Anthony Fauci is a Lying Criminal

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Anthony Fauci is a Lying Criminal

December 13th, 2021 | by Gunner Steele

Anthony Fauci is a career bureaucrat who is in charge of the NIAID (National Institute for Allergies and Infectious Diseases), whose stated purpose is to “conduct and support basic and applied research." In other words, it's a government funded research group. Fauci is actually the highest paid federal employee in the country, earning a whopping $434,312 per year. That is money stolen from you, by the way.

Obviously this criminal has been all over the news since the beginning of the COVID scam. Many, like me, recognize him as the man who killed the Trump Presidency (I'll have to save that for a separate article). But recently, he has come into the limelight as Senator Rand Paul has really exposed him and demonstrated how Fauci lied to Congress (which is a crime) by claiming that he did not approve of "gain of function" research or funding to the Wuhan Institute of Virology.

In case you're not caught up to speed, there is a lab of virology in Wuhan, China, that is believed to be the source of the Sars-Co-V2 virus that allegedly causes COVID-19. Now, modern research has demonstrated that this virus does not exist in nature and could only have been created in a lab. Creating viruses that do not exist in nature is called "gain of function" research because the scientists are trying to create functionality that doesn't already exist in a particular virus.

Remarkably, it was the United States, through money given by the NIAID, who actually funded this gain of function research at the Wuhan Institute of Virology! And Anthony Fauci is the one who approved it.

Once he was caught in this lie—falsely stating that he did not approve funds to be used that way—he simply had the NIH (National Institute of Health) change the definition of "gain-of-function" on the NIH website to try to prevent himself from being prosecuted for lying to Congress.

More Lies from Fauci

Fauci has been caught lying multiple times since the beginning of the COVID scam. He knowingly lied about his opinion on whether people should wear masks or not—a lie he later admitted to. He also admitted to deliberately misrepresenting his prediction on herd immunity so that he could "nudge" more people to get vaccinated.

He moronically predicted that there would be more deaths in Texas and Florida because there were no mask mandates and when his prediction proved to be false, he had no response as to why.

He has made stupid claims like saying that "it just makes common sense" to wear two masks! Yes, two masks! Did you see this on the news? It was mind boggling.

In order to cover for such stupidity, the CDC actually released a so called "study" a few weeks later to try and justify Fauci's claim of "common sense" because they conducted an experiment on mannequins that proved that double masking was a great idea! Folks, you can't make this stuff up.

And to make sure they appeared credible, the CDC was sure to release their findings on the most prestigious scientific journal of them all: TWITTER. Like, I said you can't make this stuff up!

Then, of course, there is the story of Fauci's emails that were obtained that demonstrate that he undermined President Trump and lied to the American people about COVID.

Remarkably, NOTHING HAS HAPPENED TO ANTHONY FAUCI! Nothing. He is making more money than ever (he got a pay raise this year) and not even President Trump would speak against him when questioned by Bill O Reilly during a recent interview. This man is more protected than Fort Knox.

If you ever wanted to know what a first class operative of the Deep State looks like—look no further than murderous criminal, Anthony Fauci. He is the definition of the DEEP STATE. And as long as we sit back and let him wander freely without consequences, then the Deep State knows it can get away with anything. They can literally get away with murder.

Anthony Fauci is a criminal and deserves to be locked away in prison forever!

Fauci Actually Admitted IN ADVANCE that there Would Be a "Surprise Outbreak" During the Trump Administration

Remarkably, in January of 2017, just days before President Trump was inaugurated, Anthony Fauci claimed in a keynote address at Georgetown University that there "would be a surprise outbreak" during the Trump Administration.

His statement was definitive and certain. It makes you wonder, how did he know? Why was he so certain? See his words for yourself:

What Happened to Fauci's Old Nemesis—Nobel Prize Winner Kary Mullis (the inventor of the PCR test)?

Then there is the case of Kary Mullis, the Nobel Prize winning doctor who invented the PCR test. Yes, the same PCR test that was used to fraudulently claim that bazillions of people had COVID when they simply did not.

Kary Mullis is a decades old foe of Anthony Fauci—he has been trying to publicly expose him since the 90s. In short, the PCR test allows you to test for molecular traces of viruses or other substances in our bodies. However, as stated by Kary Mullis, if not used properly, with a PCR test, "…you can find anything in anybody.”

In fact, he determined after being hired to find the HIV virus in AIDS patients, that they simply didn't have any HIV in them. In other words, the idea that HIV was the cause of AIDS was evidently false, but Mullis determined and pointed out how the CDC was losing money and how the the HIV/AIDS connection brought their profits back in the black, and more specifically how Fauci was in on it. But no one cared to listen back then.

When he was offered a chance to do a documentary by ABC's Nightline, he said he just wanted to expose Fauci. In fact, he stated, "he would be willing to “chase the little bastard from his car to his office and say, ‘This is Kary Mullis tring to ask you a…simple question…’ Here’s a Noble Prize-winner trying to ask a simple question from those who spent $22 billion and killed 100,000 people.”
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This picture is over 30 years old—that's how long Fauci has been killing Americans.

Yes, you heard that right! Kary Mullis, a highly reputable Nobel Prize Winner and the inventor of the PCR test, has evidence of corruption on behalf of Anthony Fauci, and evidence that Fauci made decisions to murder thousands of Americans for profit!

Undoubtedly Kary Mullis would be the greatest hindrance to a new scheme or fraud perpetrated by Anthony Fauci, particularly if they wanted to use his own PCR test to perpetrate the fraud.

So you might wonder why Kary Mullis, the long time nemesis of Anthony Fauci didn't say anything when Fauci came back to the forefront during COVID and when his invention, the PCR test, was the primary tool used to convince and terrify the masses about the "danger of COVID-19." Well, the reason is simple—Kary Mullis, a very healthy man, mysteriously died in August of 2019, allegedly of pneumonia, just a few months before the COVID hysteria began. See for yourself:

Bottom Line with Anthony Fauci

The bottom line is that Anthony Fauci is a criminal. His repeated lies to Congress alone make him a law-breaker, and he should face criminal prosecution for it.

History demonstrates that he was responsible for the death of thousands by pushing the use of AZT on AIDS patients. And history will show that he was responsible for funding the creation of the COVID-19 virus in the Wuhan lab, with your tax dollars no less!

At worst, he is a maniacal sociopath who has used his position in government to amass more power and money for himself and the cronies and goons he works with and works for, and has been directly responsible for the murder of anybody who has stood in his way and for the murder of hundreds of thousands of innocent people, for his own gain. Only time will tell…

But for now, he needs to be locked up!
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