Why Your Friends Won't Vote Right

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Why Your Friends Won't Vote Right

November 1st, 2022 | Diego Rodriguez

One of the worst things about the expansion of government is how it creates polarized divisions of Americans which, by design, pits Americans one against another.

Imagine a world where sick people can only be made better by stealing blood from healthy people. So, in order to save the sick, the government creates the “Division of Health” to ensure sick people get healthy. They then create large bureaucracies to administrate the entire program, with hundreds of subdivisions. Tens of thousands of people work at the Division of Health and many of them are kind people who believe in God and go to church.

But the Division of Health actually just physically kidnaps healthy people with force (at the point of a gun), and then straps them into chairs and forcefully extracts their blood in order to give it to sick people. Of course, it starts off fine and dandy with many healthy people offering their blood freely. But there is never enough blood, so the Division of Health has to start forcing more and more people. And while they started off taking only one pint per session, over time, because of the demand, they began taking as much blood as possible up to and including having people pass out and a handful of them dying from taking too much blood. But of course, the numbers of sick people they were saving far outweighed the number of healthy people they were killing so it was always justified.

An underground movement then begins which denounces and resists the Division of Health. And of course, there’s lots of social media activity showing the brute force that the enforcement officials who kidnap the healthy people use in order to ensure they give their “fair share” of blood. It is all for the “greater good,” of course. This creates animosity between the Division of Health and their enforcement officials and the people who are getting their blood forcefully extracted from their bodies.

Finally, a leader rises up amongst the rank and file and says ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! It is immoral to forcefully steal the life-force—the blood—out of the people without their consent. This is wrong. It is sick, disgusting, and vile. It is a SIN! And thousands of oppressed people along with the logically minded, who can recognize the clear violation of indisputable human rights, line up to support this leader.

On the other side, the hundreds of thousands of people who all get paid, working for or servicing the Division of Health, make all sorts of vile and false accusations against this leader. Why? Because he represents a threat to two things:

1. Their lifestyle.
2. Their conscience.

For years, these people have been paying their bills, living a higher class lifestyle, with all of their income coming from the fact that they are part of a tyrannical machine that violates human life and basic rights. And they have been appeasing their conscience for years by telling themselves repeatedly that they are “saving lives,” and working for the “greater good.”

But one man threatens that. His declaration of truth threatens their conscience that has been all but seared over, and if this man succeeds in declaring his message, they will have to concede that they have been willful participants in one of the greatest crimes against humanity that the world has ever known. They have been complicit in tyranny. They have been willful participants in sin and despotism. Their consciences cannot allow that.

And if this man succeeds, then they will lose their income. They will no longer be able to pay their bills, live their lifestyle, or pay tithes to their church (you see how they justify it?). Therefore, no matter how wicked, vile, and abominable their job is, or how abominable the Division of Health that they work for is, they will fight to the death to ensure that this new prominent leader is defeated.

And while my story sounds far-fetched to many, I challenge anybody to demonstrate how the thousands of bureaucracies we have in America are any different from my fictional “Division of Health.” Explain to me factually and empirically how the IRS, the Bureau of Land Management, expansive and bloated policing agencies, public school, welfare, Social Security, and all other government subsidies are any different. I challenge you. I dare you!

Remember, the labor that the average honest hearted citizen makes and gives on a daily basis is his/her own “blood, sweat, and tears.” And this is the same “blood, sweat, and tears” that the government forcefully, at the point of a gun, STEALS from them in order to fund “the public good.”

So don’t let it shock you, my friends, when your friend, neighbor, uncle, and fellow churchgoer, who themselves are public school teachers, firefighters, superfluous “law enforcement,” or any other type of government employee, refuse to support people like Ammon Bundy or other true conservatives.

Remember if government were Constitutional, it would be SMALL. Instead, in America, government is GIGANTIC. In order for us to return to a Constitutional government, millions of people would lose their jobs and have their consciences convicted. And they can’t allow that.

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