Trump Has Gone Too Far With His Vaccine Nonsense

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Trump Has Gone Too Far With His Vaccine Nonsense

December 27th, 2021 | by Gunner Steele

Donald Trump was a good President. In fact, I considered him to be one of the best in modern times, perhaps exceeding even the greatness, in terms of listable accomplishments, than even the great Ronaldus Magnus, aka Ronald the Great (Ronald Reagan).

I happily supported him in both Presidential elections and continued to support him, generally speaking, even after the flawed and fabricated 2020 election.

For sake of space and time, I will not list all of his many achievements and accomplishments as President—which he completed in record time.

However, Trump's recent actions and words regarding COVID "vaccines" have simply gone too far. I don't know how much more I can consider him someone who was deceived, as he is appearing more and more everyday as a willing accomplice.

For over a year now, at least since the beginning of the COVID scam, the evidence appeared to me to demonstrate that Trump was simply fooled, bamboozled, and even scared into believing that both lockdowns and vaccines were necessary to stop a plague of "biblical proportions," where "millions of Americans would die" from COVID-19.

Trump appeared to honestly believe the nonsense that Fauci told him. And, Trump being Trump, appeared to likewise revel in the opportunity to take credit for saving all of those millions of lives by ramming through fake vaccines through "Operation Warp Speed" and destructive deficit spending through the CARES Act that literally financed the destruction and loss of freedoms we experienced in America.

And it was those actions and Trump's lack of proper leadership and lack of commitment to medical truth and Constitutional purity that cost him the Presidency. Let me be very clear—without the COVID scam, Trump would have won the election, hands down. He literally committed electoral suicide by allowing election fraud through mass mail-in ballots (and through negative public relations due to the destroyed economy that he just spent 3 years building to record levels) all in the name of the COVID scam.

But I'd always believed Trump was simply fooled and deceived. That he was played by the Deep State—particularly by Fauci and the goons that control him. In much the same way Ronald Reagan was played and bamboozled by the Big Pharma executives who conned him into signing the vaccine immunity legislation that haunts America and Reagan's legacy to this day.

And so now, Trump is no longer the President. "The Powers that Be" are now in control. These are the Deep State demons who control the dementia-in-chief like a puppet and are now ruling over America and influencing the world. Trump didn't stop them then and he's not doing anything to stop them now. And while he has the power and influence right now to start a movement using the 74 million people who, allegedly voted for him, as a base to do so (I'm sure the count is much higher, but we'll use that "official" number for sake of argument), Trump is doing everything OPPOSITE of what would actually be helpful or beneficial to American freedom.

We are not losing our freedoms, we have already lost them. We no longer live in the same free society we used to. There are restrictions on everything Americans do, all in the name of the COVID scam. A scam that Trump is now promoting!

Informed and intelligent people, who don't believe in "conspiracies," but who do believe in facts, science, logic, and truth, know that nearly everything about COVID is and was a scam:
And unfortunately, President Trump seems to not only buy into all of these scams and lies, but is now actively promoting them.

The number one thing to understand is this—the greatest form of tyranny that Americans are facing right now, and quite literally that Americans have ever faced in the history of America, is tyranny over our own bodily autonomy. This is being done in the name of COVID vaccines.

Therefore anyone promoting, condoning, or in any way supporting vaccine mandates, vaccine societal pressure, or the popular vaccine narrative is quite literally promoting TYRANNY. There is no way to white-wash this, it is that simple.

Unfortunately, President Trump can no longer be given a pass as if he's just another leader who got fooled by doctors and the Big State, as he is actively promoting the tyrannical COVID-19 vaccine narrative. His words are definitely terrible in this regard, but his actions are even worse:

Trumps Words and Actions Regarding the COVID Vaccine:

1. Trump continually brags about Operation Warp Speed.

Operation Warp Speed is the special program Trump championed in order to get COVID "vaccines" out onto the market as fast as possible, bypassing all existing laws, rules, and regulations. The results of this program are just as devastating as anybody with a brain could have predicted. Thousands have been killed, hundreds of thousands have been injured, all while Big Pharma companies make record profits all subsidized by the American taxpayer. It is simply legal plunder that benefits Big Pharma—there is no other way to describe it.

2.Trump Lied About COVID "Vaccines" Not Causing Death.

Trump flat lied, or simply propagated a lie through his own ignorance, by stating that "People aren’t dying when they take the vaccine.” This is demonstrably untrue.
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This chart uses official government data from VAERS and shows how COVID "vaccine" deaths account for more then all other reported vaccine deaths combined!

As of now, there are over 21,113 people who have died from COVID "vaccines" according to VAERS data (Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System - the official reporting system for the Federal government regarding deaths and negative effects from vaccines across the country). So Trump is either remarkably ignorant of this fact or simply told a lie to support himself.

3. Trump Is Requiring Masks and COVID "Vaccines" to Enter Trump Hotel.

Credit: @bgonthescene and @magay_45

Actions speak louder than words. If Trump did not believe in forcing masks or vaccines on Americans, then he could lead by example and allow patriots and American citizens to enter Trump Hotel without masks or without the need to show proof of vaccination. Otherwise he's complying with tyranny. And when you have as much influence as Trump, this is bordering on being an accomplice.

4. Trump admits its "tough" for him criticize Biden anymore because of Biden's praise of Operation Warp Speed.

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Wow. Just wow. Trump is essentially saying that because Biden is on board with Trump Praise in the name of Operation Warp Speed and the popular vaccine narrative, that Trump himself will have a hard time criticizing Biden any more. It is very hard to separate Trump from any type of vaccine insanity after a statement like this.

5. Trump called the COVID-19 vaccine "one of the greatest achievements of mankind" when it is actually the greatest tool for tyranny in the history of mankind.

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In the same interview with Candace Owens, Trump unbelievably claimed that the COVID-19 "vaccine," which isn't even a vaccine by definition, and which has killed, maimed, or injured hundreds of thousands of Americans and has been used as the tool to violate Constitutional rights and justify despotism all over the country is somehow "one of the greatest achievements of mankind." Wow. This is just pitiful and disgusting.
Under other circumstances, I could easily dismiss what would appear to be smears against Trump; however, in current context, the facts that Trump once offered Bill Gates the opportunity to be his science advisor and received $1 million donation from Pfizer start looking and feeling extra suspicious.

Sure, there is a simple explanation for all of this. The simple explanation is that Trump's mega giant EGO, that many of us Trump supporters didn't mind as long as he was pushing forward the agenda of liberty, is so massive and hardened, that Trump will not, under any circumstances admit that he screwed up. He was fooled and deceived by the Deep State, and his error cost hundreds of thousands of innocent American lives, the desecration of our Constitution, and his own re-election. But rather than admit that, Trump's ego is doubling down on the error in an effort to protect his name and his legacy, and will ultimately only have the opposite effect.

Proverbs 16:18 "Pride goeth before destruction, and an haughty spirit before a fall."

What's the bottom line? Trump's "vaccine" nonsense has gone too far and has demonstrated, that in spite of all the good he did for this country, he cannot be trusted when it comes to body autonomy and the elimination of tyranny in the United States.

I still like President Trump, and I'm grateful for the good he accomplished for the short time he was in office, but…I'm sorry folks, we can't trust President Trump when it comes to his stance on "vaccines."
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