Questions for People Who Accept Soviet-Style Government Control for COVID-19

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Questions for People Who Accept Soviet-Style Government Control for COVID-19

April 1, 2020 | by Gunner Steele

Our world is becoming even further polarized, YAY! We've got the "masses" being corralled like cattle and led about as sheep by soviet-style government control, and who accept this government intervention as good, decent, and acceptable in the name of "saving lives." And we have folks on the other side who question the need for such a reaction, who question the veracity of the news about the disease, and who reject the very notion of government intervention even in the name of "saving lives." It's quite a polarity!

Those who reject government control are called tinfoil hat conspiracy theorists and are derided as selfish, ignorant, and murderous (since their presence outside of their homes will apparently cause people to die).

While those who accept government control are called snowflakes, pansies, liberals, democrats, and "sheeple." Which, of course, they are.

So here I'd like to offer a handful of questions for those who do accept totalitarian government control. These are not conspiratorial questions—they are common sense questions. And the answers to these questions might just help you open your eyes to see what is really going on:

1. What empirical evidence do you have that COVID-19 is any more lethal than previous pandemics? If you're honest, you have zero evidence. You've simply watched the news, believed everything hook, line, and sinker, and have become scared.

2. What empirical evidence do you have that COVID-19 is any more contagious than previous pandemics? Again, you have no evidence. All current evidence from authoritative government sources (which I don't trust anyway) show this virus to be no more contagious than past pandemics.

3. The H1N1 virus which caused Swineflu and was a serious pandemic in 2009 infected nearly 30% of the United States and killed 200,000 worldwide, including more than 12,000 American deaths. Back then, we, as a country, did essentially NOTHING. So why do you accept totalitarian control now? In other words, are you consistent? And as a side note, you should recognize that Barack Obama was the newly elected socialist loving, first black President in 2009.

4. Italy is being used as the death standard for COVID-19, with most news outlets claiming that 10% of infected Italians are dying from the disease. However, the Italian government’s own report on the issue demonstrates that over 98% of those who died had other life-threatening diseases. And no matter what the actual cause of death was (only 12% of their deaths list COVID-19 as the cause of death on their birth certificate), they all get attributed to COVID-19 in the public death tally. That is obvious propaganda. The true, statistically accurate headline for Italians dying should be “Old, weak, immune-compromised smokers in Italy who catch COVID-19 are dying at a rate of 0.17%.” There is a huge difference between .17% and 10%. So the numbers are obviously being intentionally misreported. This is called fake news and propaganda. The question for you is WHY? Why do you think news outlets and propaganda peddlers are faking data? Read the report for yourself and then ask yourself the questions.

5. There have been an outrageous number of fake news stories attributed to COVID-19. It appears that any death for any reason is being attributed to COVID-19. Why would there be so many fake news stories about COVID-19 if the disease was actually so deadly? Real news does not need to be supported by fake stories. Think about it.

6. Why do so many people who have tested positive for COVID-19 describe the symptoms as being like a mild cold or flu? I personally already had COVID-19 and so did my daughter. It was no big deal. We got it over it fast.

7. Why do so many people who have tested positive for COVID-19 have no symptoms at all? How many other diseases or pandemics can you remember where infected persons had zero symptoms whatsoever? I have never heard of any pandemic where infected persons actually had no symptoms and did not suffer one moment. In fact, if some doctor didn't tell them they were sick, they wouldn't even know!

8. If COVID-19 is so dangerous, why not just use real statistics? Obviously it is because the real statistics aren't scary.

9. If COVID-19 is legitimately lethal, then why is the CDC requesting that hospitals and health care professionals list COVID-19 as the cause of death, even when no test has been given and even when the patient has pre-existing life-threatening conditions? It's true. Take a look at it for yourself: CDC requires COVID-19 to be listed as cause of death even when it's not. And here's the actual guidelines from the CDC itself.

9. How many people whose deaths have been attributed to COVID-19 had other life-threatening conditions? By way of example, in Italy that number was over 98%.

10. How many people in America had COVID-19, got over it, and went on with their lives? And how many of those people had their number added to the statistics? This number is impossible to calculate, but we can be more than certain that the number is astronomical. The problem is again, that once these stories get added to the news, people stop being scared.

11. What are you more afraid of: pneumonia, influenza, swineflu (H1N1), or COVID-19? And why? If you are more afraid of COVID-19, then you are simply a propaganda believer. You are a useful idiot. You're part of the easily controlled and manipulated "sheeple."

They are simple questions, I know. But ask yourself and everybody you know these same questions. And then think about what is really going on…
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