The Fake Food Crisis

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The Fake Food Crisis

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A picture of the baby formula aisle in a typical grocery store in Mexico (Chedraui) on May 24th, 2022. As you can see there is no actual shortage of baby formula. It is all a lie.

May 25th, 2022 | by Gunner Steele

So you've probably heard that America is about to have a food crisis, right? I mean everybody is talking about it—all of the corporate media outlets are grooming American minds with this propaganda, and even Bill "Kill" Gates and Janet Yellen, the U.S. Treasury Secretary have mentioned it. I guess the politically correct phrase is "food insecurity." Ha!

And of course, your President, who you undoubtedly voted for (after all he got more votes than any President in history in what was the "most secure election in American history"), stated quite plainly that the food shortages are "going to be real."

Anyhow, I want you to know something that nobody is telling you—there is no food shortage as a result of lack of food production. That is incredibly important to know. Furthermore, there is no actual shortage of baby formula. It's all available in the real world—your politicians are just not letting you get access to it. Look at the picture above—I took it myself yesterday in Mexico. There's plenty of baby formula, people.

So don't buy into propaganda and corporate media garbage and lies. Think about it! The sun didn't stop shining and the world's soil didn't just lose all of its nutrients overnight. And while sure, there's always an issue with crops somewhere in the world every year, there's still always crops being produced every year all over the world.

And what the corporate media is not telling you is that this year has been a record year for many crops around the world. In fact, Russia itself had a record year for wheat production. So did Australia. Brazil has produced near record high levels of corn at 122 million metric tons (that's a lot of corn, people). Go ahead and spend some time on the internet searching and you'll find that dozens of crops are having record high levels of production this year. This includes everything from tomatoes to avocados to nuts and all kinds of fruits.

So NO, there is no shortage of actual FOOD. Nor is there a shortage of human beings who want to eat food. Those are all lies.

However, there are two things that are unique to only certain western nations (America specifically) that the rest of the world is not experiencing:

1. Alleged supply-chain problems.
2. Mysterious fires at food processing plants.

Some how, some way, in the last year, there have been over 20+ fires or accidents at American food processing plants. Of course, this is just a coincidence and there is no way that this is a coordinated effort to create a fake food shortage. I know because Snopes said so, and they would never create fake propaganda to further an agenda! I mean, even Reuters said so, and come on people, these news agencies are trustworthy! (I'm obviously being ridiculously sarcastic here.)

So what about this whole supply-chain problem(s) that we've heard so much about? Is it real? I mean the whole process—planting, harvesting, picking, inspecting, packing, shipping, and stocking at your local grocery store has worked just fine for a bazillion years. So what's different now?

The answer is—NOTHING. There is no issue with our supply chain processes. If you want proof or evidence, just consider the rollout of COVID vaccines. Consider that Pfizer was able to produce and develop billions of vaccines (that's not hyperbole, that is real) and roll them out all over the world and even maintain a sub-zero temperature throughout the entire shipment process. Does that sound like the world has a supply-chain issue to you?

Or is it more like "We will let the things ship what we want to ship, and what we don't want to get shipped, we'll just say we have supply chain issues?" It's time for you to learn how to be a critical thinker.

You see, our government can easily prioritize whatever it wants since it inappropriately and unconstitutionally controls so many aspects of our daily lives.

And it makes you wonder why the people who wrote Joe Biden's message about the food shortages could be so emphatic that the shortages are "going to be real." You know, like they are determined to make sure it happens!
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A picture of the baby formula aisle in Walmart in Mexico, also taken on May 24th, 2022 (yesterday). Does it look like there is a shortage of baby formula?

I personally just returned from Mexico and I can tell you that the food shelves are packed to the brim! They have no empty shelves of anything. Food production is high and there are no news reports of food insecurity in Mexico. So don't believe the lies when people tell you that we are having a food shortage in America—we're not.

What we are having are fake stories of "food insecurity" created by nefarious forces who want to control Americans and who have the full support of the American government and corporate propagandists in what Rush Limbaugh appropriately named, "the Drive-By Media."
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