What is a PSYOP and Have You Been Attacked by One? (Part 1)

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What is a Psyop and Have You Been Attacked by One? (Part 1)

November 6th, 2023 | by Gunner Steele

As a careful observer of human nature and a student of history, I am always fascinated as I watch people, Americans in particular, claim and believe that they are wholly independent and creative thinkers, when in reality they are brainwashed zombie-bots, totally and completely beholden to "the man" and "the system."

Humorously, both sides of the political spectrum believe that only the other side is brainwashed and that they are not susceptible to the tactics of wholesale propaganda. But they are both incredibly wrong.

In fact, even though I am a diligent student of the propaganda of the past and the present, and even though I would consider myself to be not only aware of the tactics, but even hyperaware (to the extent some would consider paranoia), of the way the "system" works, and I am able to detect it in even the most benign areas of life—I have still found myself to be subject to the propaganda machine, and have had to cleanse my own mind of false beliefs that I allowed to creep into my mind because of the intense effectiveness of mainstream propaganda. In other words, if I'm not exempt, neither are you!

However, of all of the types of propaganda that exist, there is one that is the most effective and it is the one that has been mostly used against people generally considered to be on the "right side" of the political spectrum. I'm talking about Christians, conservatives, libertarians, "right wingers," health freedom folks, and even conspiracy theorists. And while I don't typically like to use people groups or categories to describe myself, I have no problem with being called any or all of those things.

And yes, I myself have fallen prey to this incredibly effective propaganda tactic. So what is this tactic? Well as the title to this article suggests, it is called a PSYCHOLOGICAL OPERATION, or "psyop," for short.

Basically, a psyop is an actual full-fledged mission, or operation, usually executed by the military in order to persuade an entire group of people to believe something that "they" want you to believe. We'll talk about who "they" are in the future. The technical definition of a PSYOP is:

Psychological operations (PSYOP) are operations to convey selected information and indicators to audiences to influence their motives and objective reasoning, and ultimately the behavior of governments, organizations, groups, and large foreign powers.

Now what is most interesting about this definition is the fact that they admit that the ultimate motive and object is to influence the "behavior of governments, organizations, groups, and large foreign powers." So yes, "they" realize that there are scientific tactics, involving propaganda and other tools, which can influence "groups" of people, including entire governments.

In fact, the US Government advertises with pride the fact that military "Psyop Soldiers Strategically Influence and Deceive!" Yup, we are proud of the fact that we lie to people in order to achieve our agenda:
Psyop Soldiers
However, for the sake of this article, I want to focus only on the "groups" I mentioned earlier—namely Christians, conservatives, libertarians, "right wingers," health freedom people, etc. You know—the kind of people who read the Freedom Man Blog. In other words—YOU!!!

So here's the deal—I would be willing to bet that you don't believe you have been subject to or affected by psyops. You probably assume that you're too smart, too informed, and too faithful to God to be affected by some lame psyop that only idiots fall for. And while it might feel good to believe that, history and simple statistics prove otherwise.

And here is the most important part of the concept and purpose of PSYOPS that I want to focus on as it pertains to those of us on the "conservative right." You see, conservatives and right wingers represent the greatest ideological and real threat to "the powers that be." You and I are the greatest threat that exists to socialists, marxists, communists, globalists, and tyrants. They don't really care that much about leftists. I mean, they own them already. They are zombies. They are brain dead. They are simply "useful idiots" to the globalist powers at work.

However, right wingers and conservatives—those of us who believe in God and biblical values, who believe in the Constitution, who support law and order, and believe in equal justice, limited government, family, and free markets—we are the ultimate threat to the "powers-that-be." Especially when you consider that we are the ones who own the guns. We go to church. We support missions to spread the gospel. We are the owners of small businesses across America. We are the ones having children and building families. As a group, we represent the largest and most powerful marketplace in the history of the world, having more money and disposable income than any other group in human history. We're the ones who voted for Trump. And as a generality, we tend to be some of the most passionate individuals who care deeply about our faith, our family, and the future of our country.

