Meet Kelly Shoplock, An Evil Cog In Idaho’s Child Trafficking Machine

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Meet Kelly Shoplock, An Evil Cog In Idaho’s Child Trafficking Machine

April 21st | by Diego Rodriguez

The next "adjudicatory hearing" for Baby Cyrus is on May 9th and between now and then there is one person who currently has more power, control, and responsibility over the case than anybody else. And it is time to introduce her to the world…
Kelly Shoplock
Ladies and gentlemen, meet Kelly Shoplock, a social worker in Idaho's child trafficking machine, called CPS (Child Protective Services), but better described as Child Profiting Systems.

Kelly is the social worker assigned to this case who I previously described as someone who was probably just "trying to do her job," but she has definitely devolved and shown her true colors—and is now acting completely antagonistically toward Marissa and Levi. It is evident she is willing and trying to do anything and everything possible to keep CPS's grip and power over Baby Cyrus.

Before I describe to you the wickedness of this evil woman, let me state for the record that I, as always, am writing on my own accord. Levi and Marissa do not condone or promote that which I write, and I may publish things they would disapprove of. My words and my opinions are my own.

However, you must remember, I am currently LIVING with Marissa and Levi, and I will continue to do so until justice is properly served and we get Baby Cyrus back from the evil clutches of the state. Until then, these articles will keep coming, and believe me, I have plenty of source material. The list of evil associates and bad actors connected to Child Protective Services in Idaho is basically endless. And now we have a secure email address for whistleblowers to send us even more evidence, and gratefully we are already getting content fed to us there on a daily basis.

Who Is Kelly Shoplock?

Kelly Shoplock is the social worker from CPS assigned to Baby Cyrus's case. She is the self-proclaimed "third parent" who represent's the state of Idaho's interest(s) in the Baby Cyrus case. Believe it or not, this is something she likes to call herself when she speaks to Marissa and Levi, "Remember, I'm the third parent," she says. That is like a rapist telling a woman, "Remember I'm your second husband."

It is absolutely disgusting. What kind of a human can happily use the force of government to coerce you against your will to accept her intrusion into your life FOR NO REASON other than extortion? She is not protecting Baby Cyrus—nor is the state of Idaho. They kidnapped Baby Cyrus for money—pure and simple.

What Is Kelly Doing Wrong?

Initially Kelly tried to act like the typical government lackey who was just trying to do her job, and it was her supervisor, Kristen Nate, who demonstrated ill-will and hostility towards Marissa and Levi. But ever since a new safety plan was signed, Kelly has been acting hostile and frustrated because of the following three things that happened:

1. The mutually agreed upon Medical providers (i.e. doctors) have diagnosed Baby Cyrus as having "cyclical vomiting syndrome" and have declared emphatically that he was never in "imminent danger" and that Marissa and Levi had nothing to do with his loss of weight. (As if losing weight is sufficient for a hostile kidnapping or justification for state tyranny anyway.)

2. By the doctor's orders, all medical check-ins at St. Luke's and/or the Idaho Department of Health and Welfare have been terminated. Medical check-ins are all now done in the doctor's own office. This means that Baby Cyrus is no longer on the enemy's turf and Kelly and her goons have less control.

3. Baby Cyrus had his NG feeding tube removed. This tube served no purpose other than to aggravate Baby Cyrus's already sensitive digestive tract and, most importantly to CPS, it gave Cyrus the appearance of being a sick baby. Like facemasks for COVID, the psychological effect of making Baby Cyrus appear sickly to the world was evidently paramount in their perverse and twisted game. So once Cyrus's doctors removed it and noted it as being unnecessary, their major tool of oppression against baby Cyrus was taken from them.

Now admittedly, I don't know if Kelly is being pressured by those above her (more exposés forthcoming on the "higher ups") or if she is acting on her own accord, but what difference does it make—she's still the one doing it!

Kelly is now acting like a frustrated tyrant who is losing her grip and power—like Rapunzel's wicked stepmother. Previously she mostly left Marissa and Levi alone. Now she calls and texts and acts so concerned about Baby Cyrus's health, constantly whining about Cyrus's weight and how she thinks he needs the NG tube again.

Of course, the doctors have told her that this is nonsense and that they are not concerned with Baby Cyrus's weight like Kelly pretends to be. Imagine how frustrating this is for Kelly and CPS considering weight loss was the only thing noted as being the baseless justification for kidnapping Cyrus in the first place!

"I'm just so concerned about Baby Cyrus weight, I think he needs to be taken back to the hospital," she laments. Who does this woman think she is? She is just a social worker! She works for a corrupt organization that kidnaps babies for profit! And now she is frustrated because the doctors in this high-profile case are honest and objective (and are not getting paid by CPS,) and are not rubber stamping their wishes like what she is used to. So she has no more control.

