April 1st - The Impossibility of CPS Social Worker's Objectivity

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April 1st - The Impossibility of CPS Social Worker's Objectivity

by Diego Rodriguez

I have some very damning information in regards to CPS and who they choose to be social workers to rule over families in Idaho.

First of all, everyone should note, that I, Diego Rodriguez, the Grandfather of Baby Cyrus, write all of these posts and speak on interviews on my own accord. I do not necessarily speak for Marissa and Levi, and I will publish and/or speak whatever I deem to be necessary in regards to their case, even if it is not what Levi and Marissa want published.

I have my own opinions about this matter, and I will publish or speak whatever I feel is necessary for the public to know about. Because EXPOSING CORRUPTION has been at the heart and the purpose of the existence of the Freedom Man Press from the very beginning (Matthew 5:13-16).

Also, I am very privy to everything going on in this case as I have now moved in with Marissa and Levi so I can help them take care of Baby Cyrus and help them fight this case. So, I know and hear on a daily basis everything that is going on.

And quite frankly, I'm willing to stay here and fight this wicked system until Cyrus is 18 years old, if that's what it takes! Of course, if they want to get rid of me, they can release Cyrus from their illegal control, and I'll be out of here—on my way to Florida with the rest of my family. But until then—you all are stuck with me!

So this brings us all to what happened yesterday when Marissa and Levi went in for one of their scheduled "weight check" appointments. This was the day right after they tried to take Cyrus back. And the entire story was published here.

Apparently, one of the social workers was very bothered about the whole thing. She is a tyrant and she wanted to demonstrate her authority to Marissa and Levi so she told them at the weight-check appointment yesterday, "You know, these are the conditions [referring to the safety plan] to have him in your care and if it's broken, those are grounds for us to take him back and put him in foster care." And she went on to make threatening statements to Levi and Marissa.

In order to understand all of this, let me clarify a few things…

1. Levi and Marissa agreed to a "safety plan" as a condition for taking back Cyrus into their custody. Under normal circumstances, parents should not sign such safety plans, but this one was first vetted by Levi and Marissa's attorney and agreed upon. Apparently, in comparison with most "safety plans," this one is quite mild. You can see a copy of it here for yourself.

2. There are now 2 social workers on this case. The first social worker is actually named and mentioned on the safety plan as the "social worker" and "safety monitor" on this case. In the above safety plan you can download, I have redacted her name for the sake of her privacy. From what I can tell, this woman is not harassing Levi or Marissa and is simply "trying to do her job."

However, there is a second social worker named Kristen who, in my opinion, is a vindictive, angry, Christian hating, political leftist, who loves power and seeks every opportunity to destroy godly families with whom she disagrees ideologically. Plainly stated—she is a tyrant. And after speaking with others who deal with CPS cases and know of her—she has that very reputation. Quite frankly, she does great damage to the State of Idaho's case as it can be plainly demonstrated that she is completely biased and makes it impossible for there to be any objectivity on the State's behalf—so long as she is a part of the case.

Furthermore, we have no idea WHY she is on the case, or what role she serves as she is not listed on any paperwork anywhere. She just shows up from time to time to act like a rude jerk and make threatening and/or antagonistic comments. So who is this woman?
Kristen Nate

Social Worker Kristen

Kristen Nate Facebook Profile

Kristen's Facebook Profile Picture

It appears as though Miss Kristen is a leftist, liberal, lesbian who is pro-vaccine and pro government control. Based on her publicly available posts and her list of friends, she has essentially declared what her worldview and ideology are:
Kristen Nate Friend 1

Kristen's Facebook Friend

Kristen Nate Friend 2

Kristen's Facebook Friends

Kristen Nate Friend 3

More of her friends

Kristen Nate Transgender Rally

Kristen's friends promoting transgender rallies.

Here is Kristen gushing over being vaccinated, wearing masks, social distancing, and the Idaho Department of Health and Welfare foster care services getting extra COVID money. The original Facebook video can be found here.

Now, this is America. People can be gay, lesbian, transgender, atheist, humanist, zoroastrian, or can identify as seedless watermelons for all I care.

We are all free to be whatever we want to be in America. My family is likewise FREE to worship God, obey the Bible, homeschool our children, reject vaccine mandates, choose what we eat and put in our bodies, and support the causes of liberty. And I will fight for that RIGHT for all Americans—even if others choose to live contrary to how I choose to live. In other words, I would even defend with all of my might, Kristen's right to FREEDOM and equal justice under the law in America.

In short, from a legal, or even social point of view, I don't care who Kristen is or what beliefs she espouses. I don't care if she's lesbian or straight, "liberal" or "conservative."

