Scott Bedke is a Slimebucket and this Session Proves It

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Scott Bedke is a Slimebucket and this Session Proves It

November 18th, 2021 | by Diego Rodriguez

Idaho’s Special Legislative Session ended yesterday and predictably—they did absolutely nothing! In other words, not a single solitary bill was passed. Nothing got done legislatively. Your rights were not preserved. Your legislators accomplished absolutely ZERO. And Idaho state taxpayers footed the bill to send 105 legislators from all over the state down to Boise for several days in order to do NOTHING.

Yay! Yay Idaho.

However, even though nothing legislatively got done, and even though not one of your rights were protected nor preserved, and even though you as a taxpayer paid for all of that—there was one thing that was accomplished.

Guess what it was? Representative Priscilla Giddings was censured. Now if you don’t know the story, I’ll make it really simple for you:
Earlier in the year, Priscilla Giddings stepped up to defend another conservative representative who was being falsely accused of rape. And in doing so, she posted on her Facebook account a link to an article that gave detailed facts and context in regards to the rape accusation. That was it. Priscilla’s “crime” was sharing information relevant to a very serious accusation.

But sharing truth and facts is not acceptable to the IDAHO SWAMP. And Scott Bedke, in particular (arguably Idaho’s greatest swamp creature of all), wanted to see to it that Priscilla was punished for this—since her record and reputation is so spotless and immaculate that they literally have to invent crap to throw at her.

Now, Priscilla is actually running against Scott Bedke for the office of Lt. Governor, so she is his number one political enemy. And in case you don’t know how this works, Scott Bedke is the current Speaker of the House, so he is and was the one responsible for calling this Special Session and ordering all 105 members of the Legislature back to Boise. He is the one who spent the money to make it happen. He is the one who wasted everyone’s time and he is the one who PRESIDED OVER THE CENSURING of his own political opponent!!! This stuff should be illegal. In any sane or righteous environment, the obvious conflict of interest with Bedke presiding over this process would be highlighted and he would not be allowed to do so.

But not in the RINO infested Idaho swamp! Nooooo! Here, not only was it allowed, but it was condoned, and the majority of Idaho representatives (most likely including your own representatives), supported this filthy censuring of an innocent and righteous representative. Why, you might ask? Well, just follow the money. Look at who has received money from Scott Bedke in order to preserve their own seats:
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You see, Scott Bedke OWNS the legislature. And he himself is just a tool for Idaho special interest—he’s controlled by IACI (Idaho Association of Commerce and Industry) and does their bidding. And this is how they ultimately control the legislature.

So watch how this corresponds with the losers who voted to censure Priscilla (those in Green voted to censure her):
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Every single person in GREEN above needs to be fired. Period. If you don’t fire them, don’t consider yourself a Constitutionalist and don’t consider yourself someone who fought for Freedom or for rights or anything like that. Anyone who votes for or supports anybody in GREEN above is complicit in the destruction of Idaho. It is that simple. And NO, I am not being extreme because I support Priscilla or anything like that. This is simply a litmus test to show you which representatives are owned by special interests and/or don’t have a conscience or genuine principles. So when somebody tells you who they are with their votes—then don’t put them back in power or you are complicit in the destruction of your own society. Again, it’s that simple.
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