Good That Will Come from COVID Scam - Part 2

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Good That Will Come from COVID Scam - Part 2

January 3, 2022 | by Gunner Steele

Back in April of 2020, nearly 2 years ago, I wrote an article describing a few things that would come about as a result of the COVID scam. And now that we have lived through a virtual worldwide nightmare since it all began, it is even harder now to imagine GOOD THINGS coming from all of this nonsense.

Nevertheless, there are a few things to add to my previous list—things that are both happening as we speak, and things that have already happened:

5. Passive People Became Radicalized

You know some of these people—you might even be one!

These are the people who used to be everyday run-of-the-mill soccer moms, homeschool moms, "honey, hold my beer" dads, boring millennials, and even some everyday RINO republicans.

They never did much, never paid attention, and never were really worth their salt in any area of life. But then the COVID scam came along and they slowly started seeing what was going on. They recognized the scam. They saw the lies. They saw the tyranny. They understood what was happening…

AND BOOM! They got radicalized. Now they are active and anxious and fired up! They have formed groups, joined others, and prepared themselves to do battle, ideologically and even in all other ways.

In short, some sleeping lions and mama bears have woken up, and that is a good sign for liberty long term!

6. Freedom Aligned Communities Have Started to Form

People are getting ready for WAR. Whether I am speaking of a full-fledged, armed civil war, or just an ideological war and a war for freedom in the individual states—I'll let you decide.

But people recognize that when the proverbial poop hits the fan, they don't want to be living in California, New York, or any other liberal state, city, or neighborhood.

Do you want to be in the midst of mini-tyrants, super "Karens," thieves, socialists, and/or sociopaths when the government starts physically enforcing vaccine mandates and the like?

Of course not!

So people have been moving to Florida, Texas, and other specific communities of like-minded people to ensure they have food, protection, and support in the event of a more serious threat than that which we've already endured.

These are ideologically aligned communities, where people who share the same beliefs are coming together to protect, preserve, and promote liberty and freedom. And quite frankly, it is very healthy for the future of FREEDOM.

7. Patriots Are Taking Their Kids Out of Public School Faster Than Ever

This is a big…"IT'S ABOUT TIME."

Public education is the greatest ill we have in America today. It is a form of socialism that even conservatives have accepted up unto modern times.

But finally, finally, yes finally, Patriots have woken up and have realized that they can't continue to inconsistently, or dare I say hypocritically, send their most cherished possession (their children), into the hands of statists and socialists to be reared and trained, and still expect to get positive results.

The greatest thing that could ever happen to ensure the passing of FREEDOM on to a hundred generations is the complete elimination of public school! And the first step on that journey is mass abandonment like that which is happening right now as a result of the COVID scam!

8. People Are More Politically Active

The average citizen who cares about their freedoms, but who has taken them for granted for so many years, is now more politically active. If this trend continues, it could bode very well for conservative states.

9. Many Christians Stopped Being So Gay

There is a caricature of modern American Christianity with an effeminate Pastor who wears skinny jeans and flip flops to church, with a pop-rock band (aka "worship team"), a coffee bar in the foyer, a "ministry" for every people group imaginable (singles ministry, youth ministry, kids ministry, divorced ministry, asian ministry, hispanic ministry, black ministry, etc.), and which preaches a feel good message about being good and "loving Jesus."

You know what I'm talking about. It's a caricature, for sure, but it is an unfortunately well deserved one. This image really exists in too many churches in America. These are the empty, weak, and powerless churches who complied with government mandates during the past 2 years of tyranny and who demonstrated themselves to be spineless cowards and hirelings.

People starting abandoning these churches by the hundreds, recognizing that they were harming their souls and were not edifying them as saints of the Most High God.

The COVID scam woke up many of these soft Christians who are now actually learning doctrine, reading their Bible, and living and applying the precepts, laws, and commandments of the Word of God. In short, mini-revivals are taking place all over America in homes, communities, and individual hearts—all as a result of the COVID scam.

Only time will tell what all of these things will bring about. But with all of the negative things we have endured in the last 2 years, these are certainly some positive developments that give me hope for the future…
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