Dumb 2nd Amendment Supporters

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Dumb 2nd Amendment Supporters

December 21st, 2020 | by Gunner Steele

I believe there are basically two broad categories of 2nd Amendment supporters:

CATEGORY ONE – Those who recognize the right to bear arms as a sacred Constitutional right and the existence of an armed militia as being necessary to secure a free state.
CATEGORY TWO – Those who think guns are cool.

Personally, I am in category one, though I happily admit that I think guns are cool. However, the ownership and use of firearms, in my personal opinion, shall never be limited to fun, play, or sport. It is a sacred Constitutional duty and right, and it is therefore a responsibility that we must all hold with great reverence.

I likewise support all gun rights organizations and their efforts to preserve the 2nd Amendment. I'm a lifetime member of the NRA, a member of the Gun Owners Association of America (GOA), and a supporter of our local Idaho 2nd Amendment Alliance. I respect and honor the efforts of these organizations and I think everyone should likewise support them (especially local groups like the Idaho 2nd Amendment Alliance—wherever you live).

All that being said, I must admit that there are a lot of really dumb supporters of the 2nd Amendment. Not just dumb, but some of them are downright stupid. And no, I'm not talking about their intelligence and I'm not castigating the stereotypical "dumb hick", shotgun in the back of the pickup "redneck," or any other "dumb" stereotype for gun owners.

I'm taking issue with every single advocate of the 2nd Amendment who are clueless as to its purpose. In short, I'm calling anybody who makes the claim, "I'll never let the government take my guns" and who will only resist the government IF they "come after my guns"—I'm calling that person, a complete idiot. Not just an idiot, but a moron. And not just a moron, but an ignorant excuse for a Patriot.

Quite honestly, I'm sick and tired of hearing alleged 2nd Amendment supporters look at the current state of America and say things like:

  • Well at least they haven't taken my guns yet.
  • I dare them to come after my guns!
  • They'll have to take my guns away from my cold, dead body!
The list can go on and on, but you get the picture.

Here's why this is so stupid—statements like this demonstrate that the only right you care about is the right to own a gun (i.e. the 2nd Amendment). But what you are clearly missing is the whole reason why we have that right in the first place! The 2nd Amendment exists to ensure our rights are protected from a tyrannical government. It is not so you can own a "big boy toy" and feel cool and powerful because you own a lethal weapon.

Let me remind you that the purpose of the 2nd Amendment is not to be able to defend yourself against a robber, or to go hunting, or to take cool pictures, but it's to protect ourselves from the constant impending and looming threat of government oppression. In other words to maintain "the security of a free state." The 2nd Amendment doesn't say "You have a right to own guns." It says:

2nd Amendment

A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms shall not be infringed.
The purpose of the 2nd Amendment is freedom and the preservation of our rights. Therefore if you are not willing to use your firearm(s) to preserve your own rights and the rights of your fellow citizens, then guns to you are nothing more than a prop that makes you feel strong and cool.
  • They've violated the first amendment, arrested and imprisonments journalists for publishing their opinions, shut down churches, and arrested Pastors—but its okay, because they haven't tried to take my guns!
  • They've threatened, intimidated, and arrested citizens for peacefully assembling in public space, further violating the 1st Amendmentbut its okay, because they didn't take my guns!
  • They repeatedly violate the 4th Amendment, tracking every move you make, and using "contact tracing" contrary to the rights guaranteed in the 4th Amendment—but I don't care because at least they didn't take my guns!
  • They've utterly destroyed the 5th Amendment and the duty and right of due process before depriving citizens of liberty by forcing mask mandates, limitations on gatherings, controlling and banning free travel, and by destroying businesses and livelihoods through emergency actions—but no bother, because I still have my guns!
  • They've effectively eliminated the 6th and 7th Amendments which guarantees citizens the right to a speedy trial by jury by indefinitely postponing such trials in the name of protecting juries from COVID—but who cares, I still have my AR-15!
  • They've eliminated the equal protection clause in the 14th Amendment by classifying some people and businesses as "essential" and others as "non-essential" putting the government in power to choose and select who can live and thrive and who cannot—but I don't care because I've got my precious Glocks!
Quite frankly, stupid, moronic, ignorant 2nd Amendment supporters don't care about anything other than owning their little toys. Wake up, fools! What difference does it make if you own guns if all of your other rights have been taken away?

Don't you know that due to your own efforts, the government will likely NEVER COME AFTER YOUR GUNS? That is right. They will never try to take them away because they don't have to! They've proven they can oppress you, destroy your life, steal your money, control your actions, violate all of your rights, cancel your faith and religion, and violate the Constitution and you won't lift a finger to do anything about it. Why? Because they let you keep your big boy toys—your guns.

So believe me, as much as I support every organization in favor of 2nd Amendment rights and preservation, I also recognize that too many Americans who claim to support the 2nd Amendment are nothing more than insecure and ignorant, mental midgets, who like guns because they make them feel strong and powerful, but who are clueless as to the reason why their accessibility was preserved and ensconced in the Highest Law of the Land in the first place.

And until that changes, "Big Government" will likely never truly come after your guns, because they know they don't have to. (Though they may "try" and act like they're going to try to take them away and may even succeed in passing further regulations.) But to truly try to eliminate the 2nd amendment and eliminate gun ownership in America would be the fatal flaw that would end our country as we know it. And they know that. So why do it? You see, they already control every aspect of your lives, and even with more guns and ammo than you have rice and grain, you did nothing to stop it.
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