10 Questions to Ask Idaho Gubernatorial Candidates

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10 Questions to Ask Idaho Gubernatorial Candidates

June 22nd, 2021 | by Levi Anderson, Executive Director

If Idaho Conservatives are going to win a gubernatorial election, they need to ensure they don't split the vote amongst multiple candidates. Many have suggested having a straw poll, or a caucus, or something similar prior to the primary election so that only one candidate faces off against NonBinary Brad Little. Those are all fair ideas.

In the meantime, we need to get to know these candidates! We need to know what they stand for, what they believe and what distinctions there are amongst the candidates. To help us make the most informed decision amongst the 3 conservative candidates (Ed Humphreys, Janice McGeachin, and Ammon Bundy), we should get them to answer the following 10 questions:

Important questions to ask Gubernatorial candidates:

1. What action did you take in 2020 and 2021 to fight against corruption, tyranny, constitutional violations, and lockdowns? The greatest indication of future action by a Governor would be to see how they acted or responded in the past. Even the Lord Himself taught us that those who were faithful in little would be faithful in much and those who were not faithful with little would not be faithful with much (Luke 19:15-26). In the year 2020, when Idahoans experienced greater assualts on their freedom in the history of America, and when the Constitutional was violated in at least 8 different ways, it will be important to know, WHAT, if anything, did the candidates do to fight against it. Responses should be based on actual ACTION and not feelings or thoughts. I would not support any candidate who cannot demonstrate that they took action to fight government tyranny in 2020.

2. Besides any action taken in 2020 and 2021, what history do you have to give voters confidence that you would make good on your campaign promises, agenda, and commitments? In addition, candidates should demonstrate that this is not their "first rodeo." We need candidates who have a history of fighting, with real action and not just feelings or thoughts, for freedom, liberty, and Constitutional purity. Candidates who have no history of action taking for the sake of liberty should not get our support.

3. Do you have any scandals (e.g. criminal activity, drug use, affairs, etc.) in your past which could undermine or derail efforts by your supporters and potentially cost you the election if revealed at the eleventh hour by your opponent? Right, wrong, or indifferent, campaigns are completely destroyed "at the eleventh hour" all the time by opponents publishing scandalous information about the candidate's history. All of our efforts supporting a candidate for nearly a year can be instantly destroyed if one picture of the candidate doing drugs surfaces—even if it is from 20 years ago. Candidates who have any such scandalous information in their past should drop out and prevent a train wreck at the end of the campaign which would render all support null and void within days of the "revelation" of the scandal.

4. What are the distinctions of your campaign and candidacy that completely separate you from the other candidates and that would only be promoted by you? Beyond the typical platitudes of "supporting conservative values, fighting for jobs, improving education, etc." what are the reasons we should support the candidate? We want to know what is DISTINCT about the candidates and not what is the same.

5. Under what circumstances would you support future government-forced lockdowns? Many alleged "conservative" candidates do still believe that government has the right and prerogative to lock their states down in "emergency" situations. We ought to know what those parameters would be so we can determine what they really believe.

6. If there was a genuine pandemic, with a legitimately lethal and contagious virus, would you then support lockdowns or other coercive government action that violated Constitutional rights? Since it is evident that corrupt governments have recognized their power and ability to control masses of people through the fear of infection, we must assume that they will try to do so again. So we must know the candidates true position on the power and role of the government in the case of a legitimate pandemic—of which COVID-19 was not.

7. How would you define the role of government and what are examples of things that our state government is currently doing that it should not? Do you have any examples of what a government ought to do that Idaho is not currently doing? To best understand what a Governor would do as a leader of a sovereign government, we ought to know what they believe the actual role of government is. Should a government provide healthcare, education, safety nets, food, housing, etc.?

8. Who are the people you would take advice from as the Governor? No leader is an island—they all take advice and even direction from friends, associates, and community leaders. If you want to know the general course or direction of a Governor, you don't have to look any further than the people he/she surrounds himself with and who they would look to for help, advice, and support.

9. Give an example of how you would resist the Federal Government and stand on the authority of the 10th amendment to uphold state’s rights. Federal tyranny may be the greatest threat we face as a state. Most candidates would simply fold under federal pressure and Idaho would lose its sovereignty by default. What assurances can a candidate give us, by way of an example, on how they would protect our state sovereignty against federal tyranny?

10. What are you going to do as Governor to end IACI’s power, influence, and control over Idaho state government? IACI (the Idaho Association of Commerce and Industry) is the most corrupt and powerful lobbying organization in Idaho. They control Idaho politics and basically own Brad Little and the rest of his cronies like puppets. They are the reason behind nearly every liberal and socialist piece of legislation in our state. And of course, they have embedded themselves to top positions in our state with their officials serving as high level officials in the Otter Adminsitration and on Brad Little's staff. Brad Little himself was previously the Chairman of IACI. To end corruption and cronyism in Idaho, a candidate must eliminate IACI's power, influence, and control. What will they do to ensure that happens?
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