There is ZERO Evidence for Imminent Danger

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April 5th - There is ZERO Evidence for Imminent Danger

April 5th, 2022 | by Diego Rodriguez

At the upcoming adjudicatory hearing (which was originally scheduled for this Friday, April 8th but has now been postponed), the entire trial concerning Baby Cyrus and whether or not the state of Idaho, through CPS (Child Protective Services), acted on good faith when they kidnapped Baby Cyrus, will be based on one single, solitary, issue—whether or not Baby Cyrus was in "imminent danger."

Now, this term, "imminent danger" actually has a legal meaning that must be met and from a statutory perspective, the state must PROVE, with actual evidence, that Baby Cyrus truly was in "imminent danger." And furthermore, that it was his parents, Marissa and Levi Anderson, who caused him to be in "imminent danger."

Did you all catch that? Legally, the State has to prove two things:
1. Baby Cyrus was in "imminent danger."
2. Marissa and Levi are the cause of the "imminent danger."

These are two very high bars to cross, and you will see that every one on this case acted on BAD FAITH, made tyrannical decisions, broke the law, disobeyed both the Idaho and U.S. Constitution, rejected Idaho statutes, and altogether acted criminally beyond belief!

No, your eyes are not fooling you—what you felt when you watched the videos with your own two eyes was real and accurate—it was nothing short of tyranny and abuse by police and the State. For all those who are permanent apologists for the state and all police—there is no excuse—and the evidence will prove it.

While we will be posting a more thorough documentation of the evidence that will be presented in court shortly, allow me to highlight some very simple evidence for you right now:

"Imminent Danger" Means You Are About to Die

The declaration of "imminent danger" to a child is governed by Idaho Law. More specifically it is written in §16-1608(1)(a). The explanation of it can be found in this "Idaho Child Protection Manual" published by the Idaho Department of Health and Welfare. Here's what it states on page 21:
Declaration of Imminent Danger
Generally speaking, for adults and for contexts outside of "child protection," the term "imminent danger" usually refers to the potential for immediate death.

However, the legal definition in Baby Cyrus's case (as you can read above) is that they claim Cyrus was "endangered in his surroundings and prompt removal is necessary to prevent serious physical or mental injury to the child."

However, the only "evidence" that Cyrus was in any danger at all was that he had lost 35 grams (1.23 ounces) and that he was therefore "underweight." Nobody denies that. Sure, Cyrus might be long, but he's a skinny little boy. And this, of course, is due to his episodes of vomiting.

But none of that constitutes "imminent danger." And most importantly—it was not caused by Cyrus's parents! You don't have to be a doctor or professional to know that. Even someone with the limited brain capacity of Child Trafficker Jeff Fuller could see that Baby Cyrus was not in "imminent danger."

And as has already been demonstrated multiple times, the Idaho Department of Health and Welfare likewise did not believe Baby Cyrus to be in "imminent danger" as they had already identified and prepared a foster care family to receive Baby Cyrus the very night he was kidnapped.

Think about it—if you think a child is so sick as to be at the point of death, or in "imminent danger," do you then rip him out of the hands of his nursing mother and dump him off with a bunch of strangers? Obviously not!

The reason they do it is simple—the state of Idaho gets paid when they take a baby away from it's family and then they get paid AGAIN once that baby is placed in foster care. This is child trafficking for profit—plain and simple.

You can read the proof from the St. Luke's medical records for yourself:
St. Luke
"He [Baby Cyrus] was brought to the Meridian ED [emergency department] for evaluation. Health and welfare identified a foster family but due to protesters surrounding the hospital regarding this case, it was felt that discharge with the family foster family from the ED was unsafe for all involved."

The "Doctor" Who Declared Baby Cyrus to be in "Imminent Danger" had never even seen Baby Cyrus!

Yes, it is true. Child trafficker Jeff Fuller openly declared that he himself made the decision to declare Baby Cyrus in "imminent danger" and said that he did so "based on what the doctors have told us." (Watch the first video on this page from 3:15 to 3:25.)

Well, first of all, it turns out there was not a single doctor, (i.e. actual physician or M.D.) that had opined on Baby Cyrus's health. The initial referral to CPS came from Nurse Practitioner Aaron Dykstra who contacted CPS just 20 minutes after a missed weight check appointment.

However, it turns out that the main "doctor" referred to by Jeff Fuller in the police report that he himself wrote, was nurse Practitioner Tracy Jungman who works for St. Luke's CARES. She therefore is personally financially benefitting from this Child Trafficking. She also does work at the Faces of Hope Victim Center meaning she is a nurse who takes innocent little children that have just been ripped from their families and starts looking at and asking them about their privates. Tracy Jungman is exactly the type of person being referenced in this article where it is stated, "Even if there is no allegation of sexual abuse, they are still looking at every part of your child’s body. We raise our children with the knowledge that no one is to be looking at their private areas, and there they are without their parents being looked over and examined by a perfect stranger."

Now there is a very key detail you must know about Nurse Practitioner Tracy Jungman—this was all Friday, March 11th, and up to that point, Tracy Jungman had never even seen Baby Cyrus! That's right! The "doctor" that Child Trafficker Jeff Fuller claimed to mainly rely upon in order to make his declaration of "imminent danger" had never even seen Baby Cyrus before!!!
Nurse Tracy Jungman
According to the police report, Child Trafficker Jeff Fuller wrote, "Based on the information provided in the Health and Welfare Referral, and the medical information provided to us by Jungman, it was apparent that Cyrus was in imminent danger and that his health may be at risk."
Meridian Police Department Police Report
So Child Trafficker Jeff Fuller uses two points of evidence in order to justify his claim of "imminent danger" for Baby Cyrus:

1. The Health and Welfare Referral - this is a completely fraudulent referral and point of evidence because we've already demonstrated with documented proof above that Health and Welfare had prepared a foster care family to receive Baby Cyrus the night he was kidnapped. So Health and Welfare evidently and obviously did not believe Baby Cyrus's health was in "imminent danger" or they would not have planned to take him to a foster home.

2. Nurse Tracy Jungman's "information" - which is preposterous and is borderline nefarious, since Tracy Jungman is giving medical advice and diagnosis about a child she has never seen before! Giving a medical diagnosis that has the potential to harm someone's life without actually seeing that person is grounds for medical malpractice.

They Have NO EVIDENCE, and they HAVE NO CASE

None of this information is new to the Idaho Department of Health and Welfare, to the Meridian Police Department, or to Judge Laurie Fortier. Everyone knows all of these facts. They have all known them before any of us knew them.

They knew they were breaking the law. The cops knew they were being abusive and tyrannical. The Idaho Department of Health and Welfare knew Baby Cyrus was not legally in "imminent danger." St. Luke's hospital knew that Baby Cyrus was not medically in "imminent danger." And Judge Laurie Fortier knew that the parents had done nothing wrong.

Yet they kidnapped Baby Cyrus and justified their actions. We will leave it to you to decide WHY? But when you "follow the money," it is impossible to deny the financial incentive for all involved. And it likewise is impossible to deny that what we are watching is a ring of Child Traffickers right before our very eyes. Remember, everyone mentioned above, gets paid from the funds received by the State of Idaho for kidnapping children.

If they can kidnap Baby Cyrus, with excessive force and ZERO evidence, then nobody in Idaho is safe. Nobody. They will come for your child next! So what are you going to do about it?

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