How to NOT BE Propagandized

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How to NOT BE Propagandized

February 27th, 2023 | by Gunner Steele

Most readers of this blog would consider themselves informed and free from media bias—but unfortunately the evidence all around us demonstrates that no matter how "conservative" or "right wing" you think you are, you are still highly propagandized.

The easiest way to pragmatically describe propaganda is that your thoughts, beliefs, and ideas are being controlled intentionally by others. Let me make it simple for you—if you are on Facebook and social media, if you watch the news, or if you use Google, if you went to public school or any American college, then you are heavily propagandized.

That describes at least 90% of conservatives, unfortunately. And the history of propaganda is grim. Propaganda lays the foundation for war, hatred, torture, divorce and family destruction, and all "manner of wickedness." Propaganda is the means by which governments control the "masses" and justify their own evil.

Propaganda in Nazi Germany gave us the 2nd World War and the holocaust. And if you think that is bad, then consider that propaganda in America gave us abortion, feminism, and socialism—which combined have killed more human beings than the Nazis.

But Americans are mostly unaware of this. In fact, not only are we terribly ignorant, but American ignorance is the worst kind of ignorance because Americans THINK they are educated. This is the worst kind of ignorance, because it is ignorance with arrogance. Americans THINK they are informed. Americans THINK they know the truth, when in reality, they have just been force-fed propaganda, and they believe it, because they've heard it repeatedly and all ideas contrary to what they've been told are hidden, suppressed, or impugned.

And that's the essential system of propaganda:

1. Create a lie.
2. Repeat the lie.
3. Destroy anything that exposes the lie.

Most Americans have no idea how deeply involved the American government has been in manipulating its own public through advanced systems of propaganda. Let me give you some examples:

American Culture and Opinions About War

Did you know that there was a time when Americans didn't love war? Are you aware that the American Spirit once was a spirit of peace, prosperity, and individual responsibility? I know it's hard to believe since we have turn into a culture that idolizes our military, assumes that any American military action is automatically morally correct, and we are convinced that America always represents "the good guys." But it was not always this way.

President Lincoln and Constitutional Violations

While President Lincoln is considered by most Americans do be one of our greatest Presidents, and while the Republican Party holds him up as being their greatest celebrity, objective history paints a different picture of Lincoln. Sure, he had some very positive character traits and some respectable actions both before and during his Presidency. But nobody speaks of the atrocities he committed while in office.

Are you aware of the fact that during the Civil War, President Lincoln unilaterally shut down more than 300 newspapers who were in opposition to the war? Yes, President Lincoln openly violated the 1st amendment more than 300 times! He also suspended the writ of Habeas Corpus which a President does not have the legal authority to do.
Abraham Lincoln

Most "conservatives" are unaware of the fact that Abraham Lincoln severely violated the 1st Amendment and shut down more than 300 newspapers who opposed the Civil War.

Imagine if a Democrat President like Biden did either of these two things today?! What would alternative media have to say about it? What would Fox News say about it? Imagine a Republican President like Trump doing these two things? What would the corporate media like ABC, CBS, and MSNBC say about it?

Now ask yourself this question—were you even aware that President Lincoln violated the Constitution so viciously? How would you feel about Lincoln if you or one of your family members were terminated from your job and lost your livelihood as a result of President Lincoln violating the 1st Amendment and shutting down the newspaper you or your family member worked for?

So, has your opinion of Lincoln been formed by propaganda or by historical facts? Think it through…

President Woodrow Wilson and World War I

When President Wilson took office in 1917, most Americans wanted nothing to do with the first World War, which was the largest war in world history at the time. In fact, he campaigned on slogans like, “He kept us out of war” and “America First.” Sound familiar?

However, for reasons we'll leave you to surmise or investigate, just a few months after his second inauguration, President Wilson asked Congress to declare war against Germany. The problem was that Americans wanted no part in war, especially a war on another continent that had nothing to do with America!

So, under advisement from his circle of influence and staff, he followed Lincoln's footsteps and shut down newspapers who opposed the war and even imprisoned journalists! Yes, this happened in America, not the Soviet Union or some jihadist Middle Eastern country.
Woodrow Wilson

President Woodrow Wilson

However, Wilson was a true propagandist. He knew it wasn't enough to only "destroy anything that opposes your lie," but that you had to "create a lie" and "repeat the lie" for the full power of propaganda to take effect!

To accomplish this, Wilson employed journalist George Creel to create the Creel Commission, which was officially known as the "Committee on Public Information (CPI)." You know, just another run-of-the-mill government agency.

Creel and the CPI's job and purpose was to control and manipulate public opinion. Most specifically, the point and purpose was to make otherwise peaceful, Judeo-Christian based Americans into war hungry nationalists who wanted to join the war conflict on the other side of the Atlantic.

