March 30th - They TRIED to take Baby Cyrus again!

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March 30th Update - They TRIED to Take Baby Cyrus Again!

Not long after I sent out Baby Cyrus’s update yesterday, Levi and Marissa went through a second harrowing experience with Baby Cyrus.

In short, Baby Cyrus has not stopped vomiting, as you already know. However, once CPS social workers were alerted to the fact that Baby Cyrus was going to be treated by a gut health specialist who is a Naturopath and that America’s Frontline Nurses were working on a treatment plan for him—they apparently panicked.

At this point, we know and understand that St. Luke’s hospital, CPS, the Department of Health and Welfare, and the Meridian Police Department are all trying to save face and to play cover-up. The world has watched in shock and dismay after seeing the videos of their law-breaking tyrannical actions against my family, and after reading and seeing the evidence of their lawlessness with their own two eyes.

You see—if there never was any EVIDENCE that Baby Cyrus was in “imminent danger,” then how can they justify their abusive actions? They can’t. Therefore, they were all complicit in their actions. So it is obviously in their best interest for Baby Cyrus to not improve his health condition—because a healthy and strong Baby Cyrus makes them look bad. They need (and I’m sure they WANT), Baby Cyrus to get very sick so they can broadcast that to the courts and to the left wing, nutcase, Mainstream Media, and ultimately so they can justify their abusive tyranny. “Look everybody, Baby Cyrus is sooo sick, and he’s not getting better with his parents, so that’s why we had to take him and why he should be with the state and not with his parents!”

Well yesterday, after Baby Cyrus’s weight had been vacillating for the last few days following a few episodes of vomiting, the social worker demanded that Marissa and Levi take Cyrus in to the hospital again. The inference was threatening—that if they did not comply, the police would come knocking on the door.

Marissa and Levi then requested to speak with the nurse making this judgment call, but they were denied. They wanted to express how Cyrus's weight was ABOVE what it was the last time he was discharged so it made no sense to go in again. They also asked for Cyrus to be reviewed via in-home care, which is something they have offered but never fulfilled on. Finally, they let them know that they did not want to go back to St. Luke’s because of the horrible treatment and incompetent care they received while there.

They also explained that to take him in by force, against their own will, would be contrary to their faith (which is a protection ensconced in Idaho law). But CPS rejected all of their comments and denied their requests, except for the request to go to another hospital or medical clinic. So CPS set Baby Cyrus an appointment to go to St. Alphonsus emergency room at 5:00 pm where they would be joined by social workers. We prayed as a family for wisdom, protection, and health, and Marissa and Levi then took Baby Cyrus to the hospital—complying with the demands of CPS.

While there, the hospital ran all the same “labs and blood tests” as before. They took his blood, and then in a show of incompetence took more blood because they “didn’t get enough the first time.” They then jabbed a catheter up his privates to get a urine sample and when they claimed to not get enough urine, they said they’d just do it again! Marissa let them know she did not want another catheter (it was traumatizing for them), so they said, “Okay, we’ll just use a pee bag, then.” Um hello…why didn’t you just do that the first time, you freaks!?!?

They also found out that CPS have placed Baby Cyrus on Medicaid without Levi or Marissa’s approval or application. They just did it. They unilaterally placed Baby Cyrus on Medicaid and are now happy to tell the doctors and the hospital to run every test and order every “lab” or whatever—because its all paid for by Medicaid! They are all very happy to use Baby Cyrus like a debit card now. Get this, order that, don’t worry, it’s all paid for by Medicaid! Are you starting to see how these people work?

The social worker seemed to be trying to influence the Doctor negatively. Like when she said, “Doesn’t he appear to be dehydrated?” And the Doctor said, “No, his labs show he is clinically hydrated.” Or when Marissa noted that he weighed more at the hospital check-in than he had since all this began, the social worker then piped up, “Yeah, but he just had a bottle!” Of course, they never cared about those details when his weight was lower right after pooping or after having vomited. It was clear that this biased social worker was on a quest to take Baby Cyrus back into “their care” and to cover up their errors, law-breaking, and abuse.

In fact, we got an insider tip that the following email was sent out to all Department of Health and Welfare employees working at their downtown office (the same place we protested last time):
IDHW email screenshot
Did you see that? They were already planning on having more protests at their office! They were planning for it. In fact, Levi and Marissa went in at 5:00 pm, and DHW sent this email blast out at 5:43 pm—and we learned they sent a text message warning out with the same information.

It is quite evident that they had planned this. We have published their repeated law-breaking, incompetence, manipulation, and greed and all of the world has seen it. So now they are in major “CYA mode” and are trying to do all they can to cover their tracks and save face.

Fortunately, God didn’t allow them to do it! The doctor at St. Al’s, who apparently was very reasonable, rational, and professional—Marissa and Levi said he was the best doctor they had worked with amongst these allopathic doctors—again couldn’t find anything wrong with Baby Cyrus or any medical reason to keep him at the hospital. So after getting back all the lab results, checking his weight, and observing Cyrus, he discharged Baby Cyrus after 4+ hours in the hospital—contrary to the efforts of the “bad" CPS social worker (they actually have 2 social workers—one seems to have a vendetta against the family while the other one seems to just be trying “to do her job”).

Anyhow, we were fortunate and blessed to have Patriots on RED ALERT and ready to spring into action should they have tried to take Baby Cyrus again. But thankfully, it was not needed. Baby Cyrus was discharged without incident and came home again last night. So we all sat around, ate Chick Fil-A, and talked about the goodness of God.
Marissa and Levi with Baby Cyrus
Baby Cyrus with Marissa and Levi after coming home last night.

As always, we want to thank you for your prayers and your continued support for our family, for the Constitution, for FREEDOM, and for the rule of law!

Grandpa Diego Rodriguez
On behalf of Levi, Marissa, Baby Cyrus, and our entire family!

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