Meridian's Mayor and Police Chief are Worthless Slime

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Meridian's Mayor and Police Chief are Worthless Slime

January 5th, 2023 | by Diego Rodriguez

The first good news to come out of Idaho in a long time is Attorney General Raul Labrador dismissing Sarah Brady’s case after more than 2 years of tomfoolery by the State of Idaho.

For those who don’t know, back in 2020, right after Governor NonBinary Brad illegally locked down Idaho in order to fill his own campaign coffers (and that of his crony buddies at IACI) with free COVID cash, many Idahoans rightfully resisted and rejected this tyranny. Sarah Brady was one of them.

So what was Sarah’s crime? Well it was well publicized but in case you missed it—her crime was simply being at the Julius Kleiner Park in Meridian with her children in the afternoon. The park was open, and it is NOT A CRIME to be at a public park during public hours. Actually, dozens of citizens were there playing at the park that day.

But some Karen somewhere was offended that people would dare go to the park when their NonBinary governor had issued an order telling everyone to stay home (an order which he later said he never made—and ignorant Idahoans believed him), so the police were called. Yes, some tyrant-at-heart citizen of Meridian called the cops because people were at the park!

Long story short—the cops show up, they tell the mothers to get away from some playground equipment and Sarah essentially talks back to these tyrannical brown shirts who aren’t worth spitting on. They are tyrants. They are despotic. They are evil and wicked at heart. Specifically, Sargent “Meathead" Brandon Fiscus arrested Sarah Brady simply because he’s a tyrant and he didn’t like Sarah talking back to him. It’s that simple. He had no legitimate reason to arrest Sarah, and it is not a crime to talk back to a cop—especially a tyrannical one. And since the lockdown order is and was unconstitutional, he just charged her with “trespassing,” a charge which would never hold water in a just court since you can’t trespass on public property during public hours! Duh!

Here’s the video so you can watch for yourself:

Thankfully, Raul Labrador, the new Attorney General just dismissed the case and rightfully stated, "This case should have never been prosecuted. It has been a profound waste of precious taxpayer resources…going forward, we will focus the people’s resources on prosecuting child exploiters and other serious criminals—not mothers who take their kids to the park.”

God Bless you, Mr. Labrador! It’s about time somebody in office did the right thing! I literally can’t remember anytime anyone in Idaho in the last decade at the state level has done “the right thing.”

But Meridian Mayor Robert Simison and Meridian Police Chief Tracy Basterrechea are denouncing A.G. Labrador’s decision as “political” and “abhorrent.” These morons literally don’t know anything about law and order and they are supposed to be the Mayor and Police Chief. Simison’s statement literally says, "I support the people’s right to assemble for peaceful protest, but that right does not include ignoring lawful orders or being free from the legal ramifications of those actions.”

What an idiot! First of all, the order was not lawful. You can’t make up orders and then demand people obey them just so you can get power and money. Second, if Sarah was actually arrested for disobeying an order, then her charge would have been “disobeying a lawful order.” But her charge was “trespassing.” Simison is either totally ignorant to this fact, or he’s aware of it and is just trusting that he can manipulate Meridian’s ignorant voters who shamefully voted him in office in the first place. So he’s either dumb or evil, there is no third option.

He also goes on to talk about the fact that this led “to harassment of our police officers at their private homes and doxing public servants.” First of all, nobody was “harassed.” On the contrary, a group of very peaceful protestors showed up to Meathead Fiscus’s home to protest his clear violation of the Constitution and his very evident disregard for human decency (what kind of a sick freak arrests a mother for being at the park with her kids?).

I was one of the first people to show up to Meathead Fiscus’s home and I can testify firsthand that nobody was “harassed.” So stop lying, Simison! Second, you again show either your total ignorance or total disregard for the Constitution which gives the people the right to BOTH redress their grievances AND peacefully assemble in protest. It’s called the 1st Amendment! You should actually read it.

You see, once you go into public office, you no longer get to hide from the criticism of the people. You, and corrupt Police Chief Tracy Basterrechea, and psychopathic Meathead Fiscus don’t get to shield yourselves from the people! If you’re in office, and we don’t like your tyranny, we have the first amendment right to assemble and protest and redress our grievances including in front of your home. That is what the people did and not a single law was broken. You should be thankful that the people don’t treat you today the way the founders treated the tyrants who abused them! Then, you would be wishing that there were only peaceful protests in front of your house!

So I’ll make it simple for you Moron Simison—if you don’t want the people to show up at your house and protest your tyranny—THEN DON’T BE A TYRANT. It’s pretty simple.

As for Meridian Police Chief Tracy Basterrechea, this man is the leader in charge of one of the most wicked and corrupt police agencies in America. He is the one responsible for this culture of tyranny from Meridian police. This is the same agency that justified kidnapping my own grandson and backed up every wicked and demonstrably illegal action taken by Meridian cops when Baby Cyrus was kidnapped. I’ve already written at length about Basterrechea’s wickedness here: https://www.freedomman.org/2022/open-letter-meridian-police-ada-county-sheriff/ and here:

Of course, his partner in crime, former Sheriff Steve Bartlett can’t be found because he disappeared after it was allegedly discovered that he was trading promotions for sexual favors in the Ada County Sheriff’s department. This, of course, is a story that got squashed and that no one is willing to investigate or publish. Hmm, I wonder why?

Moron Simison goes on to say that the dismissal of Sarah’s case is a "a slap in the face of the Meridian police department.” No Bobby, Sarah’s arrest by your psychopathic sergeant who earns $117,000 per year in taxpayer money is a slap in the face to all law-abiding citizens, and all Meridian taxpayers. It is particularly a slap in the face to decent human beings everywhere who can’t fathom what would possess a man like Fiscus to act as wickedly as Nazi brownshirts.

He then goes on to say, "I call upon the Idaho Legislature to enact legislation to protect all Idahoans from harassment in their homes.” Sigh. What do you do when people in positions of power are sooooo stupid and ignorant that they don't even know the basics of the Constitution. Dude, you can’t call upon the legislature to take away the rights in the 1st amendment!

So I have one for you—I call upon the Legislature of Idaho to pass a law to require all police officers, politicians, and bureaucrats who have any power to disrupt the lives of the citizenry, to pass the 8th grade exam on the Constitution or lose their positions immediately. I guarantee you that without some late night cramming, Simison, Basterrechea, and probably 99% of all cops, politicians, and bureaucrats would lose their jobs tomorrow.

And to add insult to injury, Moronic Simison goes on to say, "We are supposed to be a nation ruled by law, not a nation ruled by politics.” Simison really thinks you guys are stupid. He thinks he can gaslight you. He thinks he can accuse you and Raul Labrador of doing exactly what he’s doing. He is the one denouncing the rule of law by claiming that Sarah should be subject to government tyranny when she BROKE NO SINGLE LAW. Raul is supporting the rule of law while Simison is undermining it!

So Meridian, what will it be? Will you continue to lovingly lick the boots of these ignorant tyrants who rule over you? Or will you make a stand for truth, the Constitution, and the ACTUAL RULE OF LAW?
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