Commentary on Afghanistan

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Commentary on Afghanistan

August 23rd, 2021 | by Gunner Steele
The story of the Taliban re-taking Afghanistan last week might be the greatest story ever told in recent war history. Undoubtedly, you have seen the story all over the news, but as always, I'm going to assume that the details and the context behind the TRUE STORY have been left out for you.

But to start with, let me share with you the video that has gone around the world that has even caused far-left democrats to start turning on Joe Biden: [Warning: the video is graphic and disturbing to many]
As you can see in this video, Afghanis are so terrified of staying in Afghanistan under Taliban rule, that they are risking their lives trying to hold on to an American C17 transport plane while it is attempting to take off. Yes, several of them hold on long enough to be taken high into the air, where they later fall off and die. Who is responsible for this? You could say Joe Biden, but the truth is that the people who voted for him and stole the election are the ones truly responsible for it.
Let me try to add a little context for you so that you can be a little better equipped with knowledge around what's going on in Afghanistan…

Because the truth is that the Taliban is still a rag-tag group of ignorant and incompetent fighters who could never topple a society being "maintained" by the United States. They were able to do so simply because American government leaders are and were totally and completely INCOMPETENT, following their own agenda, rather than caring about innocent lives, or any type of moral code.

To begin with, the United States never should have entered Afghanistan after the attacks on American on September 11th, 2001. Afghanistan was not attacking us and they were not hiding weapons of mass destruction. That is another story altogether, but NO, we should have never been there.

Now, moving on to the matter at hand—consider just how incompetent Joe Biden, who is currently acting as President of the United States, actually is, consider his own comments about Afghanistan. He recently stated that there was "no circumstance" in which we would see American helicopters taking Americans away from the American embassy in Kabul, like we had to do from the American embassy in Saigon, Vietnam in the 70s. Then, within a few weeks, that is exactly what happened. See it for yourself:
Yup, that man is the acting President of the United States. But I don't want you to think he is alone in his stupidity, ignorance, incompetence, and dedication to his agenda and narrative. Because CNN and its employees and reporters have repeatedly demonstrated that they too will do WHATEVER IT TAKES to spin things in favor of their own narrative. As in this reporter who literally claims that the Taliban fighters are screaming "death to America" but "they seem friendly at the same time."
I just want you to imagine the level of cognitive dissonance you have to possess in order to be able to process this type of statement. I mean, how much do you have to be committed to LYING and characterizing everything in such a way so that the enemies of freedom never look bad, and the proponents of liberty and the Constitution always do?

Let us remember that these are the same people telling us that American citizens who are part of "Constitutional Groups" or those that "Oppose COVID lockdown measures" are terrorists. Literally.

But actual terrorist murderers (the Taliban) in the midst of shouting "Death to America" are "friendly?"

You can blame CNN, but I blame everyone who watches CNN. If you watch them, you are part of the problem.

Anyhow, I'd like to share a part of an article posted last week by Simon Black regarding what is going on in Afghanistan:
It started in December 2001, two months after the US invasion of Afghanistan. The bureaucratic geniuses at the United Nations had helped dream up something called ISAF, or International Security Assistance Force.

ISAF’s mission was to train the Afghan military and police forces in order to defend themselves and fight against the Taliban insurgency.

But most people on the ground knew it was a total farce. The US Soldiers who were deployed to Afghanistan in support of ISAF used to joke that the acronym stood for “I Suck At Fighting” because the Afghans were such poor quality recruits…

…Now, in fairness, some of the Afghan soldiers turned out to be skilled fighters; most of those were grouped into elite units.

But the conventional Afghan units couldn’t be relied upon, which is why ISAF ended up doing most of the fighting against the Taliban.

(Another joke was that, at least for the Afghan army recruits, ISAF stood for “I See Americans Fighting.”)

It’s noteworthy that ISAF did not come from soldiers or generals. It came from a multinational committee of bureaucrats who sat around a conference table 10,000 miles from the front lines and planned out something that they knew nothing about.

Yet to add credibility to their plan, the bureaucrats brought in a bunch of mujahideen warlords to sign off on the deal.

(Little did the bureaucrats realize that these were the same warlords who were responsible for Afghanistan’s civil war in the 1990s.)

The warlords happily obliged, knowing they would be able to milk ISAF for countless millions of dollars and military resources to keep themselves in power and undermine US strategy.

ISAF was a bad idea from the start, practically by design. Bureaucrats wrote the policies. Politicians set the Rules of Engagement. Poll numbers dictated strategy.

And any objective assessment showed that it wasn’t working.

For example, after nearly a decade of war—plus hundreds of billions of dollars spent and an incalculable cost of human life and limb—the security situation in Afghanistan was so bad that President Obama increased the troop count to 100,000 in August 2010, up from 25,000 in early 2008.

There are so many tragedies here. All the money spent, the accumulated debt, the lives and limbs lost, the civilian casualties… and for what purpose? So that the Taliban could take over tens of billions of dollars worth of US military equipment that the Afghan military abandoned?

Plus there are now thousands of local Afghans who served the US military as interpreters, administrators, etc., each of whom was promised a US immigration visa, especially in the event that the Taliban took over.

Yet according to an analysis by The Wall Street Journal, there are more than 20,000 Afghans who were promised US visas. But due to the State Department’s bureaucratic rules, it may take 12-18 months to process them. Most of those people fear they’ll be murdered by the Taliban before their visa is approved.

This is a pretty powerful symbol to people around the world-- that regardless of what you’ve been promised, America will leave you to be slaughtered.

Then there’s the appalling level of incompetence and miscalculation in failing to anticipate this outcome.

It was only five weeks ago when the US president insisted that “the likelihood there’s going to be the Taliban overrunning everything and owning the whole country is highly unlikely.”

And yet it happened in a week…

…Afghanistan is a tragic metaphor for everything wrong with government… because we see these same mistakes over and over again.
Afghanistan is definitely a tragic metaphor for everything wrong with government today. And it is truly disturbing to consider the thousands of Afghanis who helped Americans, befriended American soldiers, and literally worked for the American military, who have already started to be killed in the streets of Afghanistan last week—because the American military, as directed by their superiors, have abandoned them and left them in the hands of the Taliban.

Social media and other methods of communication are already starting to fill up with stories from heart-broken American soldiers who have heard from the families of their Afghan friends who have already been killed since last week, simply because they once helped America.
Now would be a good time for us to consider what America's real role in the world is…

Are we supposed to conquer the world by force? Are we supposed to be the world's police?

Or should we be a beacon of hope to the world by demonstrating to every nation under heaven, that the principles of God-ordained freedom and liberty ensconced in our Constitution, and maintained by a self-governed faithful people, is the greatest hope for peace and prosperity that the world has ever known?

And what is preferable? Maintaining peace by force or by trade? Because history has proven that no nation ever goes to war with another nation it trades with.

Finally, have you ever considered who it is that actually threatens your peace? You have been propagandized to believe that brown men who live in caves and have sex with goats hiding in underdeveloped countries on the other side of the world so threaten your "freedom" that we have to spend trillions of dollars to blow them up.

Yet the truth be told, they pose ZERO threat of actually taking away any of your freedoms. Yet your liberal or RINO neighbor who can make one phone call and accuse you of child abuse, or of being unvaccinated, or of being a domestic terrorist—can lock you away in prison, destroy your life, and leave you stuck in bureaucratic hell, unable to ever get your life back. And they are all assumed to be good American neighbors! What a crock!

The true terrorists and the true threats to your freedom are RINOs and liberals and the bureaucratic institutions that they support and that support them. Prove me wrong.
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