More Interesting Facts About the Silicon Valley Bank Collapse that You Won't Hear on the News

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More Interesting Facts About the Silicon Valley Bank Collapse that You Won't Hear on the News

March 28th, 2023 | by Gunner Steele

Some very interesting details have come to light that suggest some serious FOUL PLAY on the behalf of our government as it pertains to the recent collapse of Silicon Valley Bank (and others).

But before I explain what happened and what we've learned, you first need to understand two very important things:

1. The Federal Government (and all governments) absolutely hates the existence and concept of cryptocurrencies (like Bitcoin).
2. Silicon Valley Bank and Signature Bank were two of the last very "crypto-friendly" banks in America.

It would take a long time to explain why the Federal government hates cryptocurrency, but in short, the very existence of cryptocurrency threatens the power system that exists. Cryptocurrencies are based on technology that allow them to be completely decentralized and outside of the control or jurisdiction of any government. It also threatens the very existence of the entire worldwide Central Banking System—which those who are "in the know," recognize is truly responsible for basically every evil and tyrannical act, system, and corrupt institution(s) in the world. So yeah, governments have a seriously vested interest in destroying, or through fear and intimidation, controlling cryptocurrencies altogether.

That being said, what happened? What have we learned?

Nic Carter, a well known Venture Capitalist, in a blog post, laid out the case that the Federal Reserve (America's Central Bank), acting at the behest of the U.S. Federal Government, intentionally caused the collapse of Silicon Valley Bank and Signature Bank.

However, the consequences of their actions didn't go as they originally intended. You see, once the banks failed, it caused the depositors in those banks to panic and everyone rushed to empty their money out of their accounts. This is called a "bank run," when depositors at banks en masse, withdraw their funds. Believe it or not, this bank run was the largest in history, having $42 billion withdrawn in one single day!

At this point, the FDIC (the institution that guarantees deposits at American banks) had no choice but to shut down Silicon Valley Bank. It is technically still "open," but it's been purchased by First Citizens Bank—from the FDIC! In other words, the FDIC took the bank over, and then sold it to another bank. Yay, I'm sure our Founding Fathers are loving all of this! 🙄

Interestingly enough, the Wall Street Journal published that the former chairman of the House Financial Services Committee, Barney Frank, said that "…regulators seized Signature Bank last weekend because they wanted to send a message to other banks not to do business with the crypto industry."

This seems very likely. Remember, the Federal Government HATES cryptocurrency and they have been fighting a war against cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin specifically) for at least a decade.

In fact, the FDIC and the Federal Reserve have warned banks that accept crypto-related business, that they have to limit their crypto exposure to less than 15% of their business. And in January, the Biden Administration along with the Federal Reserve and the FDIC again, warned any bank that accepted crypto-focused business that they would face increased and enhanced scrutiny by regulators. They also stated that no new licenses would be given to crypto friendly banks.

If you have a good memory (most Americans do not), you might remember an eerily similar effort by the Obama Administration called "Operation Choke Point." This was an initiative from the US Department of Justice which attempted to persuade banks to not offer its services to businesses it deemed undesirable. The focus, of course, was on firearms dealers.

An interesting fact about operation Choke Point was that the man responsible for it was Martin Gruenberg, who is currently the Chairman of the FDIC! Coincidence? I'll let you decide…
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Martin Gruenbreg, Chairman of the FDIC and head of the Operation Choke Point Initiative.

In any event, Operation Choke Point required that banks who serviced these undesirable (who were basically politically incorrect) businesses, had to collect so much information on these businesses that it essentially become too big of a hassle and too unprofitable to service these accounts. The FDIC ultimately created a list of 30 industries that it viewed as "high risk," which in reality meant they were politically incorrect.

Thus began the process of something which they labeled, "de-risking" and led to the closing of the bank accounts of these businesses. You might remember this back in 2014 because it didn't really become mainstream news until hundreds of porn stars went public about having their bank accounts closed.

So what we see going on now with Silicon Valley Bank and Signature Bank, and the prevention of licenses for any new Crypto-friendly banks could easily be dubbed "Operation Choke Point 2.0." And the agenda seems to be obvious—the government and the Federal Reserve wants to drive us forward to a new monetary system which uses its own government controlled cryptocurrency.

The concept of a government controlled cryptocurrency is kind of like the ultimate panacea for the Federal Reserve and the greatest wet dream for government tyrants. It is technically called a "CBDC" which stands for "Central Bank Digital Currency." And the Federal Reserve is salivating over the possibility of making it reality because it would mean total control over everyone's lives. It would make tracking, control, and manipulation of everyone's lives easy and automated. Be wise and understanding and know now that CBDCs will be pushed on society as being "safe and effective" and we will be told how convenient, beautiful, and seamless it will be for our lives. BELIEVE THAT!

And make no mistake about it—CBDC's will serve to be the greatest tool for government tyranny that we've ever seen in history. So stay informed, stay vigilant, and don't support any regulator or politician who tries to convince you that CBDC's are good for anything.
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