TSA and the Real ID Privacy Nightmare

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TSA and the Real ID Privacy Nightmare

November 22nd, 2021 | by Gunner Steele

I had to travel internationally recently and boy was it terrible! Just when you thought it would be impossible to make traveling any less enjoyable, Ashley Biden's dad puts out some executive orders to ENSURE that every last drop of joy in travel would be eradicated.

Interestingly enough, there are signs at all the airports telling you that you need a Star Card—which is a newly updated state Driver's license or identification card with a star on it.

There was a deadline to have one of these star cards by October 1st, 2021 in order to be able to fly domestically. But the COVID scam gave them reason to push that date back to May 3, 2023. So if you don't have either a US passport or a State ID or driver's license with a star on it, you cannot fly. Period.

What is the Star Card Anyway?

The star on your driver's license or identification card is a way for the government to see that you have a newly updated ID which meets the standards of the REAL ID act of 2005, signed into law by your best buddy, George "Government Growth" Bush.

There was a considerable effort to prevent it from passing, but as usual, RINO losers in Congress teamed up with their democrat BFFs to sneak this into our national law by attaching it to a defense appropriations bill. To be more specific, because I believe in using names and calling out corruption, it was Republican Congressman F. James Sensenbrenner of Wisconsin. RINO loser.

It was sold to the American public as being for their own "safety and security" and pitched as being a simple set of standards for identification.

And if it was just that, I'd have no problem. Most countries have national IDs anyway, and in the United States, we oddly enough, use our driver's license as a form of identification, with 50 different government agencies issuing them 50 different ways. So the idea of setting basic standards for security to ensure that it isn't easy to falsify an ID seems reasonable enough.

But that's not what the REAL ID act is or what it's about. Real ID is basically the greatest looming threat for individual privacy in America right now—and nobody is even talking about it.

Instead of just setting "minimum standards" for the issuance of IDs, Real ID will actually create a system of interconnected databases between all 50 states with private and sensitive information on over 220 million driver's licenses and IDs. The law requires that each state provide all other states with electronic access to to its identification database.

In order to actually function, the database will need to be made available to any authorized user! This means that every police officer in America, airport ticket agents, DMV employees, and God only knows who—will have access to this sensitive information.

The list of threats are innumerable: hackers, underpaid cops, blackmailed ticketing agents, freaky stalkers, etc.

But no need to worry, these are all professional government employees who never fail the American public! 🙄

The TSA is a Worthless Pile of Horse Manure

Take the TSA for example, who were supposed to be the main beneficiaries of the Real ID act—they've never failed, right?

Turns out that they fail more often than not. In fact, in 2015 we sent undercover agents through TSA to test how well they prevent bombs and and weapons through security. The agents were able to smuggle their weapons through 95% of the time. In fact, the TSA failed 67 out of 70 tests. Don't you feel safer already?

But hey, I don't want to throw the TSA under the bus because after all they are very effective at many things. For example, they have proven to be very effective at stealing money from innocent citizens. In fact, a Freedom of Information Act request showed that between the years 2000 and 2016, the TSA made over 30,000 cash confiscations from innocent American citizens totaling over $2 billion!!!

And since they seized the money with unconstitutional federal civil asset forfeiture laws, the TSA was, and still is, allowed to legally steal that money without showing any evidence of wrongdoing. Americans simply got robbed by the TSA and there's nothing they can do about it.

You're Already in the System Whether You Like it or Not

And if all of this really upsets you and you want to opt-out, don't bother. Uncle Sam already has all of your information, including your biometrics, whether you like it or not. In fact, when you board an international flight these days, you no longer show your passport, you simply look at a camera and the computer system uses facial recognition (facial biometrics) based on your government ID photos to approve your boarding.

Sounds convenient, right? Just remember that your every movement and action is now being tracked. Sure you can say that as long as you're not doing anything wrong, you have nothing to fear. The problem with that is the simple fact that history and human nature have proven that innocent people constantly get screwed by the system while guilty-as-sin criminals walk free every day.

So what's the solution?

Well for starters, its time conservative Patriots take real action and fire everybody who has done nothing to stop it. Fire your Senators, fire your congressmen. They all suck. Even the one's you think are "nice guys." They are all incompetent boobs. Stop re-electing the same people who, regardless of their ideologies and affable nature, are totally useless against BIG GOVERNMENT GROWTH AND TYRANNY. In short, stop supporting do-nothing politicians!!!

Only vote for the one's that the mainstream media says are "too radical, extreme, racist, sexist, bigoted homophobes." Vote for people who get things done. Get rid of milquetoast pansies and losers like Mitt Romney, Marco Rubio, and Kevin McCarthy. Vote in real firebrands. Vote for Constitutional purists. Vote for people the establishment hate and are afraid of.

Start voting your heart. Vote your conscience! Vote for what's right and stop voting for "the most electable" person because that person is always a worthless loser no matter how "friendly" they seem. It is those "nice people" who gave us the tyrannical state we have today. Primaries in 2022 are right around the corner, don't get caught voting like an unprincipled voter.

And last but not least, run for office yourself. Do it. If you're principled and willing to fight, then RUN. Do it. Even if you lose, at least you can stand in The Judgment against this untoward generation as someone who was used by God to give the people a chance.
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