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All Polls Show Brad Little is in the Lead

January 15th, 2021

Idaho Polls have historically been terrible at predicting accurate numbers when it comes to final elections. This is for a number of factors, but probably chief among them is the fact that conservative "right wing" Constitutional voters don't typically respond to polls or surveys, and as a percentage, don't often show up to vote.

So that means that "conservative" voters who claim to love liberty and the Constitution the most, often do the least to protect or defend it. At minimum, everyone can and should vote!

Sure, we can say "our votes don't count" and complain about voter fraud and election integrity, but that doesn't serve as en excuse for apathy. If you believe your vote doesn't count—fight for it. And then show up and vote!

That being said, recent polls have showed that the most tyrannical Governor in the history of Idaho and one of the most tyrannical and corrupt in the country, Idaho's own "NonBinary Brad"* Little is on course to win re-election, and he hasn't even announced he's running again yet!

As of the time this article was written, there have only been two statewide objective polls commissioned whose results have been made public. The first was commissioned by the Idaho Dispatch, who hired a Washington D.C. polling firm to conduct their poll by phone. The results are below:

Idaho Dispatch Poll

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This poll shows Brad Little WAAAAYYY AHEAD. And if you dig into the poll, you can see how the respondents self-identified themselves on a scale from "very conservative" to "very liberal." And based on their own self-identification, we believe this to be a very accurate poll.

Additionally you must recognize that people like Fred Martin and Scott Bedke consider themselves to be "very conservative."

That is not to say that this poll is in any way reflective of the make-up or general views of the state of Idaho, nor is it reflective of the final tally of votes on election day. But, it is very accurate in terms of the views and votes of those surveyed. And it still is very indicative of the fact that the vast majority of Idahoans are both marvelously ignorant and incredibly RINO.

All of the other candidates combined even with undecided voters in this campaign don't even add up to NonBinary Brad's support.

Survey Monkey Poll

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This poll was commissioned by the Bundy for Governor campaign. You can see the poll results here in contrast with the first poll they released back in August.

The polls were unbiased and handled by a 3rd party (SurveyMonkey) and run state-wide. The Bundy Campaign has simply published them online for all to see.

Again, Brad Little is out ahead of the pack. Based on this poll, which was paid for by the Bundy for Governor campaign, Brad Little is on his way back to the Governor's office.

Janice McGeachin and Ammon Bundy appear to be in a dead heat as runners-up in this poll.

Independent Polls Show Ammon Bundy in the Lead

A couple of independent online polls have also been conducted. One by the Gem State Patriot, which is a very conservative blog, and the other by KIDO radio which is also a relatively conservative radio station.

Besides the fact that KIDO went out of their way to favor Janice McGeachin in their poll, Ammon Bundy is way ahead in both.

Nevertheless the most interesting thing is that NonBinary Brad still gets votes, even in these conservative website surveys!


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Gem State Patriot Poll

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(It is obvious who KIDO is supporting when you see that Janice's own campaign material fills their page from top to bottom, including a picture of KIDO's own Kevin Miller gazing with admiration at Janice McGeachin while they are apparently reciting the National Anthem. Below her pictures are horrible pictures of the Bundy Campaign (like blown up thumbnails), while Ed Humphreys and the other candidates get no visual mention whatsoever.)


We have never been much to appreciate the use of polls in any political campaign. They have historically been used for evil and manipulative purposes including, but not limited to:
  • Creating false narratives in order to promote a particular candidate.
  • Inventing "news" that otherwise wouldn't exist.
  • Steering candidates towards topics that are not relevant or important.
  • Influencing candidates to compromise their principles or convictions based on the "polling data."
  • Mostly used to influence weak and unprincipled voters to vote for the worst candidate because the polling shows them to be the most "electable."
All that being said, we don't support the use of polls nor do we encourage voters to care about them. Nevertheless, the polls we have so far in Idaho, if they do nothing else, they demonstrate that Idaho is RINO to the hilt.

They show us that Idaho Voters are some of the most ignorant, unaware, and/or apathetic voters in the country.

They show us that Idahoans are ready to put the man back into office who violated the Constitution, destroyed Idahoans lives, lied and manipulated facts to preserve his power, broke Idaho law and statutes, persecuted his political enemies, and sold out Idaho to IACI and other political interests for his own personal and financial gain. And that's just the tip of the iceberg.

The fact that a large group of RINO Idahoans are ready to put him back in power shows that they either:
1. Don't know.
2. Don't care.

For everyone else—its your job to make them KNOW and to help them CARE. If not, kiss Idaho goodbye. Literally.
NOTE - we have dubbed Brad Little "NonBinary Brad" because we are not certain he is a full fledged heterosexual male. Evidence of this is his single and solitary support for gay marriage while he was in the Idaho Legislature in the early 2000s. Brad Little did nothing and stood for nothing while in the Idaho Legislature—he was simply a pawn for IACI and the Republican establishment like he is now. However, there was only one single issue in that time where Brad went against his own party and stood to defend and support an issue that he believed in—gay marriage! At the time, the Idaho Republican Party was unified in its stance against gay marriage. Idahoans were against it. The entire country was against it and it was not supported anywhere in all of America. Even California voted it down twice! But in the midst of that, one solitary Idaho Republican stood up as the lone voice to support gay marriage—Brad Little! We believe it speaks volumes about Brad's heart when you note that the only issue he believed in so much and cared about so dearly that he made it the only issue he ever stood his own ground on against his party and all of society was gay marriage. You have to ask yourself WHY? We believe the answer is obvious—Brad is NonBinary. He is NonBinary Brad.
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