Doctors Are Killing More People Than COVID

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Doctors Are Killing More People Than COVID

July 20, 2020 | by Gunner Steele

There is something in America that is way scarier and more dangerous than abusive cops, perverted priests, violent boyfriends, dramatic girlfriends, deadbeat dads, malicious mothers, and corrupt politicians. Everybody knows it but nobody wants to say it. So, I'm going to go ahead and say it.

Sit back and strap in because this is going to get highly offensive. Some of you are going to lose your ever living mind over the truth I am about to discuss…

Ladies and gentlemen, my brothers and sisters, doctors are killing people. In fact, doctors are killing way more people than COVID-19 could ever dream of killing.

And here is how and why: doctors are not infallible. Doctors are not perfect. Doctors are not all-knowing. Doctors are humans with biases and faults just like everyone else. The difference is that doctors decisions and actions deal with life and death.

And when a doctor kills somebody through their own error, they can always just blame it on the disease, so they have the perfect cover for their errors.

Doctors Can't Stop Killing COVID Patients with Ventilators

We have already exposed at great length how nearly everybody who goes to the hospital with COVID, who is subsequently put on a ventilator, dies.

Multiple doctors have come out and spoken against this protocol because they recognize how it is killing everyone. These doctors have been silenced or removed from their positions. Why?

Why does this happen? Why do doctors who buck the trend and use an evidence-based, scientific approach to practicing medicine, get pushed aside and marginalized? Why are their concerns ignored in favor of the status quo? Why would doctors refuse to listen to another doctor who has actual evidence to demonstrate that their current methodologies and protocols cause death?

You must ask yourself these same questions so that you can finally learn and see for yourself that doctors are not to be trusted anymore than plumbers, electricians, police officers, or politicians. Sure, there's some good ones out there, but there's plenty of horrible one's as well.

Plainly stated, you should not trust a doctor just because he/she is a doctor. Doctor's, like all other "professionals" must earn your trust, because neither their training, their doctoral certificate, their scrubs, nor their white coats are sufficient to prove that they actually know what the heck they're doing and that they are capable of saving your life or of even keeping you healthy.

Any doctor still using a ventilator to treat COVID-19 patients when it is known that this protocol kills 90% of all patients should lose their medical license and be sued for malpractice!

Our Society Has Been Groomed To Trust Doctors

A doctor’s word is so powerful in the average American’s mind that people are generally willing to do anything a doctor tells them to do in the name of “saving their life.” Even though doctors have such a terrible track record and the most effective pretext for covering their error (if something goes wrong, they just blame it on the disease or health condition), people still succumb to the power of the scrubs or the white coat.

Even President Trump, who doesn’t care what anybody says, who rejected the entire spirit of the Republican party, who promised to “drain the swamp,” who fearlessly endured a 2 year smear campaign about “Russian collusion,” only to be followed up by a failed impeachment attempt, was terrified when Dr. Anthony Fauci told him that over 2 million Americans were going to die of coronavirus infections. And that is how we ended up with the present coronavirus hysteria, not only in America, but in the world.

America leads the way. The vast majority of the western world would not have done anything about COVID if America didn’t do anything about it. It would have been a blip on the epidemiological radar screen, like another flu season. But since America locked the country down—this gave cover, permission, and pressure on all other governments to do the same.

Doctors Are Killing Machines!

A few years ago, John Hopkins University released a report detailing how an average of 250,000 people are killed every year in America by medical error! The real number is evidently much higher as these are only deaths caused by error, and it doesn’t include deaths caused by a doctor who chose a faulty procedure but didn’t make any mistakes in the process. The number could be as high as 400,000 deaths or more annually. It also doesn’t take into account the millions of babies who have been murdered by doctors through abortion.

This means that the most dangerous thing the average American citizen will ever do in their life is go to the doctor. Every single year, doctors kill more people than car accidents, gun violence, or even any war we’ve been involved in since World War 2 combined. Visiting your local hospital when you’re sick is actually more dangerous than visiting Iraq, Afghanistan, or Sinaloa.

Only cancer and heart disease cause more deaths in America. This means doctors are a greater threat to society than police abuse against minorities, terrorist threats, domestic violence, and drunk driving COMBINED. Simply stated, doctors are killing machines.

