CPS Referrer and Destroyer of Families: Dr. Natasha "Misdiagnosis" Erickson

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CPS Referrer and Destroyer of Families: Dr. Natasha "Misdiagnosis" Erickson

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Natasha Erickson, St. Luke's Doctor
(She was the first to treat Marissa and Levi with hostility because Cyrus was unvaccinated and because they asked to leave St. Luke's after Cyrus first got his IV and was rehydrated. She threatened to call CPS if they decided to leave early, so Levi and Marissa stayed (under threat). In spite of the fact that they stayed, the next day CPS came to "interview" Marissa—putting Marissa and Levi on "watch" with CPS. This was the initial trigger that got everything started.)
From Levi and Marissa's experience with Dr. Natasha Erickson, it is obvious she has a "god complex" and loves to threaten families using CPS as a weapon when people don't do what she tells them to. If she was so quick to threaten Marissa and Levi with a call to CPS if they tried to leave the hospital, imagine how many other families she has abused in her years of work at St. Luke's?

The following screenshot is from Natasha Erickson's Bio page on the St. Luke's website which has now been taken down. Here was the old link: https://www.stlukesonline.org/health-services/providers/erickson-natasha
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Full exposé coming soon…

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