How COVID-19 and White Racists Are the Same

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How COVID-19 and White Racists Are the Same

April 2, 2020 | by Gunner Steele

You’ve probably heard that racism from white people against black people has escalated exponentially under the era of Trump. And I’m sure you know that white cops disproportionately kill more black people in the line of duty, because, well…because they’re black people. And white cops are racist and love killing black people. It’s their thing, you know?

We know this is true, because when it happens it's posted on the news 24/7, on all media outlets, nonstop, continually and without end. This is why it’s called PROPAGANDA.

As a reminder, the definition of propaganda is “information, especially of a biased or misleading nature, used to promote or publicize a particular political cause or point of view.”
The Definition of Propaganda
And if you’re easily swayed by propaganda, then you are a useful idiot.

Now mind you, I don’t take the loss of human life lightly—particularly the loss of innocent human life. Nor do I automatically believe or assume that everyone in a blue uniform is automatically a “good guy” just because he is a police officer. On the contrary, I am on record as being an outspoken voice against police and government corruption, and I believe that any law enforcement officer, at any level, who does not perform their duties according to the law and good conscience, should be gravely punished.

But the most important thing in all reporting should be THE TRUTH. So whether or not there are some bad cops killing black people or not, that should not be used as propaganda to force a narrative down Americans' throats.

So now let me ask, do you really believe that white cops are racist and are disproportionately killing black people? Well Candace Owens, a black woman herself and a self-described former “liberal,” used to believe that same thing. Why? Because it was always on the news! She was a victim of propaganda. But then she did something that liberals never want you to do: she read the facts for herself! And look at what happened:
In her own words, the "Black Lives Matter" movement, which she previously accepted and believed was essentially stating that you "can't even go outside right now as a black person in America without being gunned down by racist police officers…and during that year I started looking at the numbers of how many black unarmed men were being and shot and killed by police. And I was shocked to discover that despite watching every single night on MSNBC and CNN people crying and saying that this is the biggest thing that is threatening black America, sixteen (16) black men were shot, unarmed, by police officers. Which equates to .00004% of the black population. White men were gunned down at a higher rate, hispanic men were gunned down at a higher rate, and police officers were 18.5 times more likely to be shot and killed by a black man than the other way around. So why the narrative?"

Well stated, Candace! Bravo. Thank God for people like Candace Owens, people!

So what is the point? The point is that while white cops killing black people is A problem, it is not THE problem for the black community. In fact it is incredibly low on the priority list of problems in the black community. Candace rates “absent fathers” as the number one problem plaguing the black community and it's pretty hard to argue with her conclusion.

And as far as being murdered as a black person in America? Well, statistically you are more likely to be killed by another black person. Especially if you live in Chicago. And the crazy part? Well, it doesn’t matter where you live or where you’re from, if you’re a black person in Europe, America, or even in Africa, you’re most likely to be killed by another black person! The sad truth is that black people mostly kill other black people.

But again, the point here is that news outlets have taken biased and misleading information, and used it promote and publicize a particular political cause. In this case they have tried to divide Americans based on race using a false narrative about police violence in the black community because this type of race baiting empowers democrat politicians who decry such “injustice” and then promise “reparations.”

Hmmmm. Using misleading information to promote a particular political cause? Sound familiar?

What is going on right now with COVID-19? Well, we are being told that everyone is going to die if they don’t stay in their homes and do nothing. In fact, if you dare leave your house for a “non-essential” reason you are going to be responsible for killing other people because you will be helping the virus to spread.

The death toll from COVID-19 is on display daily on all news outlets so Americans can watch it climb and climb and climb. And anytime a young or otherwise healthy person dies from COVID-19 (which is very rare), it is front and center on the news—designed to terrorize the population into thinking that they too will probably die if they catch COVID-19. Imagine if news outlets did the same thing for pneumonia? Or the annual flu?

And as long as you absorb all of this propaganda, and as long as you are not an objective, rational thinker, you will be victimized by the propaganda. You’ll believe it. You’ll buy the lie. And you’ll prove yourself to be a useful idiot.

Because just like Candace Owens found out when she actually saw the real statistics, COVID-19 hysteria is a giant scam. The numbers are bogus. The panic is unjustified. It’s one big, great, giant, SCAM! I’ve written about this at great length already here and here and here and here.

But in short (in case you missed it):
  • Number of COVID-19 deaths is greatly exaggerated.
  • Most deaths attributed to COVID-19 are actually caused by other health conditions.
  • In Italy (the site of the highest COVID-19 deaths percentage-wise), only .17% of deaths could actually be attributed to COVID-19.
  • A large majority of people who contract COVID-19 don’t show any symptoms at all.
  • A giant percentage of the population has already had COVID-19 and got over it.
So while COVID-19 is A problem facing America right now, it is not THE problem for us, nor the world. It is not even the most dangerous health problem we're facing (as there are many other deadlier diseases and afflictions killing us every day).

But just like the false narrative regarding white cops killing black people—this all being done in order to empower government in ways previously unimagined. As the definition of propaganda states, this is being done to “promote or publicize a particular political cause.” And the political cause here is a simple one—it’s POWER.

Propaganda is being forced into the hearts and minds of the world to further empower bad actors and genuinely evil people who want to control the rest of us. So you need to cut them off! Don’t be a useful idiot. Don’t buy the lies. Don’t get seduced by salacious headlines from propaganda machines.

How To Eliminate Propaganda From Your Life

  • Get rid of social media. Its a waste of life.
  • Don’t watch the mainstream media. Rather, intelligently choose your sources of news information.
  • Don’t believe things you hear or see until you’ve checked authoritative and original sources.
  • Use logic, common sense, and reason above feelings, emotions, and sensationalism.
  • Read more. Read history. Read the Bible. Learn about governments, economics, and the banking system.
In the end, you have to recognize that when you consume the news, you’re just consuming propaganda as this video so poignantly displays:
And here’s what you need to recognize—the current COVID-19 panic and subsequent government created economic depression is not real, but it is the consequence and result of propaganda. Yes, you and I could have our old jobs, our old lives, the old roaring economy, and our freedoms all back if people would just turn off their TVs and social media and stop sucking up and believing propaganda!
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