What Javier Milei Means to America and the World

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What Javier Milei Means to America and the World

November 20th, 2022 | by Gunner Steele

Last night, Argentina elected a new President, Javier Milei, and it would be difficult to overstate just how important and significant this election is and was.

Now, Milei's election is pretty much front page news all over the world today, and for good reason. And you are undoubtedly going to hear all kinds of propaganda-laced nonsense from both sides of the political aisle: with "right wingers" hailing him as Argentina's political Messiah, and leftists denouncing him as the worst human alive since Hitler.

But readers to the Freedom Man Blog want the "BOTTOM LINE." You come here because you want balanced, accurate, and "insider" facts and information that you simply don't get from any other media source. So I want to share with you very quickly why this election is so important and what it means to Americans and other believers in Freedom around the world…


Libertarianism can be defined as the political belief that anything is allowed as long as it doesn't harm another and that government's only real purpose is to defend the nation and to enforce contracts amongst the people. For this reason, many libertarians are perceived to be "right wing" because their belief system, by definition, ensure smaller government. Libertarianism differentiates itself from both the leftist who favors “economic” restrictions and the conservative who favors “moral” restrictions.

Ron Paul is probably our nation's most famous Libertarian. But many historical characters are probably best defined as Libertarian as well—like Thomas Jefferson. But Javier Milei is not like Jefferson nor like Ron Paul. He's something from another dimension altogether…
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Javier Milei was elected President of Argentina on Sunday, November 19th, 2023. He is first Libertarian President of a major nation.


Imagine the brain of Ron Paul with the wit of Tony Stark, the self certainty of Donald Trump, and the bombastic language and delivery of Alex Jones—well, that's pretty much Javier Milei. The truth is that it is impossible to put him in a category because there has never been anyone like him.

And his own personal history makes this evident as he is the product of many different experiences from his own life—parts of which are not very glorious or laudable. Other elements however, have endeared him to his base, and made him likable to the political right and odious to the political left. For example, he was once a professional soccer player (Argentinians love soccer more than Americans love all sports combined), he was a lead singer in a rock band, he became an expert in Austrian economics, and also a political TV commentator who spent his days denouncing leftist policies and politicians.

Think of it this way, what if Tucker Carlson used to play football, but then became a Mick Jagger impersonator as the frontman in a Rolling Stones tribute band, and finally decided to use his visibility as a TV commentator to launch a political career primarily by blasting every ill from high taxes, to marxism, feminism, socialism, communism, and political corruption by going on fiery rants often laced with profanity and slang? Well, Tucker would certainly gain lots of additional popularity amongst the right, and if nothing else—it would be entertaining.

Speaking of Tucker Carlson, here's an interview he had with Javier Milei:

NOTE: the subtitles incorrectly translate the word "Libertarian" as "liberal" or "liberalism." Don't let that confuse you. Whenever you read the word "liberal" or "liberalism" in the subtitles, just mentally replace it with "Libertarian" or "Libertarianism."


To make things simple, Milei has basically the same policy positions as Ron Paul. He wants a smaller government and has proposed eliminating the vast majority of Argentina's federal bureaucracies. He wants less taxes, less government spending, less regulations, and more freedom. And like Ron Paul, he is a staunch pro-lifer and he opposes abortion. This is somewhat unique amongst Libertarians, as the large majority of Libertarians believe that a woman can do whatever she wants with her body—and while this is consistent with the general belief set of Libertarianism, Javier Milei accurately recognizes that a baby, while it is inside the womb of a woman, is another human being altogether and therefore a woman cannot take the life of another. He has also denounced societal ills like gay marriage, socialism, and feminism though he has not necessarily announced any policy plans around those subjects.

Milei also plans to eliminate the Central Bank in Argentina and dollarize the Argentinian economy. This will be a major boon for the US dollar, which has been suffering as of late, if and when Milei is able to pull that off. Milei is also opposed to CBDC's and a big supporter of Bitcoin.

Milei describing his view of the role of government.


Once you have seen how outrageous Milei is—how he screams and shouts at his rallies and holds up an active chainsaw (indicative of how big government and its corrupt politicians must be cut down to size), how he frequently calls the political left, "$h!t" (all in Spanish, of course), and how he appears to be unhinged and unruly, and how he espouses the exact opposite viewpoints of what the major propaganda machines are pumping out 24/7—then you realize that Milei represents EXACTLY WHAT PEOPLE ACTUALLY WANT. And he is proof that pretty much everybody is sick and tired of "elitist politicians."
Javier Milei with his chainsaw

Javier Milei with his signature chainsaw.

In this sense, he is just like Trump. He is not part of the ruling class and he is not a politician. He is not "presidential" and he is not sophisticated or erudite. On the contrary, he is RAW and he is REAL. But beyond any question or doubt, he is remarkably intelligent. He is also witty and he very likable. But, he is not a billionaire like Trump. He's just a regular guy like you and me. He represents the fact that anybody with truth and passion can ascend to the highest point in a free society if the people will simply hear his message.

