Protest August 24th Special Session - Oppose RS28049


If you are not aware of what is going on, then please read below—this is the email we just sent out to all of our subscribers (if you're not subscribed then click here to subscribe now):

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It is official—Brad Little has called a special session of our Legislature to convene next Monday, August 24th at 10:00 am. I’ve attached his complete proclamation to this email so you can read it for yourself (click here to download it).

In short, the Governor wants the legislature to pass 3 bills which have already been pre-approved by him and his cronies. Nothing else is allowed to be discussed or legislated. These three bills are as follows:

1. RS28046 - regarding absentee ballot voting.
2. RS28045 - regarding in person polling locations during the “pandemic.”
3. RS28049 - regarding immunity from civil liability.

These 3 bills have all been meticulously crafted by special interest groups and the language has been pre-approved by the Governor’s office. To ensure passage of these bills, your 3 state legislator’s have been lied to, misled, and bullied into believing all of the false selling points regarding these “emergency laws” that “must be passed before the January legislative session” to “protect the people of Idaho.” When are people going to stop believing that nonsense?!?!

Nothing that the Governor’s office has done in 2020 in the name of "coping with COVID" has protected anybody. He is responsible for destroying the lives of Idahoans with his reckless emergency actions. And these proposed laws for the special session will only serve to hurt Idahoans even further!

The worst of them all is RS28049 about immunity from civil liability. Apparently, in response to a tremendous amount of pushback from the grassroots (that means YOU GUYS fighting back), they have added a clause in Paragraph 8 of the law which appears to state that this immunity does not apply to the State of Idaho or its officers. In other words, they are claiming you can still sue the State of Idaho for damages you may incur.

But in practice, it is meaningless because the officers of Idaho are already immune (you can’t personally sue the Governor for damages you incur from his malfeasance), and nearly all action taken during the pandemic are by other agents not employed by the state. So it is still meaningless. Let me give you an example, if this legislation passes, then consider the following scenario:

  • The Governor declares that all Idahoans must get a vaccine, but doesn’t make it an enforceable order, just a declaration from the office of the Governor.
  • Ignorant droidbot zombies who believe whatever they see on the news and dutifully obey their tyrannical superiors (which is the majority of American citizens these days), line up in droves to get the vaccine at St. Luke’s, St. Alphonsus, and other medical clinics all around the state.
  • Health Care institutions like those mentioned above rake in millions of dollars and then pay their fees to IACI, the most powerful and corrupt lobbying organization in the state of Idaho, who in turn fills the campaign accounts of all of the legislature—and the Governor in particular—with their dirty money.
  • Idahoans start getting seriously ill and permanently damaged from the vaccine with complications ranging from permanent paralysis, nerve damage, loss of motor skills, strokes, to even death (these are just common side effects from existing vaccines).
  • Everyone involved in administering the vaccine is completely immune from lawsuits that they should otherwise have to endure for destroying the lives of innocent Idaho citizens.
  • That is what the special session on August 24th is all about. It is not about protecting you—it is about protecting BIG PHARMA, and Idaho Big Business—particularly the membership of IACI, Idaho’s most corrupt lobbying organization. Don’t buy the lie! Fight back!

Do the following three things to ensure this law is not passed during the special session:
  • Call your legislators and tell them not to vote for this bill.
  • Write your letters via email (time is short) and tell them not to vote for this bill! (Here’s a link to download the emails of all 105 legislators).
  • Show up on August 24th to the State Capitol at 9:00 am and demand that the Idaho Legislature DO NOT VOTE for this bill!
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