So why do we trust them? Why do we believe them? Why do we give them power over our lives? If any other profession had these types of death statistics associated with them, there would be riots in the streets, and our society would HATE THEM. But doctors get a free pass.

Doctors Prevent Real Healing

The old saying goes, everything looks like a nail to a hammer. Likewise, everything to a doctor is solved by either cutting (surgery) or drugging (prescription drugs).

These, of course, also happen to be the most profitable forms of medical "practice." I dare you to ask your doctor about natural healing methods—things like: healthy eating, exercise, nutrient rich foods, and the like. They will most often tell you that those are all "unproven," or "alternative" methodologies that are risky and dangerous.

When it comes to COVID-19, doctors are killing 9 out of 10 patients with ventilators, and they KNOW that those are the statistics. They see their patients die daily, and yet they won't stop killing them with these procedures.

But, other doctors, who use their actual brains, are having near 100% success rates using hydrochloroquine and zinc, and are seeing their patients healed within hours. This is also widely publicized and well known.

Yet, the average doctor will still tell you that hydrochloroquine and zinc is untested, unproven, and dangerous—all the while they are killing their patients with 90% certainty on a daily basis.

So what is in the makeup of a doctor that he/she will reflexively resist known procedures that heal people, while continuing, non-stop to use procedures that are killing his/her own patients in front of their eyes on a daily basis?

Doctors are Dangerously Egotistical

All men are subject to ego. However, with doctors, since they deal with life and death, the insertion of their egos into the equation of healthcare is particularly dangerous.

Think about what it took for a doctor to get certified in terms of time, resources, and money. A doctor has spent a minimum of 7 years in "higher education" and is financially indebted up to their you-know-what, all for the honor of having that piece of paper on the wall that says they are smarter than everyone else.

Most doctors personal self-worth is all built around their attachment to this certification. In other words, doctor's think highly of themselves because of their doctoral degree. Therefore anything that questions the esteem of their education and their exalted position in society is a major threat to their ego. For example…
  • How dare an unlearned, uneducated, peon question my use of a ventilator for COVID-19!
  • How dare anyone insinuate that I, a doctor, would favor a high-paying, ineffective treatment over an affordable and more effective treatment! I'm a doctor! We are above financial seduction!
  • What? You are asking me to look into "alternative" treatments that have had success in other places? Listen, I'm a doctor, and "studies have shown" that the way we do things is the way to do things. Don't question or challenge me.
You get the point. Doctors let their egos stand in the way of the best treatment and even just flat-out common sense. It is particularly dangerous when the social status of the patient is significantly lower than the doctor. In other words, minorities and poor people are particularly and disproportionately abused by doctors' egos—because minorities and poor people are seen by doctors as being particularly uneducated and ignorant.

The point is simple—doctors can't be trusted because their egos don't allow them to be objective. And during times when the general public is being told to put all faith into the medical establishment, it is quite obvious that ego driven doctors will do everything possible to take advantage of such a moment to exalt themselves, advance their egos, and impugn any and all sources of detraction.

In Spite of their Egos, Doctors are Woefully Ignorant and Remarkably Untrained

The average doctor in America today has very little first hand experience in regards to medical research. You must remember, that doctors are certified by the government and government standards are almost never adequate. In other words, to get certified as an "M.D." so that you can "practice medicine" as a licensed doctor in America, you just have to be able to pass your state's medical exam and show that you've gone through Medical School. That's it.

Anybody can get their degree and pass the test. But that doesn't mean they are anymore equipped to help you heal than WebMD. The sad truth is that when it comes to treatments and medicines, the average doctor is trained and educated by the drug company's sales representative. This is not a joke or exaggeration. This is literally how doctor's get informed about the use of vaccines, prescription drugs, and other treatments.

Few doctors do first hand research or have even learned how to think critically. Most just repeat whatever they've been told in Medical school, or whatever "mainstream medicine" is doing about a certain condition at the moment.

Doctor's Destroy Children's Lives with Poisonous Vaccines

This is a subject that needs much more space to discuss and expose. Fortunately, many excellent articles, books, and even documentaries have been written on the subject. In short, poisonous vaccines are being administered by doctors who have no idea what's in the vaccine nor what the vaccines actually do. And they continue to administer them even in the face of decades of damage done to children all over the world—and for most doctors, damage they have personally done to their own patients. Yet somehow, the firsthand evidence in front of their face does not stop them from destroying more children's lives every day by administering more poisonous vaccines.

