Idaho Department of Health and Welfare
is the Bad Guy

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Idaho Department of Health and Welfare is the Bad Guy

April 4th, 2023 | by Diego Rodriguez

At a minimum, over 15 million people have seen the video of Baby Cyrus getting kidnapped back in March of 2022—and the world was collectively shocked and enraged at this plain and evident display of tyranny and terror on behalf of the Meridian Police Department, and CPS, in Idaho.

And people all over the country are paying close attention to the lawsuit that St. Luke's hospital has filed against me and Ammon Bundy claiming that we somehow defamed them and hurt their little feelings when we protested against their participation in Baby Cyrus's kidnapping. People just can't believe a hospital would stoop that low and be so wickedly involved in something as grave, serious, and evil as government subsidized child trafficking.

However, from the very beginning, my family has stated and believed that the real "bad guy" in this story is the Idaho Department of Health and Welfare. Everybody else are just pawns—including St. Luke's and the Meridian Police. The real evil behind the curtain is, and has always been, the Idaho Department of Health and Welfare (IDHW).

For all intents and purposes, the IDHW is CPS, insofar as they are responsible for CPS and CPS is essentially just a division within the IDHW.

It is the IDHW who gets the primary funding for kidnapping babies (and others all get their hand in the cookie jar along the way and take their share as well). And while kidnapping children is a crime worthy of death according to God's Word (Exodus 21:16), the Idaho Department of Health and Welfare is also the source of so many other grand evils including:

1. They are one of the number one sponsors of the gay agenda in Idaho. They even sponsored, along with Holland and Hart Law Firm and St. Luke's Hospital, the gay pride event last year in Boise where they funded a kid's drag show!

2. They have paid out hundreds of thousands of dollars to "gay pride" festivals all over Idaho. That's your money and they are giving it to fund perversion. And when I say "your money," I'm very specifically talking, not only about your TAX DOLLARS, but I'm talking about Social Security funds. You see, the money the State of Idaho receives (and all other 49 states), comes from the Social Security fund—meaning they are literally robbing senior citizens of the money they promised to give them and giving it to the state to fund child trafficking, gay perversion, and kids drag shows! They're coming after YOUR KIDS!
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IDHW Director Dave "Pedobear" Jeppesen* speaks while masked up
Governor NonBinary Brad Little watches lovingly from behind.

3. Dave Jeppesen, the director of the IDHW, was the one who actually wrote the Stay-At-Home order and who signed it, putting Idaho in a state of perpetual lockdown and government tyranny (supported by Governor NonBinary Brad Little).

4. The Idaho Department of Health and Welfare routinely approves known pedophiles and registered sex offenders to be Foster Care Parents. How can that possibly be justified by any sane person?

5. I've already outlined the potential foul play between the Bureau Chief of Facilities Standards at IDHW (Laura Thompson), who is responsible for compliance with Federal Law to ensure that funding is secured for kidnapped children, and who is the lesbian lover to Judge Laurie Fortier, who is one of the primary judges responsible for taking children away from innocent parents.

Time and space don't permit to give the entire list of evil behind the closed doors at IDHW. Fortunately, we have a whistleblower email and people continue to send us more information from the inside. And we are compiling all the information we need so that we can release it all when the time is right. But let's just say what I've written above is just the tip of the iceberg.

The IDHW and their wickedness knows no bounds—even down to the simplest things, they just can't tell the truth.

In an article published yesterday by the Idaho Capital Sun (that rag read by your grandma who lives in the woods with her cat, and by her friend from the knitting club), Audrey Dutton writes:
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The IDHW just straight up lied about this. My daughter, Marissa Anderson, who is referred to above as "the child's mother," never received the case records. On the contrary, they sent her back the following email, to which she had not responded until yesterday:
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Even with the most basic facts, Dave Jeppesen and his deputy attorneys can't stop themselves from lying. They are liars. Lying is what they do. If they lie about the little things, imagine everything else they lie about! And remember, the IDHW receives the GREATEST AMOUNT OF MONEY FROM THE IDAHO STATE BUDGET EVERY YEAR!

And so I say "God Bless You, Attorney General Labrador!" Finally, Idaho has at least one officer at the state level who isn't a complete statist hack, who is willing to actually uphold the law and investigate those who have demonstrated ill-will, incompetence, intransigence, and immorality. Yes, I'm talking about the Idaho Department of Health and Welfare.

And as far as Audrey Dutton's puff piece accusing AG Labrador of having a conflict of interest because I donated to his campaign an entire DECADE ago, well I'll address that soon enough…
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* For those worried about defamation for calling Dave Jeppesen, "pedobear," just note that he is a public figure so defamation laws don't apply, and secondarily I am not saying HE IS a pedobear, rather I am saying that I am of the opinion that he is a pedobear. I mean, just look at him. And worse than that, look at what he does.
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