How Many Idaho RINOs Would Go to Jail if Ammon Bundy Became Governor?

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How Many Idaho RINOs Would Go to Jail if Ammon Bundy Became Governor?

June 4th, 2021

Earlier today, Tom Luna, the head of the Idaho Republican Party sent out an email claiming that “Ammon Bundy is Not Welcome in the IDGOP.” I found this remarkable as there are 2 other candidates also running for Governor of Idaho, and Ammon has not even announced that he will run (though it is widely expected that he will).

This made me immediately think two things:
  • The GOP RINO establishment in Idaho is not afraid of any other candidate. Why is that?
  • How many Idaho RINOs would end up in jail if Ammon actually became Governor?
Tom Luna himself is a scandal-laden Republican who left office years ago with many big question marks over his awarding of contracts to companies and industries who donated to help get him elected. Him and his sister have many questionable public dealings that make you wonder what was going on behind the scenes—and what would happen to them if it were made public? Tom left public office to work for a special interest group to work as their Vice President of Policy, Advocacy, and Research. In other words, he became a lobbyist for education (hint hint) and barely returned to Idaho politics recently to take over the GOP when Raul Labrador stepped down. It makes me wonder if Tom’s backdoor finagling and deal-making were to be uncovered by a Bundy Administration, if it would put Tom and his cohorts in prison?

Butch Otter was famously corrupt and probably had more millions funneled into his campaign coffers through IACI and other special interest groups that he would no doubt be indicted, along with IACI leaders and could be sent to prison under a Bundy Administration.

Our own Attorney General, Lawrence Wasden, is famously corrupt and disgusting, who protected the corrupt police officers that murdered Jack Yantis in cold blood in 2015. The public is and was rightfully outraged about how improperly and corruptly the case was handled and managed by Wasden. Undoubtedly there were enough laws broken and corrupt back-room deals made, that if exposed, would implicate Wasden himself, and potentially put him behind bars. But only a Bundy Administration would pursue such an investigation and would be willing to see to it that justice prevails in the end.

And even last week, demonstrably corrupt Ada County Sheriff, Steve Bartlett has resigned with rumors circulating that his resignation is due to internal revelations within the Sheriff’s department that he promoted deputies to higher positions in exchange for sexual favors. Sure, these are currently unsubstantiated rumors, but the full revelation of it all will come to light shortly. And Ammon already had subpoenaed Sheriff Bartlett for his own court case, and Sheriff Bartlett could have been forced to testify (and may still be), in Ammon’s court case. And if it is true that Sheriff Bartlett was using his position as a public Sheriff to receive sexual favors from subordinate deputies in exchange for promotions to public posts, well, let’s just say that is not legal…

So then, how many RINOs and their illegal and corrupt activities would get exposed under a Bundy Administration and how many of them could end up in prison? We all know that Idaho RINOs are corrupt trash, and we also know that Ammon has a history of exposing them. We also know that Ammon is willing to fight to the end to expose corruption and that he does not back down from a fight. Imagine what he would do as Governor?

This doesn't even begin to talk about the corruption and illegal activity that went on last year in the Capitol. Ammon has personal cases against the Governor, Speaker of the House Scott Bedke, and officials in Idaho government. He, along with many others were fraudulently and illegally arrested on false charges, in a clear and illegal abuse of power. Ammon has also published the details, facts, and evidence, all online. If government officials break the law in a tyrannical fashion, they should be held accountable. Currently they are not being held accountable and nobody in government or law enforcement would dare hold any of their contemporaries accountable. But Ammon already has publicly held them accountable and would do so to a much greater extent as Governor.

If you can imagine it, I bet the RINOs can imagine it as well. And they can undoubtedely imagine themselves rotting in a jail cell—and that would explain why they are desperately trying to stop Ammon and destroy his reputation with false accusations even before he has ever announced he is running for Governor.

Why do you think Tom Luna and his corrupt cronies felt the need to publish their attack piece on Ammon today? Let us know below in the comments…
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