Diego Rodriguez and Ammon Bundy Challenge GOP Leaders to Debate

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Diego Rodriguez and Ammon Bundy Challenge GOP Leaders to Debate

December 15th, 2020

Last week, GOP leaders issued a statement publicly denouncing the protestors outside of the Central District Health (CDH) building, and others who were outside the homes of CDH board members, who were exercising their constitutional rights to peaceably assemble and to peaceably request a redress for their grievances.

In response to this clear betrayal of the Constitution and of their own constituents, the Freedom Man PAC issued a response here.

And today, Diego Rodriguez from the Freedom Man PAC, along with Ammon Bundy from Peoples' Rights would like to issue a challenge to debate these leaders of the Idaho Republican Party:
Dear Republican Party Chairman Tom Luna, U.S. Senator Jim Risch, US Senator Mike Crapo, Congressmen Russ Fulcher, Congressman Mike Simpson, Governor Brad Little, Meridian Mayor Robert Simison, Garden City Mayor John Evans, Eagle Mayor Jason Pierce, Star Mayor Trevor Chadwick, Kuna Mayor Joe Stear, and Ada County Republican Central Committee Chairman Victor Miller -

In a spirit of cooperation and mutual understanding, we would like to offer you Republican leaders the opportunity to debate us in a public forum. The topics for debate and consideration will be the very issues that you are trying to enforce upon us. More specifically we would like to debate:

1. The legality of peaceful protests.
2. The legality and morality of lockdown measures.
3. The legality of Governor Little’s emergency orders.

We wholeheartedly welcome any additional topics or subjects that you would like discussed or that you would like to challenge us on.

This debate can be held in any location and we would be more than happy to provide the equipment necessary so that it can be livestreamed to the entire population of Idaho. The Lincoln Auditorium in the Boise State Capitol would be an appropriate location for such a debate, but if it is unavailable, we would happily pay to secure another site for the debate.

We propose the date of Saturday, January 16th, the weekend before our next President (whoever that maybe) is sworn into office, making it a time when more people than usual are paying attention to politics and civil discourse, in general. This additionally gives you plenty of time to collect all the information necessary and to sufficiently prepare for the debate. It is also on a Saturday to ensure that it is outside of normal work hours so that the greatest number of citizens can view and/or participate in the debate.

If you reject our offer for a debate, then you must at least give us an explanation as to why. You have all signed your names to a statement claiming that “political expression must be exercised civilly and in a proper setting” and that “we should never resort to anything other than peaceably expressing our opinions and passionately debating the issues.” So we are offering you, the current leaders of the Idaho political establishment, the opportunity to peaceably debate these issues, that are causing statewide protests, in a public forum and in a proper setting.

You have declared that protestors should not protest other than in “a proper setting” and that we should “peaceably express our opinions” and “passionately debate the issues.”
So now we are offering you that opportunity. To reject this debate challenge would simply be to demonstrate that you have deceived the people and that you have no interest in hearing any civil discourse, and that ultimately you don’t respect the peoples’ voice.

In short, as leaders of the Idaho Republican Party, you have expressed your discontent with the protests that have gone on this year and we represent the leadership of a few of the groups who have been the ones doing the protesting. Why on earth would you not want to engage in a peaceful and public discourse about the very issues that are tearing our communities apart?

Diego Rodriguez, Freedom Man PAC
Ammon Bundy, Peoples’ Rights
On December 16th, 2020, we sent out Certified Letters to each of the 12 Repulican GOP leaders above. We used the addresses in the Excel spreadsheet which you can download below. You can also download the PDF of the actual letter which we sent them:
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Click above to download the PDF of our debate challenge letter.

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Click above to download the Excel spreadsheet with the addresses for the 12 Idaho GOP leaders.

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We will update you here once we've heard back from any of these GOP leaders.
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