So yeah! We are dangerous. We have money, we have guns, we have faith, and we have PURPOSE. If we ever put all that into action, we could take over the world. And at the bare minimum, it would be a walk in the park for us, as a group, to put down any tyrannical or evil force in the world that would try to take these things away from us.

So if you were to look at things from the perspective of the enemy—we are a very dangerous group and a group that needs to be SHUT DOWN. But how can they do it? How can they shut down a group like us with so many resources, including money and guns? They can't come after us with force, because that will simply IGNITE our passions—something that the enemy will not want to do. So they have to shut us down internally—just like the Egyptians kept the Israelites as slaves by defeating them mentally. And they do this with PSYOPS.

In short, the goal and ultimate purpose of a PSYOP against conservatives, Christians, etc., will always be to get us to DO NOTHING. That is their goal. They could care less about all of our beliefs, all of our guns, all of our tools, all of our resources, and all of our church services. As long as we DO NOTHING with what we have—they will always win. It is that simple.

So, to our enemies, their chief goal in mind will always be—make sure that the greatest threat to our existence, those right wing, Christian conservative, Bible believing, Constitutionalist, free marketeers are influenced in whatever way necessary to get them to ultimately DO NOTHING. Make them believe they are powerless. Or better yet, make them believe they are morally or intellectually superior by DOING NOTHING. Let's get them to pray instead of take action. Get them to comply instead of resist. Make them afraid of dying instead of coveting death to preserve their posterity.

That's what a PSYOP does. And for those of you who still don't believe that conservatives and Christians like you and me have been affected by PSYOPs, then please explain to me:

  • How Christians allowed their churches to be shut down all across America.
  • How everybody just accepts that Trump lost the election, that hundreds of thousands of ballots were magically found in the middle of the night that were all for Biden, and that we have to move on.
  • That Trump is now being prosecuted purely for political reasons and we all just stand by and watch.
  • That innocent Americans are being put in jail as political prisoners because of "January 6th."
  • That people like Alex Jones and Ammon Bundy are facing millions of dollars in illegal fines for so-called "defamation" lawsuits when they have not broken any laws, including 1st Amendment violating "defamation laws."
  • How questioning propaganda for COVID caused Americans to get de-platformed, lose their jobs, and/or lose their income.
  • How private institutions like Facebook, Google, and Twitter were forced by the government to censor people on their platforms and we all just accept it.
  • How conservatives can't stop using these same platforms that they know are abusive and tyrannical towards them.

I could go on and on, obviously. But I think you get the point. So if you still don't think that PSYOPS are effective, and you still don't think you have been affected, then let me make it really plain. Your behavior is currently being controlled by a PSYOP if you:

  • Still go to a church that shut down during COVID.
  • Still use Facebook.
  • Still wear a facemask.
  • Still send your kids to public school.
  • Still go to college, tell your kids to go to college, or still support going to college.
  • Still believe what hospitals and doctors say about anything.
  • Still watch CNN, MSNBC, CBS, or Fox News and believe what they report.

And most of all, if you can look back at the last 3 years and realize that you DID NOTHING of substance and that the only passions that you followed were "fiery Facebook" posts that "made people angry" and that put you in "Facebook jail" and made you "lose friends." Folks, I hate to tell you this, but Facebook is not real life. What happens on Facebook is not real. And if your time, energy, and bandwidth during the most relevant years of your life were spent arguing with idiots and people who don't even know you (many of whom have been proven to be AI bots), then guess what? You were controlled by a PSYOP. And they got you to do exactly what they wanted—they got you to waste your time DOING NOTHING even though you thought you were in some sort of worthwhile battle.

So now you know what a PSYOP is and how it targets conservative people like you and me. In subsequent articles, I will share with you the most influential PSYOP of the COVID era and I will also share with you the number one PSYOP used against Christians to make the American Christian church virtually 100% impotent. Any guesses as to what they are?
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