The Meet the Latin Ron Desantis Americans Simply Don't Know About

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Meet the Latin Ron Desantis Americans Simply Don't Know About

March 22nd, 2023 | by Gunner Steele

Ron Desantis has become America's new poster child for conservatism, values, patriotism, and good governance. He is certainly not perfect and has many questionable connections and executive actions as Governor of Florida—but he's a total breath of fresh air and has demonstrated to be, generally speaking, a great Governor and political leader.

And Floridians love their Governor. Despite having nonstop opposition from the left-wing media for 4 years, and despite the likes of George Soros and other globalists funneling millions of dollars in negative advertisements against him, Floridians came out en masse and gave Desantis a legendary, record breaking, landslide victory for his re-election bid in 2022.

In short, Ron Desantis is the anti-establishment, patriotic, pro values, pro-Constitution Governor for America. I live in Florida, and despite many of his questionable actions and priorities, I am grateful he is my Governor.

Now one of the hallmarks of this website (Freedom Man Press) is to bring unknown, yet relevant information to our readers. In many instances, be it child trafficking, police abuse, financial tyranny, or any subset of the 18 issues that we cover here, our readers often tell us that they learned about these issues FIRST from Freedom Man Press.

And today we are happy to introduce our readers, most likely for the very first time, to something and someone very inspirational from Latin America.

You see there is someone else on the scene right now that you simply don't know about. Perhaps you've heard that he exists, but I'm quite certain you don't know what he has done, what he represents, and how revolutionary he is at this time. In fact, I would go so far as to say there is an intentional and coordinated effort by western media to not let Americans, Canadians, and other western "gringo" nations know about him—he is too radical and too extreme in their view. And quite frankly, he is too inspirational. If word got out about this Latin politician, other western politicians (especially in America), might just grow a pair and follow in his footsteps. And we can't have that!

I'm talking about Nayib Bukele, the President of El Salvador. I know, I know. If you've ever even heard of El Salvador, you probably only heard about it related to crime and poverty. In fact, many people have heard that El Salvador is one of the most dangerous countries in the world. And it's true, it was one of the most dangerous countries in the world.
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El Salvadoran President Nayib Bukele

Even President Trump made many remarks about the dangerous El Salvadoran MS-13 gangs that were pouring across the Mexican-American border. Of course, most Americans simply assumed that any criticism of brown people means that Trump is prejudice against Mexicans, but NO, he was specifically prejudiced against the MS-13 gangs who are and were among the most heinous criminals on the planet (and they're not Mexican, by the way).

Unlike the Mexican gangs you may know of in California, (the Norteños and Sureños) or the black gangs in Los Angeles, Oakland, Chicago, and other places (the Bloods and the Crips), the MS-13 gangs from El Salvador are totally ruthless. They make the other gangs look like babies playing in the play pen. In fact, the MS-13 gang act more like jihadist terrorists who kill indiscriminately and use the most horrifying methods of torture including beheading innocent people for their own sick pleasure.

El Salvadorans have been fleeing their country for decades just trying to find a place to live in peace without the constant threat of these animals threatening their lives on a daily basis. And the government of El Salvador did nothing about it. On the contrary, lots of evidence exists to demonstrate that decades of political corruption maintained the status quo by working together with the MS-13 leaders, or at least acquiescing to them.

Fast forward to 2019 and El Salvador had finally had enough, so they elected Nayib Bukele, a completely different kind of candidate. He was young, he was fearless, he was patriotic, and above all, his candidacy was based on VALUES.

It could be said that no other leader of any country in Latin America has EVER said the things he says about values and morals. And in modern times, you could say that not even any American leader has maintained the levels of both value-based governance and rhetoric with his people.

And one thing is for certain—I am not aware of any story in recent history where such an incredible change and turn around has been made in such a short period of time, as President Bukele has overseen in his country.

Right now, El Salvador might be one of the safest countries in Latin America when just a few years ago it was one of the most dangerous countries on the planet!

Consider the following things this very young man (he is only 41 years old), has done in the less than 4 years he has been President of El Salvador:
  • He has restored peace to the country and has essentially conquered the MS-13 gangs that have terrorized his country (this is an ongoing battle but the country is safe as we speak).
  • He introduced Bitcoin as a national currency (the first legitimate country to do so) and ushered in technological dominance to an otherwise technologically stagnated country.
  • He created the "10 Economic Boosts" plan to completely restore the El Salvadoran economy. And he has so far made good on his plan.
  • He began incredible infrastructure projects that will ensure the longterm prosperity of El Salvadorans in the near and distant future.
And beyond this impressive list is a powerful list of political rhetoric which includes his firm stance(s) on values and integrity. Quite frankly, there is no political leader in the world using the Bully Pulpit to lead his nation, not only politically, but morally and spiritually. He sounds like a Latin George Washington the way he speaks to his people and guides them to higher aspirations for themselves and their posterity.
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President Nayib Bukele with President Donald Trump

And he sounds a bit like Donald Trump the way he rejects and denounces his opponents, the leftwing media and his general liberal detractors. He just blasts them with truth and a total disregard for their foolish opinions and ideology.