But the question at hand in this case is now one of ethics, fairness, and justice. Plainly stated—how can one with an ideological antagonism towards another be placed in a position of authority and power, up to and including the power to destroy the lives of said other, and all by government edict?

  • Would it be fair or ethical to put a member of the Westboro Baptist Church as a social worker over the lives of a transgender person?
  • Would it be fair to put a Nazi as a social worker over the lives of a Jewish family?
  • Would it be fair to put a white supremacist as a social worker over the lives of a black family?
  • Would it be fair to put a publicly pro-pollution corporatist and "climate change denier" as a social worker over the lives of Greta Thunberg and her family?

So how in the world is it fair, ethical, or just to put an openly pro gay, pro transgender, leftist, liberal, pro-vaccine ideologue, in power as a social worker over the lives of conservative, Christian, Constitutionalists, who are pro-life, non vaccinated, pro-freedom, and anti-government mandates?

Regardless of which side you are on ideologically speaking—it is simply unethical and unjust. It guarantees bias. It guarantees that this social worker, Kristen, can never act in a professional, unbiased manner in Baby Cyrus's case, because she has a known agenda that is openly antagonistic against people like Marissa and Levi.

More Proof and Evidence

To further demonstrate my point, consider the fact that it was Kristen who has threatened to take Baby Cyrus back if Levi and Marissa do not "follow the safety plan." Well, the safety plan is available to download here for all the world to see.

And Marissa and Levi have followed it perfectly. They have gone above and beyond that which is necessary to ensure strong and proper communication with their assigned social worker (whose name is redacted). There have been no issues whatsoever.

But Kristen is mad, for whatever reason. Though more than likely, she's mad at the mere existence of Marissa and Levi—considering her own ideology and worldview.

So she has made at least 4 claims against Marissa and Levi which are completely unfounded and outright false:

1. Kristen claims that Marissa and Levi have not been cooperative with finding an agreed upon Pediatrician. This is false. Marissa and Levi have been completely cooperative and they have already agreed upon a Pediatrician with their social worker. And it was Marissa and Levi who tried on multiple occasions to get sooner appointments to see a new pediatrician.

2. Kristen claims that Marissa was not sending in feeding logs for Baby Cyrus. This is a fallacious claim since the safety plan never required it. The safety plan only requires that Marissa "keep" a feeding log. Which she has done. If they were interested in it, they can simply ask for it. But Marissa was in 100% compliance with the safety plan.

3. Kristen claims that Marissa and Levi did not cooperate with getting an appointment set up with a GI doctor. This is a bald faced lie as it was Marissa and Levi specifically who enthusiastically asked the kind doctor at St. Alphonsus if he could get them a referral to a GI doctor. And guess what? They have the entire exchange recorded on video. Kristen is just lying. Furthermore, Marissa and Levi proactively reached out to the doctor to followup with him so they could ensure they get an appointment for Baby Cyrus to see the GI doctor. (And gratefully they have an appointment with the GI doctor next Tuesday.)

4. Kristen claims that Marissa and Levi have not been properly asking them at DHW for permission before taking Baby Cyrus to certain medical appointments. This is another spurious claim since the Safety Plan does not require them to get permission to take Baby Cyrus to any appointments. The Safety Plan simply states that the Safety Monitor, who is the actual assigned social worker (not Kristen), will "stay informed regarding all safety actions by: participation in all medical appointment w/ agreed upon provider and parents. Parents and IDHW/[name redacted] will have regular ongoing communication."

And this is exactly what has been happening. Marissa and Levi have clearly communicated every single time BEFORE they have gone to any medical appointment with any health provider. And the actual assigned social worker who they have been communicating with the entire time has been responding and communicating back to them as well. The process has gone well and worked fine. If DHW wanted the social worker to actually accompany Marissa and Levi to these appointments, she could have done so at any time. It is obvious that Kristen is grasping at straws and desperately searching for an excuse to terrorize the family—though she can't find one.

Despite the facts as presented above, Kristen continues in her desperate attempts to harm Marissa and Levi and demonstrates ZERO CONCERN for the safety, welfare, or health of Baby Cyrus. She has an axe to grind. She has a worldview to force on others and she evidently has an agenda that she wants implemented.

The Idaho Department of Health and Welfare should immediately remove social worker Kristen from this case. She is not listed or noted on any agreed upon documentation, she is antagonistic towards the family, she already has a history of falsifying information regarding the family, she has demonstrated much contempt for them at every opportunity, and she clearly has no interest in the health of Baby Cyrus.

Written by Grandpa Diego Rodriguez
on my own behalf

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