March 29th - Is Baby Cyrus Okay?

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March 29th Update - Is Baby Cyrus Okay?

I wanted to give you a quick update about Baby Cyrus. We, as a family, are very grateful that everyone is concerned for Baby Cyrus. You have no idea how much it means to know that Baby Cyrus is being prayed over, fasted for, and is on the hearts and minds of thousands of people all over the world. This network of support has been truly indescribable. We can’t say THANK YOU enough.

But as to the question, is Baby Cyrus okay? The short answer is—NO. For those of you who have been following the story, the entire episode began about 3 months ago when Baby Cyrus started eating solid foods and subsequently began to vomit. This turned into a cycle of vomiting where he would vomit for a few days, and then get better and be fine for a week or so. And the cycle would continue.

Levi and Marissa have been to doctors, nurse practitioners, naturopaths, a craniosacral therapist, lactation consultant, chiropractor, and more to try to find the health problem with Baby Cyrus—and to get him healed for good!

Many of these health professionals have done Baby Cyrus a tremendous amount of good. But still nobody has been able to identify the source of his sickness or the underlying cause. Of course the worst thing that could have ever happened to Baby Cyrus was to be forcefully kidnapped by CPS and taken away from his breastfeeding mother for over a week! And getting him back that fast, as most of you know, was nothing short of a miracle.
Cyrus fun with Levi
Baby Cyrus with his dad yesterday.

We have heard that there is a lot of confusion on the internet and on social media where some people are saying that “Baby Cyrus is totally okay and healthy.” While others are saying, “Baby Cyrus is not okay and that’s why he had to be taken away.” Well, as is with most “fake news”—both of those sentiments are wrong.

First, Baby Cyrus is not “okay” if by okay you mean that he is totally healthy and has stopped vomiting. Because he has not. He continues to vomit, lose weight, and then get better and gain his weight back. Then he does it all over again. So his health is not okay and nobody from our family has ever claimed he was. As the official family spokesperson, I have declared on numerous occasions publicly that “we still have not figured out what’s wrong with Baby Cyrus or what is causing his vomiting.” In fact, we have asked many times for everyone’s continued prayers for his health, and for help finding the cause, or for any suggestions others might have from their experience.

And you all have answered that call! One of the main suggestions we heard from people who have experienced what they claimed to be “the exact same symptoms” as Baby Cyrus, was something called a tongue-tie. Fortunately, once Baby Cyrus was back in the arms of his parents, they were able to get this surgery done for Baby Cyrus. This surgery, called a “tongue tie release” was performed last Thursday, March 24th by a wonderful local dentist who was very kind, gracious, and professional.

From what we’ve read based on clinical studies for babies with tongue ties, positive results (especially and including the end of vomiting for infants), usually can be realized around 7-8 days after the surgery. So we have high hopes for him.

However, the second claim on the interwebs that “Baby Cyrus is not okay and that’s why he had to be taken away” is likewise false and truly nefarious. Imagine what kind of precedence that puts in the minds and hearts of parents and our society in general—that a child can and should be kidnapped forcefully, at the point of a gun, from his parents simply because he is sick. Baby Cyrus is sick. We have never stated otherwise. But being sick, losing weight, or missing an appointment is certainly not justification for kidnap, or what is better stated as child trafficking.

Are you a parent? Have your kids ever been sick before? Have they ever vomited? Have they ever had diarrhea? Have they ever been dehydrated? Have they ever had a fever? Chicken pox? A cold or a flu? COVID? There’s not a parent in the country who hasn’t experienced at least one of these issues. But do any of those sicknesses justify forceful kidnap (for profit, by the way)? If you think so—you’ve got serious problems and I can’t help you, comrade. But Chairman Mao would like to see in his office right away.
Marissa with Baby Cyrus at Cranio Sacral
Baby Cyrus with his mom yesterday at his Craniosacral Therapy treatment.

Part of the confusion may stem from the fact that I have repeated on multiple interviews that on 2 occasions, Baby Cyrus was discharged from St. Luke’s hospital with a clean bill of health. Now this doesn’t mean that Baby Cyrus is “okay” or that he is no longer sick. On the first occasion, it simply meant that after running lab tests, blood exams, and more, they could not find anything wrong with him and could not come up with another reason to keep him in their care.

On the second occasion, after baby Cyrus was forcefully kidnapped, St. Luke’s had him in their care again, and after a few days, a doctor from St. Luke’s called Levi and stated, “...So what is it that puts him at a spot where he’s ready for discharge? He’s hit all of those medical goals that would typically allow for a discharge. From a medical standpoint, he is medically stable for a medical discharge.”

In short, the Doctor from St. Luke’s was saying that there was no medical reason to keep Baby Cyrus in the hospital. Baby Cyrus was “healthy enough” to be discharged. But again, this does not mean that he is or was “okay” in the sense that he has no sickness. Because yes, he is still vomiting from time-to-time.

In short, St. Luke’s had Baby Cyrus in their care on two occasions—once under threat of CPS intervention for 4 days, and the other one after a forceful kidnapping for 7 days—and they still couldn’t figure out what was wrong with him. They couldn’t determine nor solve the source of his cycle of vomiting. This is not to criticize St. Luke’s in terms of their capabilities, as NO ONE Doctor or NO ONE hospital knows everything. However, it is quite heinous to FORCE treatment from an institution who has demonstrated that they can’t solve your problem.

Additionally, St. Luke’s has been very cruel and cold and has treated my family poorly. It was their doctor, Natasha Erickson who first threatened to call CPS on Marissa and Levi if they tried to leave the hospital early, even after Baby Cyrus was rehydrated and his initial tests and lab results came back fine. Under that threat, they complied and stayed, yet she called CPS anyway and with that single action—she put Marissa, Levi, and Baby Cyrus “into the system.”

They also refused to give Levi Cyrus’s medical records until we threatened legal action—as a Hospital cannot keep your own medical records from you! Once they received the medical records, there was much information that was redacted—which is also illegal.

When Baby Cyrus accidentally pulled out his own feeding tube, Levi and Marissa had to go back and Nurse Tracy Jungman from St. Luke’s put it back in without replacing it, sanitizing it, washing her hands, or using gloves. That’s right! She took the same tube that had been previously inside Cyrus’s stomach, and was now dangling about, and grabbed it with her unwashen hands (and without gloves) and forced it back through his nose into his gut. Does that sound sanitary to you?

At every turn, St. Luke’s has demonstrated itself to be unhelpful, tyrannical, and in many ways incompetent. I hope and pray that others have not received this treatment from St. Luke’s—but our family has.

We have several options that have come to the family very recently. One of them comes from a team of professional nurses—America’s Frontline Nurses. They have stepped up to the plate to help Baby Cyrus and are currently reviewing his medical records so they can help give us the best advice and possibly some medical review via videocalls.

Additionally, we have been referred to a well known gut health specialist who has consented to see Baby Cyrus and we are just waiting for the chance to see him as soon as possible.

We have hope that with the support of everyone, and with our faith in Jesus Christ to heal Baby Cyrus, that the solution to the problem is just right around the corner. In the meantime, we covet your prayers and your continued support! Thank you so much!

Grandpa Diego Rodriguez
On behalf of Levi, Marissa, Baby Cyrus, and our entire family!

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