The Media Manipulated Conservatives with Derek Chauvin and George Floyd

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The Media Manipulated Conservatives with Derek Chauvin and George Floyd

April 26th, 2021 | by Gunner Steele

It's been almost a year since the death of George Floyd. It happened back on May 25th, 2020. And if you have a half-way decent memory, you may remember that back when it first happened, the country, conservatives, liberals, and so called "moderates" were pretty much united in their voices that the death of George Floyd WAS NOT RIGHT.

Conservatives were quick to point out that the incident was most likely not based on racism, but that is was an obvious case of police abuse and that police abuse was a genuine problem that needed to be dealt with.

I was certainly amongst those who decried the obvious abuse of power and the cold hearted stare (Matthew 6:22-23) of officer Derek Chauvin who evidently is a corrupt and abusive police officer who makes ALL COPS look bad. And of course, his partners J. Alexander Kueng and Thomas Lane, were just as guilty for aiding in the process and not stopping or even denouncing their abusive contemporary.

And in one sense, it was a great moment for two reasons:

1. Police abuse, being a real and genuine problem in the United States, was finally going to get the national attention it deserved so that we could begin the process of reforming our law enforcement agencies nationwide.

2. America was united in her opinion that this was a clear demonstration of police abuse and we shared a moment of unity in our shock, disgust, and desire for justice.

But it was all very short lived…

And in this case, I am going to denounce my "conservative" friends for not knowing better and for getting seduced by the propaganda machine that seeks to destroy our country. You guys know better. You should not have let this happen.

This case is a cut and dry case. The issue was POLICE ABUSE. That's it. When there is an issue of police abuse, the following things don't matter:

1. The skin color of either the abusive cop or the victim.
2. Whether either the abusive cop of the victim is "racist."
3. The history of either the abusive cop or the victim.

Police abuse is police abuse! It's that simple. And guess what, while I do believe the vast majority of police officers DO NOT abuse their power, it is still a fact that SOME police officers do, and can seriously hurt, injure, or traumatize both innocent citizens and also criminals who the law disallows police officers from abusing.

And guess what? Police abuse is an equal opportunity offense. For example, some of the most horrifying cases of abuse by law enforcement, (and those which garnered national attention and outrage) are Ruby Ridge, the Waco siege, and the Bundy standoff. And in all of these cases, the victims were white.

At Ruby Ridge, law enforcement agencies shot and killed 14 year old Sammy Weaver, and sniped Vicki Weaver, a mother—effectively murdering 2 completely innocent civilians who had broken NO LAW.

At Waco Texas, 76 cult followers, who may have been weird, misguided, and perhaps even mentally unstable (on the other hand they could have been totally solid citizens), were all murdered by law enforcement, including 25 children. They were either shot or burned to death. None of them committed any crimes.

At the Bundy standoff in Nevada in 2014, law enforcement body-slammed, assaulted, intimidated, tased, and terrorized members of the innocent and patriotic Bundy family for simply refusing to allow the government to steal their family land which was rightfully theirs for over 150 years! You can see it all on video. The family was abused, falsely imprisoned, and had their lives ruined by "law enforcement."

Later, at a separate incident in the Malhuer Wildlife refuge in Oregon, Patriot Lavoy Finicum was murdered in cold blood by a police officer, for doing absolutely nothing wrong and breaking NO LAW. It is all on film and can be seen on YouTube to this day.

Nothing ever happened to any of these murderous police officers. The sniper who picked off a child and man's wife in Ruby Ridge Idaho is still alive today and suffered no consequences. Nobody paid any consequences in Waco, Texas. And the officer who killed Lavoy Finicum is still a cop, terrorizing citizens in Oregon to this day.

The cops in just these 3 nationally known incidents were black, brown, white and yellow. But the victims were all white. Yup, that's right—COPS ABUSE WHITE PEOPLE EVERY DAY!

The point is simple—police abuse is not an issue of RACE. It is an issue of ABUSE!!!

And everybody seemed to understand that when they saw the picture and video of Derek Chauvin driving his knee into George Floyd's neck for over 9 minutes! Conservatives and liberals alike denounced this clear injustice and this obvious abuse of power.
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Derek Chauvin driving his knee into the neck of George Floyd for over 9 minutes until he was dead.

Then What Happened?

Unfortunately, the media propaganda machine TOOK OVER and turned this into a race issue. And they began glorifying George Floyd and turning him into a martyr.

Conservatives foolishly took the bait and began to speak negatively of George Floyd, talking about his criminal past, his drug use, and his lack of positive character.

But WHO CARES about George Floyd's character? His personal history and behavior has nothing to do with the issue of police abuse in the incident in which he lost his life.

Intelligent conservatives SHOULD NOT HAVE TAKEN THE BAIT! The argument from conservatives should have been continuously:

"This is not an issue of race, this is an issue of POLICE ABUSE. Let's stick to the topic and see to it that justice is served and that we work together in our communities and in our legislatures to prevent this type of police abuse from happening again."

Simple as that.

But nooooooo. Conservatives have so far overcorrected in their response to the media's hype and their exaltation of George Floyd as some sort of martyr, that they are now defending Derek Chauvin! The common posts by conservatives are now thinks like:

1. Chauvin is innocent.
2. Chauvin is being targeted by leftists because he is a white cop.
3. Chauvin was only "doing his job."
4. Chauvin had his knee on Floyd's shoulder and not on his neck.
5. George Floyd died because of drugs in his system and not beacuse of Derek Chauvin.

Come on, people! This is ridiculous! Derek Chauvin is an abusive cop who abused George Floyd. Whether George Floyd died from this abuse or not, it was STILL WRONG. Chauvin should still have been disciplined. He should have lost his job and his pay and law enforcement agencies across the country should have tightened up their own oversight to prevent this type of abuse from continuing.

But last week, after we saw Derek Chauvin convicted on the 3 charges of murder leveled against him, conservatives who had taken the race-baiting of nearly 1 years worth of ANTI-WHITE and ANTI-POLICE propaganda all rolled their eyes in unison acting as if it was unjust and that the conviction was only leveled against him because he was a white cop in a case of national interest against a black man.

So white people are acting like BLM activists won. Black people are still complaining that justice wasn't done and it's "not enough" and still feel like white people have won. But they're both wrong.


The mainstream media has successfully divided our country so well and so effectively, that it's as if we can never be united on anything ever again. Even though we just had the most unifying President in decades (possibly ever), who had supporters from every people group and background imaginable, that unity could never be enjoyed because the MEDIA continually pumped the false narrative of polarization, hatred, and division.

And even though America was united against Derek Chauvin and united in their desire to end police abuse, the police abuse issue was NEVER ADDRESSED, and the media succeeded in turning the issue into a black vs. white, conservative vs. liberal issue.

It is absolutely pitiful and disgusting! And I, for one, am very disappointed in my conservative friends who lack the discernment, intelligence, or wisdom to NOT GET SEDUCED by media propaganda.

So for crying out loud…turn off CNN! Get your face out of Facebook! Stop wasting your time with Fox News! Go to church, enjoy your community, and share a meal with your neighbors. Because you will find that there is more that unites us than there is that divides us—unless you foolishly allow the media to tell you otherwise.
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