Questions for Kelly:

Kelly, I will give you my phone number, and you can call me (I will record the call, obviously) or you can text me (I will save screenshots of the messages) but I want you to answer the following questions:
  1. Why are you trying desperately to find a reason or excuse to be "concerned" about Baby Cyrus's health when the doctors are not concerned? Is your training as a mere social worker superior to the extended education of licensed M.D.s?
  2. Why are you trying to make Marissa and Levi look culpable when Medical professionals have stated emphatically that they have done nothing wrong?
  3. The Idaho Department of Health and Welfare already admitted that Baby Cyrus was not in "imminent danger" when they tried to take Baby Cyrus into foster care the night he was kidnapped, so how do you justify the kidnapping when your own department has tacitly admitted there was no "imminent danger?"
  4. St. Luke's attending physician the night of the kidnapping likewise noted that there was no imminent danger and stated that Cyrus was a "healthy baby with no interventions." How do you justify the lie of "imminent danger" when a St. Luke's physician plainly stated the opposite?
  5. What makes you think you have the right to interpose yourself as a "third parent" using the force of government when your department has broken every Idaho state statute regarding parental rights in this case?
  6. How much money will CPS lose on a monthly basis if Baby Cyrus's case is dismissed and he is no longer under state control?
In the last 6+ weeks I have spoken with many former employees of CPS, whistleblowers, and others associated with CPS and the foster care system. I have also read dozens of articles, watched endless videos, and have read through books from insiders including the excellent, Legally Kidnapped by Carlos Morales who was a former social worker at CPS. A common theme amongst them all is this—no clean or honest-hearted person can last within the system for more than a year. A pure heart and a clean conscience simply will not allow it.

In other words, only a sick, twisted, and demented soul could continue to work as a social worker in a place like CPS. Their very paychecks are funded by destroying the lives of families through child trafficking. It's blood money! In Kelly's case, she has apparently worked at CPS for over 7 years, and in that time thousands of children in Idaho have been trafficked—which she has been an accomplice to. She pays her mortgage and feeds her own children with blood money, gathered from the broken lives of children who have been raped, abused, and forcefully separated from their parents at the point of a gun. What type of a sick person stays committed to such a career?

Kelly's Husband and Some Interesting Friendships

Kelly's full name is Kelly Atkins Shoplock and she is married to Joseph Robert Shoplock. They are both 44 years old and they live in Eagle, Idaho. Joseph is the battalion chief at the Eagle Fire Department. Interestingly enough, just last week he became the President of the Idaho Firefighters Union.

In short, these two are typical statists who make their money off of government. And Kelly's husband, Joseph, who publishes his name on Facebook as Rob Shoplock, has quite an interesting list of friends on his Facebook page. For example, "Rob" is friends with Brad Little, Scott Bedke, Fred Martin, Greg Chaney, Patti Anne Lodge, Lori Otter, Shawn Keough, and Chuck Winder just to name a few—a virtual "Who's Who" list of statist republicans and RINOs who I personally and publicly have opposed right here on this very blog. Example. Example. Example. Example. Example. Example. Example. Example.

Now you can't draw any definitive conclusions about someone based solely on their Facebook friends, and Rob does have other Republican friends in his list that are not as leftist as these.

But one can only imagine what the dinner conversations are like when Kelly—who is an accomplice to child trafficking and is the assigned social worker to the highest-profile state subsidized baby kidnapping case in Idaho's history—speaks to her husband, the President of the Firefighters Union, who apparently is good buddies with the most leftist, corrupt, and wicked RINOs in the state and who also happen to have been publicly criticized by Baby Cyrus's grandpa!

Remarkably, Kelly's Husband has the following banner with a scriptural reference on it as his Facebook banner:
Stacks Image 656
That is quite an interesting banner to post considering the type of work his wife does on a daily basis. Now I've got a pair of sciptures for the two of you to consider so…Kelly and Joseph Shoplock, please take into consideration what God said about people like you who are accomplices to kidnapping:
Scriptures for Kelly and Rob Shoplock
As far as we know, Kelly has the power to write a report and send it to her superiors letting them know that there is no evidence or reason to continue with this case. Baby Cyrus is in good hands, he is safe, he is not in imminent danger, his parents are caring for him, he has a team of medical professionals looking after him, and there is ZERO evidence to continue the case.

If she refuses to do so—we can only conclude that she is a willing accomplice to child trafficking. There is no other logical conclusion.

Written by Grandpa Diego Rodriguez
on my own behalf

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