Judge Lynn Norton Just Intentionally Broke the Law, Proving That She is Biased and Malicious and Unfit to Preside Over Our Case

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Judge Lynn Norton Just Intentionally Broke the Law, Proving That She is Biased and Malicious and Unfit to Preside Over Our Case

April 18th, 2023 | by Diego Rodriguez

Today, Judge Lynn Norton, issued a warrant of attachment for the arrest of Ammon Bundy. It is hard to explain just how unbelievably wicked of an action this is. But first let me just demonstrate to you how Judge Norton’s actions today were wholly illegal and demonstrate that she is acting with malice against Ammon and is disobeying the Idaho rules of Civil Procedure—the rules that directly and specifically GOVERN her.

The first thing you have to understand is that there are generally two categories of lawsuits: criminal and civil. A criminal lawsuit is one where a defendant is being accused of an actual crime. A civil lawsuit is when a defendant is being accused of having wronged the plaintiff in some manner and therefore has to make amends, which generally speaking, ends up being some form of monetary payment. So, if you are a defendant in a civil case, the very worst thing that can happen to you is that you can have a judgment against you requiring you to pay a specified sum of money to the plaintiff (the person accusing you).

This means that the very worst outcome for a defendant in a civil case is to ultimately be in debt to the plaintiff. However, the Idaho State Constitution prohibits imprisonment for debt, except in the case of fraud:
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So the highest law of the land in Idaho assures that your liberty will never be taken from you in a civil matter, which should only end in a judgment of debt. Nevertheless, here is Judge Lynn Norton issuing an order to ARREST Ammon Bundy in a civil case, for a civil matter.

Now the excuse for this is irrelevant because it should never happen. Nevertheless, let’s consider the weak and meaningless excuse that Judge Norton is using. According to the Idaho Dispatch, who was present in the courtroom at the time the warrant was issued, “The purpose of the arrest is to force Bundy to attend an arraignment hearing and to participate in the court proceedings of the case, including the hearing for contempt. The arrest warrant includes a $10,000 bond.”

So Judge Lynn Norton is simply saying that since Ammon refuses to participate in this civil court case, she is going to have him arrested to force him to participate! Not only is this obviously ridiculous, stupid, unethical, and immoral—it is also illegal!

If you are sued and you refuse to participate in the lawsuit, what is supposed to happen is that the court should issue a default judgment against you. In short, by refusing to respond, you are essentially saying, from a legal perspective, “I am guilty of whatever the complaint against me says.” (In Ammon's case, he's not guilty of anything, he simply refuse to participate.) And guess what? According to the Idaho Rules of Civil Procedure Rule #55, the JUDGE IS REQUIRED to issue a default judgment in such circumstances. So why didn't Judge Lynn Norton do that? Why didn't she do what she is required to do?

Now, the Idaho Rules of Civil Procedure are basically the rule book that governs court cases in Idaho. Judges MUST ABIDE by these rules. They are basically "the law" for judges—the rules which govern them and which govern the procedures of courts and the entire judicial process. For a judge to disobey these rules is to simply break the law!

So what exactly does Idaho Rules of Civil Procedure Rule #55 say? Read it for yourself:
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Let me repeat what it says placing emphases for how it applies to this case: When a party against whom a judgment for affirmative relief is sought [that would be Ammon in this case] has failed to plead or otherwise defend [this is exactly what Ammon has done], and that failure is shown by affidavit or otherwise [this has clearly been shown not only publicly but specifically by Holland & Hart law firm to Judge Lynn Norton on multiple occasions], the court must order entry of the party’s default.

This is the rule. Judge Lynn Norton is required by Idaho Rules of Civil Procedure Rule #55 to issue a default judgment against Ammon Bundy. That default judgment will amount to DEBT that Ammon must pay to the plaintiffs in the case.

For the judge to do otherwise is to simply demonstrate for the entire world that she is corrupt, evil, wicked, and totally biased against Ammon and all defendants in this case. We can easily surmise as to WHY she is biased against them, but it is not relevant at this point. The point is that SHE IS BIASED, and her actions today prove for the entire watching world that she is acting maliciously against defendants in a case before her courtroom, which is not only unconscionable, but is an outright assault on the consciences and souls of all decent, law-abiding citizens in Idaho and America.
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The evil, wicked, and unjust Judge Lynn Norton of Ada County, Idaho.

Her actions today only feed the narrative that courts are corrupt and that justice is no longer available in America. Judge Lynn Norton has provided ample evidence that citizens have no hope of justice in the so-called "justice system" because judges can and will act maliciously and malevolently against citizens in her courtroom if she doesn't like them for whatever reason—including her ability to break the laws and rules that bind her.

In this case, she is issuing an illegal warrant for arrest—to unlawfully strip Ammon Bundy of his liberty when she has no authority to do so in a civil case.

And do you want to know why evil judges like Lynn Norton do this? Because they can. Because they get away with it. Because nobody holds them accountable. Because modern law enforcement, like stormtroopers and brownshirts, just blindly obey orders, even when their orders are illegal, immoral, and unconscionable.

The only questions now are:

1. Will anyone with the power to do so, in the executive or legislative branches of government, hold Judge Lynn Norton accountable? Or will any of her superiors in the judicial branch censure her and correct her for such a blatant and overt breach of the Idaho Rules of Civil Procedure?

2. Will Idaho Law enforcement FOR ONCE do the right thing and leave Ammon Bundy alone? Idaho law enforcement has a world famous reputation for being tyrannical, overbearing, and downright wicked, particularly since the beginning of the so-called COVID pandemic. This case is cut-and-dry. The warrant for Ammon's arrest is illegal. It's simply wrong. So will law enforcement execute this warrant or will they finally obey the actual LAW and refuse to harass Ammon Bundy?

Only time will tell…
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