The Reality of Our National Debt - Part 2
How to Prepare for the Coming Debt Crisis

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The Current National Debt for the United States of America, aka The Land of the Free:

In case you are wondering, that is $34 trillion with a T. A trillion is a thousand billion. And a billion is a thousand million.

The Reality of Our National Debt

January 22nd, 2024 | by Gunner Steele

The National Debt in America has unfortunately become a joke and a cultural punchline and nobody seems to take it seriously. However, nearly every financial problem you can think of in America, from inflation to the outrageous cost of living, the price of gas, the unaffordability of homes, the weakening of the US Dollar, and the rise of BRICS can be traced back to the US national debt.

It is not a laughing matter.

However, like everything else in the financial sector of our country, the reality of the issue is so complicated and so hidden behind layers of intricate and interwoven laws, concepts, and regulations, the cause and effects of our national debt are easily hidden from the mainstream of our society.

In short, people don't know what the national debt really is or what it actually causes. And mostly, we don't know WHAT THE HECK WE CAN DO ABOUT IT.

So let me explain a little based on recent history so you can not only put things into perspective, but also understand what you, as an individual, can do about it:

Did you ever see the Lego Movie where they sing that song, "Everything is Awesome?" It's a silly song that points out how propaganda works and how mindless zombies (the Lego characters) can be controlled into assuming life is great and everything is awesome—even if it's not.

Well, think back to 2019, the year before the Great Scam of 2020. Back then, the US economy was booming. In fact, we had record tax revenue, there were no wars and we had the lowest unemployment in history. If you don't remember those days, just ask President Trump about them, because he'll be happy to remind you and to take credit for it all.

Anyhow, most Americans felt that "everything was awesome" in 2019, and by many measures, it was! Yet, somehow when everything was awesome, America still managed to add $1 trillion USD to the national debt that year! How could that be? It's really hard to imagine, but that's what we did.

So it makes one wonder, if tax revenue was at record levels, the economy was booming, and unemployment was likewise at record low levels, yet we still couldn't manage to pay our bills and added RECORD DEBT to the tune of over $1 trillion, all of this when "everything was awesome," then what in the world would happen if everything ceased to be awesome and we had some sort of national catastrophe?

Well, your best buddy, Anthony "The Felon" Fauci answered that question for us the following year. I don't have to repeat to you what we did in response to the COVID scam, but needless to say, printing trillions of dollars out of thin air, paying people to not work, and shutting down our economy did not help our debt situation.

But let's talk about this in terms of actual numbers and real facts…

There is a department in the federal government that allegedly is non-partisan and works for our Congress in order to provide projections of the economy, budget, and federal spending. It is called the Congressional Budget Office and the reports they put out are very informative and useful.

And according to their most recent report, the United States is going to increase our national debt by another twenty trillion dollars in the next 10 years—specifically by 2023.

Now the problem with these numbers is that Americans are so desensitized to these numbers. A trillion here, a trillion there, and yet it doesn't seem to matter. I mean nobody can even understand what a trillion dollars even is, let alone $20 trillion! But let's break this down in terms of what it will mean to you…

The year 2033 is an important year, because not only will we add $20 trillion to the US debt, according to the CBO, but it is also the year that the Social Security Trust Fund is scheduled to completely run out of money!

So what is the Social Security Trust Fund? Well, as you know, Social Security is a giant government ponzi scheme. It is a scam that has convinced millions of Americans that they have been "paying into" some sort of retirement account that they can then take money out of once they get old and are retired. Of course, this has been proven to be a lie, not only through common sense, but also IN THE US COURT where the government admitted that Social Security is not a fund, but simply a tax.

In short, working people pay this tax, and the government the redistributes that tax to old people who are retired, after taking some hefty administrative fees for themselves, of course.

This social security tax (it is normally called "FICA" on your paycheck) that is taken out of everyone's paycheck who actually works, is then paid as direct cash payments to retired people. Of course, billions of dollars from Social Security is also given to disabled people and to programs designed to traffic children under the auspices of Child Protective Services. So after your money is given to old people, disabled people, and to kidnappers to forcibly steal innocent people's children from them, there is still a fair amount of money left over each month, so the government puts that extra money into a trust fund. This trust fund is called the Social Security Trust Fund.

So let's talk about that rust fund for a moment…

Believe it or not, over time, the Social Security Trust Fund accumulated over $3 trillion and it was was heavily invested in US government bonds which bore interest. I know that sounds crazy because it means the government is borrowing and investing in itself, albeit in different departments, but that's how the system works.

Anyhow, combining the money stolen from hard working Americans each month in the form of FICA taxes along with the interest from the trust fund's investments, and the Social Security Trust Fund actually always had a healthy surplus!

