Belligerent Tyrant Sergeant Christopher McGilvery

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Sergeant Christopher McGilvery is a Belligerent Tyrant. See for yourself:

Belligerent Tyrant: Sergeant Christopher McGilvery

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Meridian Sargent Christopher McGilvery
(He is the belligerent thug screaming at Miranda to get her @$$ out of the car and the one who slammed Levi against the truck and handcuffed him. He was the most aggressive tyrant of the entire kidnapping event.)

Sergeant Christopher McGilvery can be described in no other way than just to plainly state what he is—A BELLIGERENT TYRANT.

You cans see in this video below how he abuses, assaults, uses inappropriate language, lies, manipulates, and tyrannizes innocent citizens. If this is how he acts while he knows he's being filmed, imagine how he acts daily abusing Meridian citizens without any accountability.

Christopher McGilvery Overview:

Christopher McGilvery is was employed at the City of Meridian Police Department and has annual salary of $115,695 according to public records. This salary is 97 percent higher than average and 112 percent higher than median salary in City of Meridian. https://govsalaries.com/mcgilvery-christopher-b-112108578

If you would like to send Sergeant McGilvery a letter to express your opinion about his behavior, you can send him a letter to his home address, or send him an email, text message, or phone call:

Home Address:
Belligerent Tyrant Christopher McGilvery
1151 N Macaile Way
Eagle, ID 83616

Email: [email protected]
(208) 941-9725
(208) 898-5977

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/chris.mcgilvery.7/
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/chris-mcgilvery-b367a876

Tyrant Christopher McGilvery full of glee to hear that Baby Cyrus had lost weight:

People Responsible for Cyrus's Kidnapping:


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