PROOF the COVID Vaccine Worse than the Disease

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PROOF the COVID Vaccine Worse than the Disease

September 23rd, 2022 | by Diego Rodriguez

Some doctors and scientists recently published a report that you can guarantee will not get any attention in corporate media. It simply confirms what you already knew, mainly this—that the COVID “vaccine” is actually more harmful than the COVID “virus/disease.”

The report, using empirical data provided by the CDC itself (so it can’t be rejected or denied by propaganda sponges), concludes that COVID-19 vaccines are 98 times worse than the virus, and mandatory booster vaccination in college is “ethically unjustifiable."

Anybody with a brain who was not fearful of being shunned by libtards and zombie bots rejected the vaccine and will be safe. The rest of the numb-skulls full of mush have a very uncertain future ahead for their bodies and their health. Countless thousands of them have already died from the vaccine, and even more have been seriously injured with “adverse side effects.”

The report will likely be scrubbed from the internet so I included the actual PDF copy at the bottom of this article. Below you can also see the few links that currently exist from those news organizations bold enough to publish the truth:




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