At least that's how things were all the way up until 2020. Big surprise, eh? In 2020, there were then so many retirees and other government programs dipping into the Social Security Trust Fund that it barely broke even that year.

Then, in 2021, the Social Security program, for the first time in American history spent more than it took in. You would think this would have been BIG NEWS talked about by every talking head in the country, but NOOOO. I would imagine you never heard about this until you read it right here, right? I hope you realize that the fact this information was hidden from you is all part of the PSYOP designed to control your mind and behavior.

Anyhow, this deficit spending by Social Security continued in 2022 and 2023. So you might wonder where Social Security got the money for this deficit spending for the last 3 years, right? Well, guess what? They actually dipped into the Social Security Trust Fund in order to pay for their additional deficit spending for each of the last 3 years!

So instead of the Social Security program adding to and funding the Social Security Trust Fund, it was actually taking money from and draining the fund!

And now the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) is projecting that the once healthy $3 trillion Social Security Trust Fund is depleting so rapidly that it will be completely out of cash by 2033!

Now this next part is going to be a little confusing, but stick with me…

So the reason why this is all so scary and dangerous is because this means that the Social Security program is no longer able to buy US Government Bonds. Previously, the Social Security program was the largest buyer of US Government Bonds, which essentially gave your ol pals in Congress a free giant slush fund to waste money on their favorite pet projects each year. But now, the Social Security program is no longer BUYING government bonds, it's SELLING them!

It would be hard to describe how significant and important this reality is for our economic future.

Think about it in these terms—instead of the Social Security program sending its excess revenue each year to the US Treasury, the US Treasury now has to pay back its debt to the Social Security program.

And this will continue over the next 10 years until the $3 trillion that the Social Security Trust Fund had built up is completely out of cash!

So what will happen then? Well, do you remember what happened around 2009 when big banks who were "too big to fail" starting crashing? They needed a "bailout," right?

That's what is going to happen to Social Security—it's going to need a massive bailout. And that's where you come in as you'll see in a moment…

You see, not only will the government need to pay for the additional $20 trillion that we are going to add to the National Debt, but an additional $3 trillion for the Social Security Trust Fund. Remember, this is money we have to BORROW.

And no, foreign investors are no longer buying up these government bonds like they used to, not even China or Japan (who used to be our largest bondholders).

So there is literally only one option—the Federal Reserve.

The Federal Reserve is America's central bank that people think is part of our government even though it is not. Don't let the name "Federal" Reserve fool you because the Federal Reserve is about as Federal as Federal Express. Basically, the Federal Reserve is a private bank that lends money to the US Government and essentially exists to enslave the entire population of America while enriching itself through powers it has been granted by our own Congress.

Now to help put this in perspective, consider the fact that the Federal Reserve (aka "The Fed"), created roughly $4 trillion in new money during the COVID scam and in doing so, created the highest inflation that Americans have seen in their lifetime—which they claim is about 9% (though in reality, it is way higher).

Nevertheless, I want you to ask yourself this question, "If $4 trillion dollars created out of thin air created 9% inflation and has made life very difficult and in some cases IMPOSSIBLE for the average American, what will $23+ trillion do?"

Because remember, the Fed is the only option that Social Security and Congress have in order to continue to pay its obligations and continual deficit spending. This money is not real—it is created out of thin air by the Fed, and money created out of thin air CAUSES INFLATION.

And of course, these projected numbers are all assuming that Congress will not spend more money than they are spending now, that there won't be any wars, any emergencies, or any other moronic legislation that pandering politicians dream up to persuade voters to keep them in office.

Now I know that all sounds pretty bleak. And quite frankly it is. But I am not preaching a message of doom and gloom, nor do I believe in the concept of total financial collapse like many people believe.

The US economy is too big and strong with too many incredibly hard workers to just disappear overnight. Nevertheless, the reality of runaway inflation is very real. If you don't like spending $5 for a dozen eggs, then what will you do when it's $15? And if you think $400,000 for a starter house is ridiculous, what will you do when it's $1 million for a starter house, and mortgages go out to 40 and 50 years in order for couples in their 20s and 30s to be able to make $3,000/mo mortgage payments on their first "starter house?"

And if you thought the cost of living has become outrageous in the last 4 years since Biden took office and it is basically unlivable, and all of that as a result of 9% inflation, then what are you going to do when we have 20% inflation over the course of the next 10 years?

You can't stick your head in the sand and hope this all goes away. You have to be smart and BE PREPARED. Next week, I'll share with you 7 things you can do to be prepared. Share with me your ideas in the comments below…

1. Take your kid out of public school.
2. Get out of and off of public healthcare.
3. Legally lower your tax exposure as much as you possibly can.
4. Have lots of children and give Social Security the middle finger.
5. Build a stronger community.
6. Grow your own food.
7. Participate in the political process.
BONUS - consider preparing your own Plan B.

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