs are going to skyrocket. Additional medical costs, legal costs, logistical expenses, living expenses, and the loss of income. I kind of hate asking for money—but in this case the family NEEDS it. This is the back-end part of these types of stories that nobody talks about. Behind the scenes, the family’s often get crushed financially, and that becomes the reason it all comes to an end. We don’t want to see that happen. If you can give a donation to help the family—it would be more than appreciated. One other thing we have heard is that when the state knows you have no money, they rejoice because they have the upper hand. But when they know you have support and the financial means to go the distance, they concede more quickly and end the madness because they know you have the means to FIGHT THEM ALL THE WAY! And believe me, they are watching how much donations come in, they are on our email lists, they are scanning social media—they are all following everything we are doing. You can make a donation here: https://givesendgo.com/babycyrus

1. Be a Keyboard Warrior
- there is a ton you can do from your keyboard. For example:
- Send emails to Health and Wellness and demand that Baby Cyrus go home. These are the emails to the officials and executive staff and Health and Wellness along with the judge: dave.jeppesen@dhw.idaho.gov, miren.unsworth@@dhw.idaho.gov, lisa.hettinger@dhw.idaho.gov, cameron.gilliland@dhw.idaho.gov, kelly.shoplock@dhw.idaho.gov, lfortier@adaweb.net, ChildSupport@dhw.idaho.gov
- Go crazy on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and more and post the truth and combat the false narratives.
- Send emails and messages to your friends, neighbors, and more to get informed about this case.
2. Call Health and Welfare - 800-356-9868 (here’s the contact info page: https://healthandwelfare.idaho.gov/contact-us)
3. Help us get media interviews - do whatever you can to get us media coverage. Contact anybody and everybody who has a platform and have them contact me at contact@freedomman.org
4. Make a donation - again, you can make a donation at: https://givesendgo.com/babycyrus
5. Stand with us in protest (for those who are local) - we are asking everyone to protest in front of Health and Welfare in Boise from 10:00 am 5:00 pm every day until Baby Cyrus comes home.
6. Pray for Baby Cyrus - please do not discount the power of prayer. That is what has carried our family through up to this point. And it is the only thing that will sustain us through the end of this nightmare…

Thank you so much for your support and your help! Tomorrow we will have our PRESS CONFERENCE at 5:00 pm at Health and Welfare.

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