Ada County Sheriff Steve Bartlett Joins GOP Leaders in Denouncing Constitutional Protests

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Ada County Sheriff Steve Bartlett Joins GOP Leaders in Denouncing Constitutional Protests

December 11th, 2020 | by Diego Rodriguez

Yesterday, Ada County Sheriff Steve Bartlett decided he wanted to chime in and add his two cents to the already posted statement by the Idaho Republican Party. Here is his statement:
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This is total and complete ignorant commentary that is factually inaccurate and appears to be nothing more than a thinly veiled "me-too" statement to try to win points with GOP leadership. But, as the Facebook comments on his page already show, this statement is backfiring terribly on Sheriff Bartlett.

I have met with Sheriff Bartlett before and he has earned my respect previously, so I sent him a letter asking for a response because this statement above is difficult to "explain away." I gave him a chance to respond and he has thus far not responded. I can say that I am definitely regretting my previous support for Sheriff Bartlett and I don't see how he can earn my support going forward when he spews forth this type of divisive rhetoric. Below is my letter Sheriff Bartlett:

Subject: Who is being the bully?

Sheriff Bartlett -

I am extremely disappointed in you and your statement that you issued on Facebook. You should be ashamed of yourself for commenting in ignorance. I simply ask you the following question—who is being the bully?

Patriots and protestors are not demanding anything out of anybody. By nature and belief, Patriots want to leave everybody alone and we all would if government would quit destroying our lives. But government officials are being bullies! Government officials are making threats! Government officials are sending police out to threaten, intimidate, and harass citizens.

You tell me what is bullying:

1. Standing outside a building in a giant crowd of people, praying for government officials and police officers to have wisdom and to be touched by God’s spirit? (watch the video and see for yourself what this “angry mob” really looked like).


2. Voting against the State and Federal Constitution to demand that people limit gatherings to 10 people, wear masks, and “social distance” or face the threat of jailtime and/or fines.

Which one of those is threatening, Sheriff Steve? Which one of those is Constitutional? And which one is illegal?

Here’s an idea: how about you and your entire staff get your paychecks canceled starting today with no legal nor logical reason for doing so. How long would you or your staff go without a paycheck before you demand that those responsible FIX IT?!?! Please answer that question.

Diego Rodriguez
Freedom Man PAC

P.S. As for the people who went to CDH Board Members’ homes, they obviously were not with us at the CDH, but they also have a Constitutional RIGHT to protest in that fashion. And that is a rich part of American history and it is SPECIFICALLY the right that is protected in the 1st Amendment. I have no problem with police officers being there to ensure that the protest is and was peaceful. And if anyone got out of line, I would likewise support the police in arresting or otherwise detaining any unruly protestor. But nobody walked on anybody’s property as you claimed in your Facebook post and nobody broke the law. Yet warrants were issued for the arrest of 3 people for “disturbing the peace.” Is that acceptable to you? Do noise complaints trump the Constitution? Why were these people arrested, Steve? Did you know they got warrants for their arrest? ACTUAL WARRANTS!! For making too much noise? Does that sound like a punishment commensurate with the crime? And then they sealed the case so nobody can see the details? Do you see why the people are angry? You guys are doing this to yourself. You are turning the people against you. This is why the thin blue line is eroding more and more every day. I have always supported law enforcement and have articulated my support for your work endlessly all year long. But you are making it harder and harder for Patriots and Freedom Lovers like myself to have any respect for you and giving me less and less reasons to support you.

Furthermore, I’ll have you know that we KNOW why Boise Police arrested those protestors. Because Travis from the Boise Police Department contacted Ammon Bundy and told him that this was done intentionally to be heavy-handed against the protestors to intimidate them against further protests. Now, you tell me who is being the bully?!?!?

Government is being the bully and law enforcement is enabling them.
Sheriff Bartlett has not yet responded. We will update this post once we hear from him. For the meantime, you can see the vast majority of the responses on his Facebook post are negative—the law-abiding citizens of Ada County do not appreciate Sheriff Bartlett's response.
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