How To Guarantee You Won't Die from COVID-19

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How To Guarantee You Won't Die from COVID-19

July 27, 2020 | by Gunner Steele

According to published statistics, over 150,000 people in America have already died of COVID-19. And some of them actually have died of COVID-19. (You read that right—it's called sarcasm.) Yes, the numbers of actual COVID deaths are staggering low, as we've already published multiple times (here, here, here, and here).

Nevertheless, people are dying right now and having their deaths attributed to COVID-19, even when COVID had nothing to do with it. Some cases are so blatantly fraudulent that it is laughable—like the case of the man who died in a motorcycle accident and had "health professionals" attempt to connect his death to COVID because, in his own words, "…you could actually argue that it could have been the COVID-19 that caused him to crash." Those are the actual words of Dr. Raul Pino from Orange County in Florida. Yup, that's another brilliant doctor for you!

Anyhow, the truth is that the number one cause of death in America right now is doctors killing people by using ventilators. Using ventilators on COVID patients is basically premeditated murder. Doctors KNOW it kills their patients, but they're doing it anyhow. Either because they are too stupid and compliant with medical "protocol" to change their murderous ways, or they are doing so in order to get the $39,000 that is being paid my Medicare to patients who have been put on a ventilator.

I am writing this article today in an attempt to SAVE YOUR LIFE. This article is not a joke. The information in this article can literally save your life. So don't take it lightly.

How to Guarantee You WILL DIE During the COVID-19 Pandemic:

STEP ONE - go to the hospital if you have COVID symptoms. This is the first bad idea. Remember, about 98% (or more) of people who get the coronavirus and have COVID symptoms recover all on their own! You can stay home, get rest, take vitamins, and do the normal stuff you do when you get sick. And you're 98% likely to recover. Going to the hospital is only going to cost you tons of money and probably your life!

STEP TWO - let the doctors put you on a ventilator. Do this and you're dead. Done. It's over. You are now dead. Not only are you dead, but your death will be added to the total death count for COVID-19 and possible news articles will be written about you so that your death can be used as propaganda to continue to destroy people's rights.

How to Guarantee You WILL LIVE During the COVID-19 Pandemic:

Believe it or not there are multiple cures available for COVID-19 that have near 100% success rates. You can surmise for yourself WHY these methods are not being touted and used all over the world. But in the meantime, just use one AND STAY LIVE:

STEP ONE - don't go to the hospital! Great move. You're now on your way to staying alive. Now just choose one of the following options to stay alive:

OPTION 1 - Inhaled Budesonide

This is the treatment that has so far had 100% success according to Dr. Richard Bartlett. You can see and hear the details from Dr. Bartlett below:
Direct link to the video is here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eDSDdwN2Xcg (this was the original video that was removed by YouTube).

This protocol costs about $200. More information about Dr. Bartlett's treatment can be found here:

OPTION 2 - Hydoxychloroquine (HCQ) with Zinc

This is now been called the "Zelenko Protocol" and is a combination of zinc, hydroxychloroquine and azithromycin. Dr. Zelenko has had a 99.7% survival rate (I know the thumbnail says 99.3% but the interview says 99.7%).
The direct link to this video is: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TFwjY0qe7ro

The Zelenko Protocol is:
  • Zinc Sulfate (220 mg capsule once daily, containing 50 mg elemental zinc)
  • HCQ (200 mg twice daily)
  • Azithromycin (500 mg once daily)

This treatment costs about $20. Again, you can surmise for yourself why this treatment is not being used worldwide. More info about the Zelenko Protocol can be found here:

OPTION 3 - High Doses of Intravenous Vitamin C

Like other treatments that are effective against COVID-19, information regarding the intravenous use of Vitamin C to heal COVID is being scrubbed from the internet. It was once making headlines, but is now touted as a "false claim" by the medical establishment and is being censored.

Again, you can surmise why that is on your own. But here's the bottom line—Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant and it can cure a lot of things (including cancer and other major illnesses), particularly when taken in high doses and intravenously.

The other benefit to vitamin C is that there are really no negative effects of taking it. It's like overdosing on oranges—it's no big deal. Here's some info about this treatment:

OPTION 4 - Stay home and recover on your own

No matter what anybody says, COVID-19 is another type of flu. Colds and flus all come from various "coronaviruses." This new "novel coronavirus" which causes the COVID-19 disease is simply another type of flu-like sickness. And most people will recover from it, the same way people recover from a typical flu—by resting, drinking fluids, and letting your body recover on its own.

We don't know what the final numbers will be, but the best estimates have recovery rates in the high 90 percentile range. So, staying home and getting rest, and maybe throwing in some of Grandma's chicken soup, is going to be remarkably effective—and we know this much FOR SURE—it's way safer than going to the hospital and letting a doctor KILL YOU on a ventilator!

The Final Word on Staying Alive During COVID-19:

The clip above came from a sermon preached by Diego Rodriguez which you can see here (who is the communications director for the Freedom Man PAC). It really does say it all…we are pleading with you for your life! Don't go on a ventilator or you will die! Period. The end!
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