They Lied to You—New Video Evidence Proves that Baby Cyrus was a Perfectly "Healthy Baby" When He Was Kidnapped By Meridian Police

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They Lied to You—New Video Evidence Proves that Baby Cyrus was a Perfectly "Healthy Baby" When He Was Kidnapped By Meridian Police

January 12th, 2023

Legacy news, St. Luke’s hospital, the Meridian Police Department, specifically Meridian Chief of Police Tracy Basterrechea, and mostly the Idaho Department of Health and Welfare have been lying to the public for months regarding the Baby Cyrus case.

As you may or may not know, every fraudulent charge against Baby Cyrus’s family members have been dropped because there were no valid charges they could hold against them.

The truth is that Baby Cyrus was another case of government subsidized child trafficking on behalf of the Idaho Department of Health and Welfare. You see, every time a child is kidnapped from its parents, the state of Idaho gets paid by the federal government. Now, kidnapping for profit is the definition of child trafficking, so this means that the state of Idaho is literally involved in child trafficking.

You shouldn’t think that “child trafficking” only involves shady drug cartels smuggling kidnapped children across the border to be sold off to the rich elite or sent to Epstein island. The truth is that the greatest source of child trafficking and even sex trafficking in America is the CPS system, and foster care specifically.

When Baby Cyrus was forcefully kidnapped at the point of a gun back in March of 2022, by corrupt meridian police officers Jeff Fuller and Steve Hansen, they did so under the false premise that Baby Cyrus was in “imminent danger,” which is a legal term that indicates that Baby Cyrus was essentially in danger of dying and would need immediate medical attention or he would suffer severe “bodily injury.” Furthermore, according to Idaho State statute in order for a police officer to have the legal right to forcefully separate a child from his family, they would not only have to show evidence for imminent danger, but they would have to prove that it was Cyrus’s parents, Levi and Marissa Anderson, who were the cause through “conduct or omission” of Baby Cyrus being in “imminent danger.” Of course, there was not a single shred of evidence produced in the entire process on behalf of police or doctors that such conduct or omission occurred. Likewise there was not a single shred of evidence that Baby Cyrus was ever in "imminent danger." On the contrary, I am about to show you empirical evidence that demonstrates that all parties involved in Baby Cyrus kidnapping knew that Baby Cyrus was healthy and not in any “imminent danger” as they have stated to the public. They simply lied to you.

What you are about to see and hear is the undeniable evidence that all parties involved, especially and including the Meridian Police Department, St. Luke’s hospital and the Idaho Department of Health and welfare all knew that Baby Cyrus was not in imminent danger and that they had no legal, moral, or ethical right to kidnap Baby Cyrus. In fact, they all knew that Baby Cyrus was, in the doctor’s own words, a perfectly “healthy baby” and that he was, as she said, “medically stable,” and that there was very specifically, no “acute life threats” noted, meaning that he was medically diagnosed by St. Luke’s hospital itself as NOT BEING IN IMMINENT DANGER.

First, here is the actual medical report from the doctor who first reviewed Baby Cyrus and St. Luke’s hospital in Meridian. She very specifically said… [audio can be seen and heard in the video above]

This means that St. Luke’s hospital KNEW that Baby Cyrus was not in imminent danger, yet they went along with his kidnapping anyway!

Now watch as Sargent Christopher McGilvery, who can be seen as the belligerent tyrant in the videos where he and his associates physically assaulted and manhandled Baby Cyrus’s father and aunt, and lied to Marissa telling her that she would never be separated from Baby Cyrus—as he speaks with the doctor at St. Luke’s hospital. [Video can be seen above.]

The doctor here clearly says that this is a “medically stable patient.” This is not a patient in "imminent danger." His life it not in danger. In fact, the doctor wrote in the medical re port that the patient had “no acute life threats noted.” And that he was a "healthy baby with no interventions." There were no medical interventions necessary because Baby Cyrus was perfectly healthy.

So this means that in addition to St. Luke’s hospital, the Meridian Police Department likewise knew that Baby Cyrus was not in imminent danger. And likewise the Idaho Department of Health and Welfare knew Baby Cyrus was not in "imminent danger" as we read in the medical report that they had already identified a foster family to place baby Cyrus into immediately that night, but decided not to do so because godly and heroic protestors showed up at the hospital to demand Baby Cyrus be returned to his family.

The Idaho Department of Health and Welfare is tacitly admitting that they knew that Baby Cyrus was not in "imminent danger" since they were actively planning on dumping off Baby Cyrus with strangers that same night. Why? Because they got paid when they kidnapped Baby Cyrus and they would get paid again when they put him in foster care.

This means that the Meridian Police department, in cooperation with St. Luke’s hospital, and the Idaho Department of Health and welfare, who annually receives millions of dollars of compensation for kidnapping children from the Federal government, is actively involved in CHILD TRAFFICKING and they are kidnapping healthy babies from godly families. This is happening an average of 4 times a day, every day, in Idaho.

If they kidnapped a perfectly healthy Baby Cyrus and caused an untold amount of damage and suffering to the Anderson family, they can do it to you as well. Idaho police officers are kidnapping children without consequence. St. Luke’s hospital is holding kidnapped children and making money off of so-called “treatments.” And most of all, the Idaho Department of Health and Welfare is making millions and millions of dollars for child trafficking. Will you wait until they kidnap your child at the point of a gun before you do something about it? Or will you act now and demand that the Idaho legislature put an end to this immediately. The responsibility is on you. Share this video now!

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