Creel used every form of mass communication available at the time—primarily radio and newspapers. Within months he had more than 20,000 newspaper articles in favor of going to war published EACH WEEK! The CPI also created newsreels to be shown in movie theaters all across the country extolling the greatness and the bravery of Allied troops (the "good guys") in the battle against the evil Germany. You know, the "bad guys."

Creel even went so far as to recruit over 75,000 public speakers to give pro-war speeches all over America. Ladies and gentlemen, this is what you call, PROPAGANDA 101.

Noam Chomsky studied and analyzed this history in his work, Media Control, and summarized it as follows:
They established a government propaganda commission, called the Creel Commission, which succeeded, within six months, in turning a pacifist population into a hysterical, war-mongering population which wanted to destroy everything German, tear the Germans limb from limb, go to war and save the world.
So no, Judeo-Christian based Americans weren't always nationalist warmongers—but they have become so based on government propaganda. They did not learn this from the Torah nor the Bible—they learned at the hands of government propaganda machines that they honestly believe have no effect over them.

Project Mockingbird

Unfortunately, as ugly as this all was, the story gets worse, and it has yet to get better. As you might imagine, as technology and forms of communication became more sophisticated, so did the American propaganda machine.

One famous example was Operation Mockingbird, which was a CIA initiative that began in the late 1940s and which actually paid American journalists to write and publish intentionally fake news for propaganda purposes. In short, the purpose of Operation Mockingbird was to literally program Americans to believe whatever "news" they wanted them to believe.
CIA Headquarters

CIA Headquarters in Langley, VA

Operation Mockingbird was eventually exposed, believe it or not, by The New York Times in 1967, but the US Government has never officially announced it as being "discontinued." Based on evidence, many believe the program to still be 100% operational.

For example, during the Obama Administration, Ken Dilanian, a correspondent for NBC repeated the CIA’s false claims that President Obama’s drone warfare campaign wasn’t killing innocent civilians. These claims were later proven false by documents leaked from human rights groups. Additionally, Ken's former employer, The Los Angeles Times, acknowledged in 2014 that he had collaborated with the CIA.

More Modern Day Examples

Today, most Americans are well aware of the fact that the government monitors everything: emails, phone calls, text messages, bank records, credit card transactions, travel, and more. We accept it. We shouldn't but we do. I wonder why we do? Hmmmmm, let me think…

Today, we've learned about a longstanding effort by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) to manipulate online news content. And it’s doing so through direct engagement with social media companies and other online platforms. In fact, former DHS official Matt Masterson, who now works as an executive for Microsoft stated,“Platforms have got to get comfortable with government.”

And of course we've already written about the Ministry of Truth, which is just an open arm of the government designed to create and distribute propaganda. Then we've got the Twitter Files which demonstrate collusion and corruption with Twitter and the Federal Government.

And everyone knows and is aware that the Government is in bed with Apple, Google, Microsoft, Amazon, and and all social media companies so they can not only track your activity, but more importantly MANIPULATE your beliefs by controlling what you see and hear on a daily basis.

In fact, you'll be hard pressed to find a conservative who doesn't complain about Facebook shutting them down but then continues to use the platform. Right wingers whine about Google but can't stop using the platform or using Gmail even though they are openly opposed to everything Google does.

In fact, this is the new modus operandi for conservatives—whine, moan, and complain! It used to be that conservatism meant people who believed in the fundamental principles of the Constitution and a Free Market Republic. If we didn't like something, we voted three ways:

1. With our ballots.
2. With our money.
3. With our feet.

But conservatives of today, RETAIN their oppressive tyrannical rulers, KEEP spending money with companies and organizations who are destroying their families and their country, and STAY put in the cities, states, and institutions that are undermining their values, beliefs, and ultimately their freedom.

Why are conservatives so stupid these days? Why don't conservatives live according to their actual principles like they used to? Hmmmm…I wonder if it has anything to do with…PROPAGANDA?!?!

You see, by simply controlling what you see, what you hear, and how often you see it and hear it, "big tech" and "big government" are manipulating you. Every time you open Facebook, check your tweets, or search on Google, you are being propagandized. Google filters its results. Facebook analyzes your actions and puts content in front of you to guide your thoughts. If you use Gmail, they are even filtering what emails get to you and what does not.

No matter how "conservative" you think you are, you simply cannot overcome the coordinated, intentional, and sophisticated propaganda machine that guides and directs your thinking if you are using their systems. Facebook, Google, network news, and public school are used by well over 90% of "conservatives." Is it any wonder why conservatives and Christians have little power, little influence, and failed worldviews?

Could it be that conservatives are so propagandized that, like a fish that doesn't know that its wet, they don't realize they have been intellectually neutered by a government propaganda machine that rightly recognizes the ideological "right" as the biggest threat to its own existence?

If that's not what it is, then please tell me below in the comments what it actually is.
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