Our own government ADMITS that vaccines cause severe and permanent damage and have paid out over $4.3 billion in settlements to Americans even though the system is basically rigged against you. That's a pretty large sum considering how hard it is to get a settlement even if you become permanently paralyzed from a vaccine (or have a family member die).

And what's the most remarkable part in all of this? In spite of volumes and volumes of evidence, scientific based studies, and over $4.3 billion in settlements from the federal government, doctors still denounce anybody who recognizes the dangers of vaccines as "conspiracists," "wackos," "quacks," "anti-vaxxers," and other pejorative terms while refusing to consider or look at the facts. Why? What are they afraid of? Are their egos really that fragile? (Yes, the answer to that question is YES.)

Doctors Reject Progress in the Name of Status Quo

Did you know that Americans have been fleeing America to go to Mexico by the thousands for the last few decades? Do you know why? They are going there for life-saving treatment that is illegal in America. From cancer to diabetes, to AIDS and more, treatments exist that can save your life. But these treatments are literally illegal in America.

How can this be? Simple—doctors facilitate such corruption by cooperating with pharmaceutical companies and medical lobbyists in order to disallow life-saving treatments that doesn't increase their own wealth nor their egos. Look it up yourself.

The bottom line is that doctors are refusing to allow the medical community to move forward with real life saving treatments just so they can protect their egos and maintain the status quo. Because it hurts your ego to have to recognize that you've been doing things wrong and damaging your patients (and in many cases, killing them).

Doctors Violate Anti-Corruption Standards

Every other industry on the planet considers it to be corruption when the people in charge of ensuring safety and propriety in your industry (i.e. the watchdogs), are paid for and financed by the very people they are supposed to be monitoring.

But not so in the medical industry. Take pharmaceuticals, for example. It would make sense that if a pharmaceutical company, like Pfizer, wants to bring a drug to market, that the FDA would assign non-partisan and non-biased, professional doctors, engineers, and researchers to ensure its safety, right? Well, that is how it would happen in any other industry—but not in the medical industry.

In the medical industry, Pfizer themselves pay for the studies and the research to be done, and give that research to the FDA, ensuring that they are never truly monitored. And who does this and who accepts this? Doctors!

In fact, the average doctor has NO idea what is in a drug, how the drug works, or what a drug is. They literally get their education about the drug from the sales representative of the drug company! The sales rep will explain how the drug should be used, what it's function is, and then spout off some ridiculous quotes from the "study" that was done about the drug, which was financed and overseen by the drug company itself.

And that is how a typical doctor operates—functioning daily on a system based in corruption without ever questioning it. They know the system works like this and they are happy to stay within it.

Doctors Disproportionately Kill Minorities

It is a simple statistical fact that doctors kill more minorities than they kill white people. Particularly right now, during the COVID "pandemic," black people and minorities are dying in disproportionately high numbers. Why do you think that is? Do you really think there is something about the genetics of minorities that makes them more susceptible to the coronavirus? Come on, you're smarter than that!

The truth is simple—minorities are more likely to go to public hospitals where the worst doctors are doing the most damage and killing the most people. So yes, doctors are disproportionately killing black COVID patients, just like they disproportionately abort black babies, and just like they disproportionately tried to eradicate black people through eugenics.

Why aren't black people and other minorities marching in the streets and denouncing doctors for killing more of "their people" than police, gang violence, and wars combined?

Furthermore, in the COVID era, hospitals are getting paid $39,000 for every COVID patient they kill on a ventilator. So you tell me now, when a black person comes in with breathing problems to a poor inner-city public hospital, what does the untrained, hive-minded, doctor see: a $39,000 check from Uncle Sam for their hospital, or a human being in need of the most effective, research based, health treatment? What do you think? Well, the stats tell us the answer to that question.

Doctors Killed the "Bullet-Proof" George Washington

Our founding father, George Washington, was once thought to be bullet proof. History records how he went into battle and had 2 horses shot out from underneath him, and left the battlefield with 4 bullet holes through his jacket, yet miraculously left the battlefield unscathed.