Here's a short list of some of his positions, statements, and claims:
  • He openly opposes abortion and has stated, ""I think, in the end, in the future, we're going to realize that [abortion] is a great genocide that we’ve committed."
  • He rejects the concept of gay marriage and has stated that marriage is only between "a man and a woman."
  • He openly states that all good things happening in El Salvador are because of God and that only "God gets the glory."
  • He has stated that other countries (like the United States) have grown wealthy and successful because of their Biblical values and that those countries are in decline for abandoning those values, but that he wants to lead El Salvador to its highest potential by embracing those Biblical values that other countries like America have abandoned.
  • He encourages his people, the military, and police force to be honest and ethical and to be "instruments of God" to bring forth peace and prosperity and to "heal their land."
  • He reminds his people that they can only have peace and prosperity through hard work, patience, sweat and effort. He does not offer the people a message of government subsidies.
  • He inspires his people to aspire to values like bravery, courage, strength, discipline, patriotism, honor, loyalty, and love for their fellow man.
  • Sometimes he sounds more like a preacher when he says things like, "How could a nation not rise up when it puts God first, and the puts in the hard work and effort with these kinds of values?"

President Nayib Bukele speaking to members of the El Salvadoran military who have been defeating the MS-13 gangs in their country. It is impressive to hear a President of a country speak of God and of values like he does here.

Now, don't get me wrong—President Bukele is not perfect. And he certainly made major mistakes during COVID and locked his people down (just like Governor Ron Desantis did initially). And we must be very careful not to inappropriately exalt political leaders without recognizing their flaws.

But come on, when have you heard any American politician say such things? And why have you not heard of this man before? I believe it is obvious. He is an inspirational political figure who has the results to back up his rhetoric. He stands for God, for peace, for conservative Christian values, for prosperity, for law and order, for civility, and for an end to political corruption. And he has achieved so much in so little time. He has exposed and eliminated corrupt legislators and compromised judges. He has eliminated the scourge of the MS-13 and is on his way to ridding his country completely of these terrorists. He has completed or begun critical infrastructure projects that had been promised to the people for decades but never got done. And he did so without raising taxes. He says, "There is always money available if the politicians don't steal the money."

The man stands for FREEDOM. And he's getting the job done. Just 4 years ago, a trip to El Salvador could have cost you your life. But today, a trip to El Salvador could be one of the most beautiful vacations you ever had. And if President Nayib Bukele sticks to this path, the greatest amount of investment capital and technological know-how could be flooding into El Salvador making it the hub of Freedom for the near future.

This is an example of one of the Economic Boosts introduced by President Bukele—this is an infrastructure project (2 bridges) that had been promised to the people repeatedly by previous Presidents and politicians, but never built.

Imagine a land where you can be cured of cancer, where you can drink raw milk and eat watermelons with seeds and corn without chemicals, where you don't have to get vaccinated if you don't want to, where your money is safe and protected, where police don't attack you and steal your property, where the government doesn't subsidize the trafficking of your children, where elections are real, where abortion is illegal, where churches are thriving, where property rights are protected, where taxes are reasonable, and where the individual is respected? How can a nation like that not thrive? That could very well be the future of El Salvador. And if so, history will declare that the calm and stable leadership of one young man set the course for an entire future of freedom that attracted the world's brightest and best minds and preserved the legacy of its own people for a thousand generations.

Only time will tell if President Nayib Bukele will stay true to his rhetoric and his existing vision or if he will be seduced by power and prestige like most politicians do.

One thing is for sure, his people love him. As of right now, he has a 91% approval rating in El Salvador. Many of his people consider him a gift from God. And if you look at the difference JUST ONE MAN has made in less than 4 years, it is no wonder why.

This speech President Bukele gave to new soldiers and police who were graduating and would go out to fight against the gangs is a quintessential example of his use of the Bully Pulpit to clearly communicate his message and inspire his people while simultaneously shutting down his detractors and liberal critics.

As Rush Limbaugh used to always say, "Conservatism works every time it's tried." And what an incredible case study we have in El Salvador! President Nayib Bukele has presided over one of the most remarkable societal miracles in history—yet nobody is talking about it. Given what you should know about propaganda by now, do you think it is intentional that no major news outlets are talking about him, or did they just somehow "miss it?"

For what it's worth, there are direct flights to El Salvador's capital city, San Salvador, from the following American cities: Oakland, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Ontario, Houston, Dallas, Fort Lauderdale, Miami, Orlando, Atlanta, Washington D.C., and New York.

So who's up for a boots-on-the-ground scouting trip to what potentially could be the next LAND OF THE FREE?
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