LIVESTREAM: Protest Against Corrupt Judge, Corrupt Court, and Corrupt Sheriff

Click here to read the Ammon and Aaron's complete Motion to Dismiss with all of the incriminating evidence against government officials, corrupt police officers, and the corrupt Ada County Sheriff, Steve Bartlett:

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LIVESTREAM: Protest Against Corrupt Judge, Corrupt Court, and Corrupt Sheriff

If you want to know the background behind this story simply click on the link below where you will find ample evidence and testimonies that Ammon and Aaron were within their rights to be at the Idaho Capitol building when they were arrested, that they were being peaceful and non-disruptive and that Ammon was targeted by Idaho Governor Brad Little, Speaker of the House Scott Bedke and Idaho State Police (Blake Higley). Evidence will show that these Idaho State officials (and others) conspired to remove Ammon from the capitol building because they viewed him as an opposing political leader and believed he would prove to be a deterrent to their political objectives if he was allowed to remain present at the capitol building during the special legislative session in August 2020 and during the upcoming regular legislative session in 2021. HERE IS THE EVIDENCE, YOU BE THE JUDGE:

LINK: Motion to Dismiss Ammon Bundy's & Aaron Schmidt's Case

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