Yesterday's Roe V. Wade Miracle

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Yesterday's Roe V. Wade Miracle

June 25th, 2022 | by Diego Rodriguez

It would be impossible to express how my heart was overwhelmed and my soul was overjoyed YESTERDAY with the news that one of America’s greatest evils was finally overturned. Yes, the disastrous Supreme Court case, Roe V. Wade, which effectively made the murder of innocent babies a protected legal “right” in all 50 states, was finally overturned.

So many Christians and lovers of FREEDOM around the country have been fighting and praying for this for decades. Admittedly, many of us (myself included), were not certain if we would ever see it happen in our lifetime. And yet here we are thanks to God!

Undoubtedly, you are going to be hearing tons of people opine on both sides of the aisle regarding this historic moment. However, I just want to add my two cents as to what I think our major takeaways should be:

1. ELECTIONS MATTER – Many “conservatives” and “patriots” have been seduced and continue to be seduced with the lofty idea that voting is a worthless exercise and that elections don’t matter since, “nothing ever changes anyway.” I understand that sentiment and I cannot deny feeling that way from time-to-time (especially in the years I lived in Idaho where the Republicans in charge are more wicked and sinister than your average Democrat scum), but history continues to demonstrate that this is NOT SO. Elections DO matter. People of faith and believers in freedom who come together and BOTH vote and run for office, MATTER. Donald Trump’s election secured 3 spots on the Supreme Court with judges who honored the Constitution as it is written, and the result is that millions of babies lives will literally be saved. It is a reality that is so grave and intense—and one that we simply cannot ignore! I repeat—ELECTIONS MATTER! Or it can be stated this way—ELECTIONS HAVE CONSEQUENCES.

2. PRAYER & PERSISTENCE MATTER – Christians and believers in freedom have been fighting and praying against abortion since before 1973 (when Roe V. Wade happened). After the Roe V. Wade decision in 1973, people began fighting and praying even more intensely. But it took 49 years before God brought it to an end. The average person would faint during that time period. But FAINT NOT (Galatians 6:9), my brothers and sisters! Jesus has taught us to be persistent—that is our duty (Luke 18:1-8). Persistence means you keep fighting regardless of the current results you are seeing.

3. THE FIGHT WILL NEVER END – Abortion is not illegal now in America. Now, it will simply be a state-by-state regulation. So yeah, some states allow baby murders, and some states don’t. And the progressives, liberals, marxists, socialists, and evolutionists on the left will be working overtime to try to legalize baby murdering all over again. So we cannot stop fighting. We cannot stop praying. And there is a greater need, now more than ever, for faith-based loving and nurturing CRISIS PREGNANCY CENTERS. Women need help now more than ever.

Yes, I hope that the overturning of Roe V. Wade will help to restore some moral sanity to women across America, so that women act less promiscuously and reject the sin of fornication. But if and when they don’t, and they end up with a baby that they don’t want—then the Christian PRIVATE SECTOR and any and all lovers of life and freedom, need to step up the plate to provide hope and solutions for them—up to and including many of you opening your hearts and homes to ADOPTION. God is good...

Last but not least, as is common with the Freedom Man Press, we don’t like to just repeat things, but we cite and use original source documentation. So you can click here to download an actual PDF copy of the Supreme Court ruling which overturns Roe V. Wade so you can read it for yourself. God Bless America!

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