The Indian Chief, Redhawk, later came to meet George Washington and stated that, even though his aim is so perfect, that he had never once previously missed a target, that he shot at Washington 11 times and could not hit him. He then proclaimed that Washington evidently was being protected by “the Great Spirit,” that he was a particular “favorite of heaven,” and that he “could never die in battle.”

Later in life, when George Washington was 67 years old, he came down with cold/flu like symptoms. Doctors, who were the best of their time, and who Washington trusted, bled the President a total of four times in one night in an attempt to heal him. Bleeding, was a common treatment at the time, and it meant that the doctors literally cut him open and extracted his blood—under the flawed belief that sickness is in the blood and therefore you must eliminate the infected blood from the body in order to heal. In total, they bled out about 40% of his blood. Losing 40% of your blood will kill anybody. Dr. Howard Markel, writing for PBS in 2014, summed it up by stating that these doctors did the best that they could, but that they used “now antiquated and discredited theories of medical practice.”

In other words, the smartest doctors of their day, killed George Washington because they used medical procedures which were foolish, contrary to common sense, though commonly accepted at the time. Sound familiar? Yup, history always repeats itself.

In short, the man who could not be killed by a bullet, who was seemingly protected by God Himself, and who was the founding leader of the greatest nation on earth, was killed by ignorant doctors.

Today, we look back and wonder how those doctors could have been so foolish as to bleed George Washington. One hundred years from now, medical professionals will wonder how doctors could have been so unbelievably stupid as to use treatments like chemotherapy for cancer, or ventilators for COVID-19. And they will wonder how the public could be so willing to accept whatever doctors told them, in the face of all of the evidence.

But today, that same ignorant public and those same arrogant doctors will happily see to the death of their patients and friends—all in the name of believing that they are smart and protecting their egos.

The Untold History of Doctors in the World

While people generally only want to look at the good that some doctors have done in our society, few want to look at the damage they have been inflicted upon our society. But let's take a quick look at the history of doctors:
  • Who killed over 50 million babies in their mother's wombs? Doctors.
  • Who supervised the death, destruction, and permanent damage of millions of Americans through vaccination? Doctors.
  • Who executed the racist and immoral program of eugenics in America? Doctors.
  • Who calls eating raw food, taking vitamins, and living a healthy lifestyle "quackery" and "alternative" and vehemently opposes any treatment that is not rooted in surgery or pharmaceuticals? Doctors.
  • Who attacks leading-edge, research based medical treatments that are not "approved by the FDA?" Doctors.
  • Who attacks doctors who are having success with new or out-of-the-mainstream treatments for any disease? Other doctors.
  • Who was it that gave Hitler the scientific basis for "ethnic cleansing" and other wickedness? Doctors.
You see, doctors don't have a good history.

Now I'm not saying, nor do I believe, that all doctors are bad. But they are evidently not all good either. If the whole world can hate police just because a few of them are bad, then everyone should hate doctors as well. I mean the inconsistency here is extraordinary!

(I don't actually believe you should hate doctors, but I do believe that doctors should never be trusted until they've proved their individual competence.)

Conclusion of the Whole Matter

The bottom line is simple—you should not trust a doctor who has not first earned your trust. Doctors must demonstrate competence in not only their skillset, but their ability to think critically so they can properly respond to new challenges as they occur.

The big problem the world is having right now is that, by nature, we as humans, are paralyzed by the fear of death. And culturally, we have idolized doctors as the means by which we can overcome that fear. But the reality is the opposite—statistics, facts, common sense, and general interaction with doctors demonstrate that the majority of them are not equipped to help people overcome death, and in too many instances they are the CAUSE of death and not the HOPE to overcome it.

But ignorant people will continue to be ignorant (1 Corinthians 14:38). And as long as this idolization of doctors continues, then the assertion of death proclaimed by a doctor, will likewise continue to be America's kryptonite and our rights, our freedoms, and our Constitutional Republic will forever be in jeopardy.

Let me put it another way—the "powers that be" NEED you to blindly trust doctors. They desperately NEED you to believe whatever the "medical professionals" say. Because if you stopped trusting in doctors, there would be no other way, other than by physical force and violence, for them to control you. Think about it. I dare you to try to prove me wrong.
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