Total Eclipse on April 8th and IMPENDING DOOM!! (Not really)

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Total Eclipse on April 8th and IMPENDING DOOM!! (Not really)

April 5th, 2024 | by Diego Rodriguez

There’s a good chance you’ve heard all about the Total Solar Eclipse happening on April 8th (next Monday). I certainly hope you are doing everything possible to get to see it. Here’s something I can guarantee to you: any efforts you make to see a Total Solar Eclipse will be 100% worth it and you will never regret doing it.

All things considered, you’ll never get another chance to see an eclipse LIKE THIS ONE again in your lifetime. Yes, Total Solar Eclipses happen about every 18 months, but you’ll never get a chance to see one like this, right here in America, with this duration (over 4 minutes of totality), ever again in your lifetime. So do whatever you can to see it.
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That being said, there is a tremendous amount of consternation over the coming Eclipse, particularly amongst “Evangelicals” and the greater Christian Community here in America and quite frankly—it’s ridiculous.

Social media posts and YouTube videos from preachers, Pastors, and random nobodies (who don’t have the foggiest clue about astronomy, history, theology, or anything other than how to GET PEOPLE TO CLICK on their videos and posts), are posting all sorts of nonsense about…

  • The Eclipse forming an “X” which is a Hebrew letter Tav which denotes judgment (and yeah, even an aleph, oh my!)
  • Strange connections between dates and times and foreboding doom.
  • Earthquakes in the Madrid fault which are destined to come.
  • Prophetic fulfillment ushering in the “endtimes” or the fake “rapture” or any other nonsensical doomsday prophecy gibberish.

It’s quite pathetic, quite frankly. You never see these same people crying or mourning over America’s sin, over drunkenness, debauchery, obesity, gluttony, vanity, pornography, ignorance, idolatry, feminism, socialism, communism, and the multitudes of sins that take place every single day within the walls of the American Christian Church.

You never hear these doomsday prophets and naysayers crying, REPENT of your sins for all of the wickedness happening in their own churches on a daily basis—but all of the sudden when an Eclipse comes—they break out the charts and their phony astronomical knowledge and their fraudulent “historical studies” and start crying doom and gloom and terrifying other people about things that WILL NEVER HAPPEN.

I wish people were more afraid of sinning than they were of a beautiful Eclipse.
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It’s funny, because I’m not a lawyer so I don’t opine about legal issues. I’m not a tennis player so I don’t offer my opinion about tennis history or strategy. And I’m not a contractor so I don’t tell everyone else how to build their homes or skyscrapers.

But for whatever reason, when it comes to ASTRONOMY and the Bible—every no-name, uneducated, social media obsessed TikToker and millennial feels the need to share their opinion about what the coming Eclipse could mean on April 8th. And they try to use history, theology, and astronomy—three things they generally KNOW NOTHING ABOUT—in order to scare the world into helping them get more views, more clicks, and more “likes.”

And ignorant and gullible Christians just mop it up like sponges.

People! Get over it! It’s a Solar Eclipse. They happen every 18 months or so. But for whatever reason, ignorant Christians only get antsy and excited when Eclipses happen in America. I call this the False American Importance Disorder (FAID). Unfortunately, gullible and ignorant Christians only think something important is happening, if and when it happens in America.

So yeah, we have heard the stories of impending doom and the end of the world, and of earthquakes and wars and rumors of wars and the “coming rapture” not very long ago…do you remember? It was when the great American Eclipse of 2017 happened! That was barely 7 years ago. And what actually happened? Well two things:

1. People saw an amazing total eclipse that was an unforgettable moment that profoundly impacted their lives.
2. People were seriously affected by outrageous traffic.

That was it. No doom. No gloom. No rapture. No earthquakes. No judgment. Nothing. Just bad traffic.

It’s funny because there was another Eclipse in 2021 that passed over Antarctica. And Chile and Argentina had back to back TOTAL ECLIPSES passing over their countries in both 2019 and 2020! But where were the news articles then? Well you see, since you don’t live in those countries and you don’t assign any importance to anything that doesn’t happen in the United States (because of FAID), you didn’t notice or even care.

So here’s the bottom line—there will be nothing out of the ordinary that you should expect to take place this April 8th. Sinners will continue to sin and God will judge them. The righteous will continue to stand for truth and God will continue to bless them. Some nations will continue to rise and others will fall, and yes, with great pains and mental gymnastics you’ll be able to make bizarre connections between the birthdate of Taylor Swift, the alignment of the planets, the invention of the internet, and the date that a princess was diagnosed with cancer—but not because it has any ACTUAL SIGNIFICANCE, but because gullible and ignorant people will always find a way to promote nonsense instead of the Gospel.

And yes, as the founder of the largest club of Christian Astronomers (the 4th Day Alliance) and someone who has taught Astronomy in the Bible to thousands of believers across the country, and who has dedicated over 17 years of my life to studying the history of Astronomy in the Bible, the significance of the “Signs and Seasons,” the message(s) in the heavens, and how the heavens “declare the glory of God,” I am fully aware of the existence of Total Eclipses in the Bible and in Biblical history. I know what it means when the “Sun is turned into darkness” and the “moon into blood,” and yes, it is true that God has used the celestial sky as a means of communication with his people. But with all that said, I can tell you that nothing happening on April 8th is anything different or unique than just another AMAZING AND BREATHTAKING Total Solar Eclipse that will make you recognize the power and perfection of God Almighty, the Creator of the Universe, and the judge of your soul.

So this Monday, FEAR NOT, unless you are sinning. Then be afraid, be very afraid.

But for the rest of you, don’t worry about anything other than trying to do whatever possible to see the eclipse, and doing everything to avoid the traffic!

Take care!
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P.S. There will be a fair amount of Creationists and Christian Astronomers in Fredericksburg, TX to check out the Total Eclipse there including my entire family and 4th Day Alliance Members. I, however, will personally be in Mazatlan, Mexico with NASA and other space agencies who have set up down here to capture and record this special event.
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