How Christians and Conservatives are being Duped about Israel

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How Christians and Conservatives are being Duped about Israel

By Diego Rodriguez | October 25th, 2023

I am getting lots of questions about my opinion about the war in Israel and I would like to respond, but admittedly it is difficult to do so in a short amount of space. So let me start off by stating the obvious: I oppose and am against the attack by “Hamas” against Israel and I likewise oppose any and all violent attacks of terrorism and barbarism by either side of this “war.”

Now, that being said, I do not “Stand with Israel” and every single solitary Christian who does so has been cleverly tricked by a century’s old PSY-OP (psychological operation) against the Christian Church. Quite simply, you’ve been duped, my brothers and sisters.

Long time readers to this blog know that I am an ardent anti-dispensationalist. I have spoken about my views in this regard publicly in many venues and have also published articles on the Freedom Man Press Blog (links below), not only describing doctrinally why I opposed dispensationalism, but also challenging any Christian Pastor in America to debate me publicly on the issue. Incidentally, no Pastor has stepped up to have the debate. The reason why is obvious—because Dispensationalism is a false doctrine and they don’t want to be exposed as false teachers.


However, most people only recognize “dispensationalism” as the belief/doctrine that we are living in the “last days” and that Jesus Christ is soon going to return to “rapture” his people out of the Earth. The “Left Behind” series of books was a popular book series that taught this false doctrine and the Calvary Chapel denomination/network of churches is a popular and growing Christian denomination that has popularized this false doctrine, as well.

Unfortunately, the false doctrine of dispensationalism also is the undermining ROOT CAUSE for the rise of Christian Zionism and the unwavering support of ignorant Christians for the nation of Israel. In short, the same damnable doctrine of dispensationalism which causes Christians to be apathetic and useless, who just barely try to “hold on” and “pray” because “Jesus is coming soon” and will rescue us, instead of being actual SALT AND LIGHT in the world and preventing sin, evil, and moral decay—is the same doctrine that causes Christians to give Israel unconditional and unwavering support—no matter what.

This is truly amazing considering Israel as a nation is:

In fact, if you want to hear some of the most vile things ever stated about Jesus Christ, just ask a modern Jew. Jews, Israelites, and Rabbis constantly say the most egregious and vile things about our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, that even American atheists would be ashamed to say.

Even Ben Shapiro, a Jew who is highly loved and followed by American Christians said, that in his opinion Jesus, “...was a Jew who tried to lead a revolt against the Romans and got killed for his trouble.” Had a Muslim or an Atheist said this, Christians would be upset and would probably “unfollow” Ben. But since he’s a Jew—then everyone’s cool with it.

Ignorant Christians don’t care and somehow think that they are supposed to support Israel no matter what. Basically, a transgender Israelite pedophile can molest a little boy, burn the Bible, say that Jesus was a false prophet who is burning in a pile of boiling feces, and then blow up little children in Christian homes in Palestine, and American Christians will raise the Israeli flag and say, “I support that!”

If I didn’t very clearly understand the history and root of all of this—I would be utterly confused. But I do understand it. Unfortunately, it can’t be easily explained to propagandized Christians in a single blog article. It’s like trying to explain calculus to 3rd graders who are still struggling with multiplication and division. And no, I’m not trying to be condescending or arrogant—but I am trying to slap some sense into my ignorant brothers and sisters who are so blinded by a well orchestrated PSY-OP against the Church, that they can’t even discern the most basic elements of right and wrong.

In the same way that the Christian church is and was so neutered that nearly 100% of all churches in America complied with government lockdowns (you should leave your church if it did, by the way)—likewise, huge numbers of Christians have been bamboozled, duped, manipulated, and flat out lied to in order to gain their support for human atrocities committed by the nation of Israel.

Now, don’t hear me say something I’m not saying—not all Israelites are the same. Just like not all Americans are the same. But how stupid do you have to be to think that it’s okay for Israel to terrorize ALL PALESTINIANS just because a terrorist organization inside of the Gaza strip attacked Israel? That would be like Russia justifying the attack of ALL AMERICANS because America is the greatest murderer of babies in the world. You and I oppose abortion in America. Imagine if some other country murdered you and I and justified it because America murders babies?! Hey, we’re not America and we don’t support the evil things that go on in our country. Likewise, not all Palestinians support Hamas! Duh!

Well the above example is the same as all Christians “standing with Israel” simply because Hamas attacked Israel. My brothers and sisters, don’t be so ignorant and so gullible! Please! Hamas is not Palestine!!! Just like Planned Parenthood is not America.

Israel is terrorizing many Christian Palestinians RIGHT NOW with the support of the American Christian church because ignorant American Christians blindly “Stand with Israel.”

It would take too long to unravel all the details of this mess and this war. However, my major concern right now is with OPENING THE EYES OF THE BLIND American Christian Church and American “Conservatives” who have been duped into unconditional support of Israel. Fortunately, a fellow Brother in Christ has made an excellent one hour video that is the best overview of the subject I’ve seen—particularly in such a short span of time.

I have watched this video and I can say that I agree with 100% of what he says. I even learned a few things that I myself was unaware of (and I’ve been closely studying this subject for over 15 years). So, I urge every one of you to find 1 hour of time and watch this video:

But I warn you, you will hear things that are totally contrary to what you’ve probably always heard or believed. And then you’ll have to face the facts. It is going to be a red-pill moment for you. Are you brave enough to watch it?
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