However, the most significant element of his election is the fact that he actually won! Nobody in the world believes in the integrity of elections anymore. So the fact that Milei was able to actually win with nearly a 10 point margin, instead of the common 49/51 nonsense we always see in America seems to indicate that the election was real. So how did that happen?

Well, after the primary election, Milei and his supporters sharply criticized the election process and publicly claimed that there was a tremendous amount of fraud going on. The political ruling class, the left, and the media played it down and while never denying that it fraud was taking place, they simply claimed that the fraud was "not significant enough to effect the outcome." Imagine that! Sound familiar, by the way?

This simply fired up Milei's base and they demanded and created oversight systems where his own supporters would be at election places all across the country monitoring and ensuring that there was no fraud. Interestingly enough, Argentina requires that you show your ID and they don't have opportunities for massive Absentee Ballot voting. In other words, if Milei had people monitoring all of the polls, it would be difficult to impossible to fake the outcome of the election.

And guess what? Miles's supporters showed up country wide to monitor all the polling places and the results are impressive. The reason this is so significant is it shows that if Argentina can do it—so can America. It just takes the will of the people to FORCE IT TO HAPPEN. Don't wait for the politicians, America, you need to take the situation into your own hands or we will simply never have true and free federal elections in America ever again.

Milei therefore represents hope for America and hope for the world. Literally. Milei demonstrates that socialism destroys and free markets heal. Milei's rise to political power shows us that the common man doesn't want socialism or big government, but that if you will simply explain it to him—the common man wants freedom.

Javier Milei with his typical fiery rhetoric against leftists who he calls in Spanish, "Zurdos de mierda."


Like any new and popular figure, Javier is not perfect and there are several elements of his life that should make one pause and consider his potential for negative outcomes. But even in these handful of cases, the positive potential far outweighs the negative. And of course, nobody should ever exalt a political figure as a savior or an idol. Even good men have imperfections and some evil men often have some benign or even benevolent qualities. Nevertheless, as far as Milei is concerned, you should know:

Milei was a member of the World Economic Forum (WEF). Generally speaking, the WEF is an evil organization that should be abandoned and abolished completely. The fact that Milei was once a member of this organization does put a big question mark over his head and delivers a sense of confusion for those who are looking at him as objectively as possible. Milei's rhetoric would make one assume that he would be diametrically opposed to the WEF, even before he began his political career. However, his history as a trained and professional economist does allow one to see a potential reason WHY he would be involved. Think of it as if Dr. Mercola had once graduated from a major allopathic university and attended conferences full of medical doctors that were sponsored by Pfizer. Sure, it would be a negative connection in his history, but it's also understandable considering his background. Nevertheless, an organization like the WEF is beyond dangerous and any connections Milei has to it should be considered suspect and cause for additional scrutiny.

Critics believe he is controlled by the Rothschild family. True blue conspiracy theorists believe everyone in a position of power is controlled by the Rothschild family. Therefore the rise of someone like Milei has to be powered by the "powers that be" and since Milei has talked about his desire to become Jewish, this has only fueled speculation that he is controlled by the Rothschilds. For those who don't know, the Rothschild family is Jewish and they are basically the richest family on the planet who control an unimaginable number of worldwide institutions. Yes, they are evil.

However, the Rothschilds are ethnic Jews and not religious Jews. Milei's interest in Judaism is a religious one. Like basically all Argentinians, he was born and raised in a Catholic family, but his own experiences and studies in economics turned his attention to the Torah (basically the Old Testament) where you can find the fundamentals of Austrian Economics are based in the Pentateuch (the first 5 books of the Old Testament). As such, Milei studied with an Argentinian Rabbi and voiced interest in converting to religious Judaism. This happened way before Hamas attacked Israel. However, his connection to his Jewish friends and his interest in religious Judaism gives him an automatic affinity for Israel and right after the Hamas attack, Milei took up an Israeli flag and began waving it at one of his rallies showing his support.

Both sides of the political aisle took this moment, without context, and used it to either claim that Milei was a right wing proponent of Israel who will support the government of Israel no matter what it does, or that he was a Rothschild controlled Zionist who supports the murder of the innocent. Careful research into the context of these situations demonstrates neither one of these positions to be true.

Javier Milei describing all of the Argentinian Federal ministries (bureaucracies) he plans to eliminate.


In any event, Javier Milei has a rough journey ahead of him. He does not have the support of his Congress nor of the left wing media in his country. And you must understand that Argentina, just 100 years ago, was one of the wealthiest countries on the planet. They are rich in resources and have a highly educated, mostly European population. But today, socialism has so destroyed the country, that their poverty rates are as high as 40% and inflation is over 150%. We've published before about Argentina's version of Hillary Clinton, Cristina Kirchner, who basically destroyed the country in the last 2 decades.

However, if Milei were able to implement his policy ideas in Argentina, we would see the first time a major world government had gone from the top all the way to the bottom, only to recover again by simply implementing the policies of the FREE MARKET. This has never happened before as a whole. The closest we ever saw was the 3 years of world peace and world prosperity under President Trump. But to see this wholesale in a nation as large and significant as Argentina would absolutely ROCK THE WORLD.

I pray that he succeeds.
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