CPS Is Genuinely Government Subsidized Child Trafficking

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CPS Is Genuinely Government Subsized Child Trafficking

November 16th | by Diego Rodriguez

One of the very first things I learned after Baby Cyrus was kidnapped was the fact that CPS is genuinely a government subsidized child trafficking ring. I have been proclaiming this since I first learned about it, and it is one of the reasons why I am being sued by St. Luke's hospital and by several of its employed goons.

To the average person, this is an extreme and inflammatory statement, and it is one that most people can't wrap their head around, or that they reflexively reject.

The reason for this is simple—they have bought into the "CPS Myth." The "CPS Myth" is the lie that most Americans believe which basically says that CPS exists in order to protect children from abusive or drug addicted parents. Nothing could be further from the truth!

In reality, CPS is the greatest threat and danger to any child in America, as it is the greatest source of child sex trafficking in the world and the largest and most extensive child trafficking ring in the history of the planet.

Plainly stated—nobody who is against child trafficking can support CPS. It is impossible. They are opposite to one another.

In order to understand this, let me give you 2 definitions and a few simple irrefutable facts so that it all makes sense:


kidnap: verb To take someone away physically by force.

In the Bible, "kidnapping" was called "manstealing," and it was one of the very few capital crimes in the Bible. In other words, God passed judgment on the crime of kdinapping and plainly declared that it is a crime worthy of death:
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child trafficking: Kidnapping children for profit.

Kidnapping alone is worthy of death, but kidnapping for profit, meaning money is exchanged for the transfer of the child from one party to the next, takes the crime to another level.

In the case of CPS, child trafficking, by definition, is exactly what is taking place. This is because the Federal Government actually pays state governments every time a child is forcefully taken by CPS. Additionally, payments are made to each of the 50 states when that child is transferred from state custody to Foster Care. And the state receives additionally payments every single month while the child remains in Foster Care. Finally, the state receives a bonus payment when the parents have ultimately lost their parental rights and the child is sold off in adoption—usually to a homosexual couple.

All of this is possible because of the Adoptive Safe Families Act (ASFA) which was championed by Hillary Clinton and signed into law in 1997 by Bill Clinton. This law created the means by which the federal government could steal money from Social Security Title IV, in order to incentive the 50 states to steal as many children as they possibly could.

This is the definition of child trafficking and it is going on in America every day. And sadly, every single American taxpayer is funding it.

Were you aware of this? Did you know that the United States Federal Government has literally given every state a financial incentive to kidnap your children? Don't take my word for it, look it up for yourself. I dare you.
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